Tips for Designing an Awesome Coming Soon Page

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Unlike the traditional under construction pages from the early days of the web, coming soon pages can nowadays prove to be handy tools when launching a new website. Forget yellow hard hats and flashing signs, let’s take a look at what benefits can be seen from some of the best launching soon pages.

What’s coming soon?

Coming soon pages are in essence a teaser for what is due to come once this fabulous thing has been finished. So it’s important to give an insight on what the site-to-be is all about.

Describe what's coming soon

Lilly’s Table gives a concise description of the nature of the site is a short, sharp paragraph.

Develop a brand from day one

One benefit of placing something on your domain is that it gives the opportunity to develop a logo and brand that can be embedded into the minds of your viewers before the final site is even live.

Developing a brand from day one

The Republic’s coming soon page is set on a clean and simple design to allow the large logo and overall brand to shine.

Provide email notifications or signups

It’s no use posting up an awesome coming soon page, but not providing any way of following up. It’s more than likely the viewer will have forgotten all about it by tomorrow, so being able to say ‘Hey, the site is now live – Check it out’ is super important.

Providing email newsletter

FavMovie uses a typical email signup box to allow uses to subscribe to a newsletter for more info.

Go to town on the design

It might only be a temporary placeholder for what is coming, but this doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be given the same amount of time and effort as the completed site. Creating something interesting and enticing will help generate interest. Do this well enough and you’ll capture a few ‘Oh, this actually looks pretty good!’ sign ups.

Creating an amazing design

The Squid Chef coming soon page is packed full of fun with awesome character illustration and casual language.

Do something fun or different

Coming soon pages aren’t anything new, there’s thousands of them out there already. With this in mind it’s important to make yours stand out. Do something unique or fun. People share stuff they like, so give them a reason to pass on the link.

Building something unique

The Silverback App gained huge exposure thanks to the hidden gem of the parallax background effect.

Offer links to social networks

Email isn’t the only method of communication in today’s world of web. Social networks are important tools for communicating with users. Sites like Twitter and Facebook will allow viewers to learn more behind the scenes of the website.

Linking to social networks

Luke Beard provides links to various social networks to allow personal interaction.

20 Great Coming Soon Pages

Need a little inspiration? Check out these awesome examples of coming soon pages from various websites.

View the coming soon page

View the coming soon page

View the coming soon page

View the coming soon page

View the coming soon page

View the coming soon page

View the coming soon page

View the coming soon page

View the coming soon page

View the coming soon page

View the coming soon page

View the coming soon page

View the coming soon page

View the coming soon page

View the coming soon page

View the coming soon page

View the coming soon page

View the coming soon page

View the coming soon page

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Written by Chris Spooner

Chris Spooner is a designer who loves experimenting with new web design techniques collating creative website designs. Check out Chris' design tutorials and articles at Blog.SpoonGraphics or follow his daily findings on Twitter.

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    Great examples. I agree with the importance of including good, creative design even if it is just a temporary page. Great way to start the branding of the site.

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    Have you guys seen

    Pretty nice teaser page!

  • joe

    A great post to the often overlooked aspect of design – design limbo. I love all these ideas. Also a good collection & inspiration of solid branding. Creative Joomla made me laugh. and I bid farewell to the days of under-construction Gif’s (tear)

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    still working on my own new company website. currently has just my business card in it, embedded in the new company color scheme. I should use some of the tips in this post. the ‘teaser’ in particular.

  • Tylor

    Really great! This is good timing too because I am working on a coming soon page.

    Though, I didn’t get the significance of the background at Was it supposed to be animated or something? It looked static when I viewed it in Firefox/Safari.

  • Greg Wallace

    Excellent post Chris. Some great examples.
    Actually just launched a coming soon page myself today for a client:

  • Rob is a wicked holding page. Useful and cool.

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  • CMI Web Studio

    Best tip… don’t use a coming soon page. People don’t want to see a Coming Soon page anymore than an advertisement, and unless you’re a major organization, people don’t want to provide an email address to a website that doesn’t yet exist. Save your time and finish the work.

    • Michael Flarup

      Wow, you couldn’t be more wrong CMI Web Studio.

      Having a coming soon page is good for several reasons. You drum up pagerank and incoming linkage so that you don’t launch from scratch. It’s also a good way to strike up some early hype of a new product or service. If it’s cool enough, it will spread when dropped the right places. And you’re dead wrong on people not wanting to give up their email adresses. We got more than a 100 signups on our holding page within 48 hours of launching our little coming soon page at

      If it’s interesting enough, a coming soon page is an excellent tool in gathering early info about your visitors, getting them to sign up for your newsletter and generally just generating SEO Juice.

      • David Childs

        I agree with Michael. When a company hires my company it is my job to figure out why people are interested in them and what they have to offer. It may be true that people don’t want and advertisment but they do need things to help them. Don’t advertise – simply show the value of what your clients have. You shouldn’t need more than a page to do that.

        Steve Jobs once said ‘if a hot dog vendor doesn’t understand your business plan then you don’t have one’ – keep the message simple!

        Some times for clients we put up a simple (unbranded) wordpress blog so our clients can communicate – this works great for SEO. I know it isn’t a Splash page but I just wanted to offer the idea.


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    This is great information – thanks for the diverse examples! And I agree, all communication counts towards brand identity, from word/image one.

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    We have developed an open source plugin for web applications built in ruby on rails to maintain a fully customisable launching soon page with integration to email newsletter and many other features.

    If you are building your app in ruby on rails, then this will be pretty much 3 minutes job to set up and relax(apart from design integration).

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    With regards to CMI Web Studio and Michael Flarup, I think you have to judge the situation and more importantly your target audience as to whether a coming soon page is necessary. In general if you have a service of product you want to build up anticipation for its a great idea.

    Unique post though Chris, thanks.

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    Prefinery ( can help with the email notification and signup part. You can even create and host a coming soon page for free!

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    ‘Coming soon’ pages are so different to what they used to be – much more interactive these days. I especially agree with building a brand from day one – consistency, consistency, consistency when it comes to branding.

    Adding little pieces over a period (if done correctly) can also build anticipation, and keep the site in the minds of visitors.

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