12 Highly Creative 404 Page Examples

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While getting loyal customers to your website is a real struggle, here is a brand new way to boost sales and get a loyal base. Want to hear the trick? It’s your Error 404 page! Isn’t it a bit of a shocker that an error page could turn into a real-time show stopper? We have listed some instrumental and well-designed Error 404 pages, which have definitely turned out to be as stunning and relative as the website itself. But first, let’s understand what an Error 404 page is.

Which is Better: Custom Development or a Standard CMS?

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Content Management Systems (CMS) make website development easier and more accessible than ever. These platforms supply you numerous pre-coded tools, as well as designs, themes, and pieces of functionality that you can use to construct a site.

With the rise of CMS software, it may seem like custom development is on the decline, but it couldn’t be further from the truth. Custom development adds a personal touch to every website, as well as significantly improves its performance and security.

To decide which option suits your company better, it’s important to consider your business needs, as well as the price, development time, and performance for CMS and custom development.

12 HTML Mistakes Not to Make

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Given the existence of content management systems, website development and maintenance can be so easy and effortless. But when it comes to making a website that is full of customizations, it can be a little challenging to find something that fits your requirements. The website design bases itself on a secure and sound knowledge of modern web development tools. We call these tools web technologies, because not each tool is a programming language. For instance, HTML is not a programming language. It is known as a markup language.

Decoding Neumorphism – the Latest Design Trend

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Skeuomorphism gave birth to neumorphism. Designers define Skeuomorphism as the UI design structure that imitates the real world objects which define their function. These design elements function the way their real-world counterparts function. Such design is called Skeuomorphic design. For instance, we use the recycle bin today as an example of Skeuomorphism as it mimics the real world garbage can for us to remove certain things from the system. The concept of Skeuomorphism was used first by Apple to ease out the user interface for the users. Neumorphism is a combination of flat design and Skeuomorphism that combines elements like background colors, gradients and shadows to ensure graphic-intense buttons. This allows the buttons to look more realistic with almost three-dimensional styling.

Userway Review: Why This Accessibility Widget Doesn’t Deliver Full Compliance

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Web accessibility is a set of guidelines for making websites usable for people with disabilities. These sets of guidelines, called Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) have been compiled by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). You need to complete the WCAG requirements in order to have your website compliant.

Before even getting into the actual requirements and available solutions, one thing is crucial to understand: making your website accessible for people with disabilities is not a “nice thing to do”, it is required by law and enforced by compliance regulations.