20 Best Shopify Apps to Increase Sales and Conversions

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If you’re using Shopify to sell online, then these best Shopify apps will be extremely useful to you. We’ve rounded up an excellent hand-picked collection of 20 best Shopify apps to increase sales and conversions. Integrate them into your Shopify website to significantly improve your sales. These will surely come in handy when it comes to extending the functionalities of your online store.

20 Best UX Blogs You Can Learn From

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We’ve gathered here 20 amazing UX blogs, magazines, and newsletters where you can find valuable information about the latest UX trends. These UX blogs focus on articles and news for UX designers that will surely keep you engaged and help you learn more about what it takes for creating a good user experience.

20 Eye-Catching SVG Animations for All Projects

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SVG animations can be found more and more frequently on websites, in the form of SVG icons with beautiful motion effects. They have the role of adding interactivity, while also not making the website load slower. Here are 20 eye-catching SVG animations for your inspiration, that will help you make your websites stand out and keep your users engaged.