37 Creative Female Web Designers You Should Know About

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It’s no secret that there’s some difference in the ratio of males to females in the web design industry. Having said that, female and male designers are equally talented, equally hard-working and equally creative. This roundup brings light to 37 creative female web designers who you should know about. You can check out their websites and Twitter profiles. Watch out, here come the girls!

Web Design Trend Showcase: Hand Drawn Typography

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A website design is the last kind of project you would expect a designer to use pencils, pens & paintbrushes. Typically website designs are digital creations made from CSS code and webfonts, but designers still make use of hand crafted elements to add character to their designs. In today’s web design trend showcase I round up a bunch of sites that feature hand drawn typography (or at least hand drawn style fonts), to add a human element to the interface.

Showcase of Web Designs with Modern Splash Pages

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In the early days of the web, designers made use of splash pages to introduce a website with a logo, a short description and crucial supported browser information. We no longer dictate to our users which browsers they’re permitted to use, but splash pages are still fairly prominent in modern web design. As layouts have expanded to take up the full screen, many sites now display just a logo or tagline to their users until they scroll to see the rest of the content. In today’s web design showcase I round up 30 websites that make use of the modern splash page trend. See how they reinforce their brand or introduce the company before taking the user to the main content.

40 Imposing Web Designs with SUPERSIZE Typography

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Today’s web design showcase is for everyone who likes to go large with their fonts. These extroverted websites aren’t reserved with their words, they display their message with the text size cranked up to the max! This supersize typography cleverly plays two roles; it introduces the site with an attention grabbing title, while also forming part of the overall website design. You’ll see how most of these sites otherwise have solid colour backgrounds and minimal layouts to allow the text to take focus.

11 Tips to Selling Your Website for Profit

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So you have a website or an online business and you’re considering selling it for a lump sum of cash that you can then invest in your newest venture, or perhaps use it as a retirement fund or to finance that round-the-world trip that you’ve been dreaming of?