Web Design Trends to Look For in 2020

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Web design is constantly growing and evolving. Staying current can seem like a full-time job — today’s hot design trend could be tomorrow’s cause for mockery and disdain. But at the same time, an outmoded website can send the message that you’re out of touch, or worse, just don’t care. Here are a few ways you can keep your website fresh and stay on the cutting edge for 2020.

12 Types of Vintage Design to Make Your Product Stand Out

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With the pace of change in trends and design world, it at times gets very exhausting for both designers as well as their audience to adapt and accept the ever-changing trends and to keep up with them. This is where Vintage design gains its popularity. By inculcating vintage design practices, you allow the audience to have a sense of comfort and ease. Earlier trends had a longer shelf life, and such design practices were carried out for several years, which made it easier to remember and more comfortable to relate to a product. Designers have begun to realize the power of this, and are actively using vintage design practices to stand out from the rest of the competition.

9 Types of Graphics Design to Explore for New Designers

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Graphic designers are artists that create visual concepts to captivate audiences, create long-lasting memories and tell stories using typography, color, form and imagery. Even though all graphic designers tend to practice under the same general title, they work in different types of graphic design.

20 Amazing Non-Profit Website Design Examples

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Running a non-profit site is not something that everyone can do, as it’s not only about making people aware of it but also about encouraging people to support your organization. A good non-profit website not only has a good theme and design but it should have a great user experience, and it should be donor friendly as well as volunteer friendly.  An effective non-profit site will create awareness and encourage people to take action, will provide all the necessary information regarding the organization and should give information on the not-for-profit organization’s volunteers and board of directors.