10 Photoshop Etiquette Rules All Designers Should Follow

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Every designer has always used Photoshop CC as part of the Creative Cloud package. All designers have to work with a team at some point where they have to eventually share the Photoshop files with others. So it is very important to focus on this basic move as it is not included in many of the tutorials for Photoshop.

What’s In a Name? We Changed the Name of One of Our Products. Here’s What Happened.

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The name Visual Composer is well known throughout the web dev industry. For reasons we’ll explain shortly, a name change appeared to be in order. We took the necessary steps to ensure the change would go smoothly, only to discover that the result was, in a word – chaotic.

Looking back, we should have realized that when a name that was mentioned as a feature on many of the most popular WordPress themes suddenly vanished into thin air, it was bound to create confusion.

14 Free Fresh Resources for Designers

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If you are a digital designer, chances are that you will have to stock up on media kits, fonts, and many other resources and tools on a daily basis. It is important to not only know the latest trends but also keep yourself up to date on what is happening in the world of design. We are back again with a fresh collection icon sets, new typefaces, illustrations, UI kits for Sketch, HTML pop us, PSD templates, beautiful landing pages, and many other helpful tools to help you enhance your work and improve your design flow. These fresh list of top 14 resources are not only a must-have for this year but can help over the course of your design career.

Website Building Tools You Should Try in 2019

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Website builders are not new. But they have evolved through the years to become more powerful and more flexible. They are more efficient, and better able to meet the demands of new technologies. Today’s website-building tools can help individuals, teams, and businesses. They help to build anything from a simple single page site to a large online store.

Copyright Basics for Graphic Designers

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As designers, it is crucial to know and understand some of the copyright laws, design patents, and trademark issues that exist today. Copyright laws exist to protect artwork, illustrations, photographs, and other graphical imagery. This doesn’t apply if you are a painter or if your work is a fixed form of creative expression. Under these circumstances, you own the copyright in your work the moment you create it. For any designer, it is imperative to get their seal on all the original pieces they create and they should also cite any borrowed graphics to avoid any unnecessary legal issues.

We have gathered some helpful tips about copyright laws straight from the people who know it best- lawyers.  We hope that these 10 tips on copyright laws will train you the basics on properly citing your work.

11 Best Adobe Illustrator Plugins for Designers

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Adobe Illustrator is a powerful vector based program that lets you create and customize vector-based shapes, text, and artwork. Even though it comes with many built-in features there are areas where it falls short. It doesn’t necessarily work with all programs and sometimes lacks the shapes and elements that designers often need. Plugins and add-ons can help add in the functionalities that may be lacking in illustrator. By installing these third-party programs you are able to customize the tool to fit your needs. They not only provide necessary elements but also enables you to work quickly and improve your overall workflow. We have gathered a list of incredibly useful plugins to help customize your illustrator experience. In this article, we will talk about plugins that you can either download or purchase from the third party websites.