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More than 15,000 practitioners of yoga graduate each year from teaching training.  With the growing competition in this ever-growing popular field, it becomes essential to use all the tools in one’s power to stand out from the rest. One such important and powerful tool is a yoga website. However, just having a website won’t cut it as making a website is easier than ever, and it has become a fairly common practice. We have gathered some excellent templates and WordPress themes to provide you with a simple yet effective solution, and to ensure that your Yoga website stands out from the rest. Following are 15 beautiful Yoga website templates and WP themes you should use for creating your next website:

1. Yoga X:

Yoga X is a responsive WordPress theme that covers all aspects, including Yoga, Pilates, and Mediation and has individual breadcrumbs and webpages for all.  With a minimalistic yet straightforward layout, the website looks natural on the eyes to navigate through. The typography used and the visuals are soothing and relaxing. The hero image allows the user to set up three images with CTAs placed strategically on all of them. The three images change automatically after every few seconds also allows manual navigation for the same. There is an excellent use of iconography to differentiate and talk about all the different services provided by the yoga website. Moving further down to the bottom of the home page, it has different schemes listed with their prices which allow visitors to quickly navigate the schemes they’re interested in and click on Select Plan to further know about the process. The use of Google Map plugin also comes in handy when designing a yoga page as it helps people reach out to your class more easily.

2. Kriya:

Kriya is a beautiful website template which follows a colour scheme throughout its website. The contrast of these colours is soothing and visually appealing. The hero image itself is sized in a captivating manner, and the animation for the text adds on the depth and richness of the user experience. There are nifty animations like live count for data and facts, pop up images of different yoga techniques on mouse hovering. The option to Book Now acts as a CTA and is placed amongst other breadcrumbs. Each webpage for each web page has some of the other nifty animations and options available such as a gallery; you can select to view without a sidebar, or having the sidebar to the left or the right. It is a beautiful WP theme that would make the visitor want to explore and engage with the website before discarding it on first look. This template comes with tons of customization options.

3. Anahata:

This stunning Yoga website template comes with 12 differently designed homepages to choose from each with a creative CTA placed on the hero image and entirely different aesthetic to choose from. There’s a specific, powerful plugin that comes with this theme known as Timetables. This allows the visitor to check which class is when as per the timings and week of the day. This displays the content in an easy to read and familiar manner for the visitor, which can help increase engagement. It comes with tons of plugins and refreshing animations. This is the perfect template to choose from if you need multiple options.

 4. JogaSana:

JogaSana is an excellent template for yoga websites as it adheres to all different segments one would need to make their yoga website. With 4 dedicated and predefined home page layouts, each layout caters to a different purpose for the website. One of them is for a Yoga studio website, the other for Personal Yoga teacher, and then there is also one for Online Yoga Classes and finally one for Yoga Teacher Trainings. Hence if you need to build a yoga website, JogaSana ensures it covers all your requirements.  The templates have integration with social media platforms like Instagram, which can be very useful for Yoga practitioners to cross-link their social media pages and drive traffic from there.

5. Jogy:

This yoga WordPress theme puts focus on the visual appearance of your brand. The best part of this web template is that it doesn’t require knowing a single line of code, and you can have your website up and running in minutes. There are tons of custom shortcuts to enhance interactivity and uniqueness to the feel of your website. The hero image uses a wallpaper carousel, and there’s an excellent use of mouseover and other nifty animations all over the website.  It is a great website to try out, especially if you have a product selling approach to Yoga, as it has its shop webpage as well.

6. YogaFit:

YogaFit is an excellent website template based on WordPress which aims at providing one template solution for yoga and fitness websites like yoga studio websites, meditation, fitness class, sports and gym alike. It has a good range of necessary plugins for achieving a smooth user interface, with the most sought after plugin called Timetable. It has a shopping section which can help you set up your store or sell your merchandise. Each yoga class has been divided as per their specialities and time, and dates for the same are mentioned right below the relevant yoga classes, with relevant images.  Mouseover effect is used for gaining more information on the topic; by doing so, they have managed to reduce clutter and content placement is well spread out and easy to read.

7. DoYoga:

It is a beautiful yoga WordPress template that is aesthetically pleasing and well laid out. The hero image has immediate CTA which says ‘Join the Club’ which lets the visitor have a chance to engage directly and subscribe to its services before even navigating the website, which shows confidence on the website’s creator part and could drive more engagement. Right next to that CTA is a feature that gives DoYoga an edge over many other templates, i.e. the option to take a video tour for the site.  With a dedicated trainer page, it allows the visitors to personally get a brief about the trainers who can put them at ease and make them trust more quickly.  There is an event schedule layout which highlights the immediate upcoming events which can be useful and also the various plans and schemes available for anyone who wants to take up Yoga with transparent pricing that visitors always appreciate.

8. Aasana:

Aasana is one of the most visually pleasing and impressive web templates for Yoga.  It has stunning images in a picture carrousel format as its hero image, which has a zoom out fade transition as you move between them, which gives it a depth effect which looks very impressive.  Moving the mouse over the breadcrumbs leads to a drop-down menu for each without having to click on various options many times, which saves time and looks user-friendly too. The search bar at the top right is well designed as well. Proper use of iconography can be seen throughout the page. The colours are vivid and hence make for good user experience across various platforms and devices, including mobiles and tablets.

9. Dhyana:

Dhyana comes with 3 pre-determined home page layouts all diverse and different than the other. While they follow a similar design language, you can pick one that suits your taste or aesthetics better. It has many customization options such as changing the colour of the CTAs placed all over his yoga template, choosing between layout styles as boxed or wide as well as providing alternate designs for boxed templates with beautiful patterns to choose from. The iconography used matches the design language of the page and compliments the aesthetics.

10. Handstand:

This yoga WordPress theme might look simplistic on first look, but it has some nifty features that make it stand apart, adding on to its clean user interface.  The hero image has a wallpaper carrousel with a fixed text and CTA placed over it. The template comes with a soothing video embedded that itself can be used for your yoga website, or you could embed any other video of your choice in that spot. The home page includes snippets of everything there is to know on the webpages, hence makes for a user-friendly experience. There is a fresh feature called the slider widget, which allows the visitor to drag and navigate across different events which looks visually impressive and futuristic.  Apart from all of these nifty features, this theme comes packed with Google analytics integration as well as automatic image resizing, so you don’t have to worry about matching the layout.

11. Nirvana:

Nirvana is a sharp and stylish yoga template that comes with three beautiful homepage layouts, has the feature to book and manage online appointments, readymade schedule tables and classes. It has full support for e-commerce hence can be used for a yoga store, selling merchandise and other things. The design of the template is pleasing and comforting to the eye. The hero image keeps changing with a fancy transition. Proper use of iconography to talk about the specialities of the services to offer. Overall the template is handy if you run a yoga class and also sell yoga products as both the features are seamlessly integrated into this website, making it a one-stop solution for Yoga.

12. Be Health:

Be Health allows you to create a highly responsive yoga website. A specific part of the text compliments the CTA button on the hero image, and a range of colour schemes to choose from. You can even change colours for the top menu breadcrumbs, and there are tons of customization options available for how you want the menu to be styled. This template is filled with customization options that are easy to manage and experiment with. You can also add patterns and images at the background of the website. It allows you to choose from an array of fonts for the text on the website. This template gives you much liberty to customize the website as per your need while providing you with a clean and aesthetic overall design.

13. Vibes:

Vibes is a very responsive and visually graphical template for yoga websites. It has a clean and modern approach. The colour palette is very fresh, and the user experience is also very fluid.  The typography and fonts match the aesthetics of the website, and the content is well spaced out and cluster-free. It has simple navigation among all the breadcrumbs and a simple yet engaging layout. There is inbuilt support for the store as well with all globally accepted payments method supported. Minimal yet effective animations add on to the rich user experience of this template.

14. Mandala:

Mandala is an alluring and authentic WordPress theme which is excellent for various purposes related to Yoga, like yoga café, group yoga, sport yoga firm, and many other yoga courses. It is eCommerce ready that enables the user to set up their store with ease. The template comes with a secure and manageable homepage which can be adjusted and modified using custom widgets. It comes with an attractive gallery as it uses Essential Grid. The template is loaded with unique home page layout, revolution slider and the ease of designing your page designs.

15. Tantra:

Tantra is a beautifully designed yoga template. It has a minimal design which uses much great iconography with a monochrome effect, which uses minimal colours that compliments the entire design of the template. There are no visible breadcrumbs on loading the template, which encourages the visitors to scroll down the home page and that adds to the benefit because the home page is well designed.  Overall the website has a very simplistic yet appealing approach that the visitors might find different from many other yoga templates available out there.

These were 15 Beautiful Yoga templates and WordPress themes you should try out for your next yoga website. You could also draw inspiration from them for any closely related industry like gym, fitness, healthcare and wellness.

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