Things NOT to Do While Choosing a WordPress Theme

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Using WordPress to build your website for starting your blog or any digital presence for your online business is often the best choice you can make. WordPress is most used by people who want to start their work with fewer hassles, and who want to do it in the shortest period of time possible. You can have full control over your website with WordPress, and that makes it easier to work with. When you start with WordPress, one of the essential things to start with is selecting an appropriate theme.

How to Create Typography Animation Using Photoshop

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Designers have always used various ways to get the attention of the clients/audience, and Photoshop has immensely helped in this. Typography Animation is one of the best things to view and admire. It is a skill to create typography animation. We use typography animation to give a break to the standard and dull text.

Typography animation gives variety and it’s a great way to seek attention in terms of marketing. Regular text has often been overused. Something new and better always has to take over the dull content. Typography animation is one such thing that has taken over the standard text. Typography animation always captures attention and takes us to a fantasy world like when we were a child. It is one of the best ways to put out your message in an appealing manner. Not only does the reader see it, but also it is etched in his or her mind for a more extended period of time.

20 Must Have Photoshop Plugins for Web Designers

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Adobe Photoshop is a must-have for web designers that helps designers create UI (user interface)/UX (user experience), icons, graphics, wireframes, and mockups. Photoshop design options and plugins have given the design platform a different experience overall and speedy accomplishment of tasks with varied options. Photoshop, along with the appropriate plugins, helps you get your desired result within a short period of time by cutting out the time spent on getting trivial things done.  There may be many specifications or design options that Photoshop doesn’t have, but the plugins and extensions that are available help augment all of Photoshop’s shortcomings. Try out these Adobe Photoshop plugins that change the way you design.

Guide on Using People Photography to Improve UX

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When given a choice of text and images to understand a certain point, many people choose images over text. Images have their way of capturing your attention and sometimes they give you thought or emotion which the text may be unable to do. You definitely have seen kids introduced to books which are more made up of images than text, as they find images more captivating. Though you may have been one of those kids who have grown up now, that natural element still lives in you, which makes you attracted to images conveying a story. Websites have to be designed in a way to have a pleasing user experience that is worked upon with people photography.

How to Create Cool Website Designs Without Sacrificing Usability

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Let’s face it; any of us wants to have cool website designs that are going to get the attention of people. Combining the right design elements is crucial for the success of a website. If you ask all of your friends, at least half of them will say that the design of a site plays an important role in the credibility of a company.

This means it also influences conversions, bounce rates, and more. Still, a good design doesn’t mean a website is going to succeed, that is not enough. It also needs a clear structure that is going to make any user visiting it has no kind of problems while browsing.