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As a graphic or web designer, one of your greatest challenges is to properly illustrate and visualize a project for a current or potential client. Because they are able to visualize all of your ideas, designs and functionality, wireframing tools can package all of this information and make it highly presentable. This is especially the case for clients that may not be experts in design and UX/UI who really need to see the difference.

A potent and visually driven presentation can make or break a critical sales pitch. A smartly designed and interactive wireframe will also help guide you when you start to execute on the project. When you can put together these visually stunning and highly organized wireframes on free platforms, this makes a massive difference to your earning potential – especially when you’re just starting out.

Wireframing tools can also organize the flow of work for a design project to help make your work more efficient and productive. Wireframes allow creatives to quickly front-load larger projects in a short amount of time. Once a project has been outlined and conceptualized in a wireframe, the rest of the work just falls in line. This enables freelancers to benefit doubly from the free wireframing tools that are available. Better yet, when you try a few free tools, you know what you’re looking for when you choose to invest in a paid version.

How do I choose a wireframing tool?

It can be challenging to find the right wireframing tool for your business, though, can’t it? With so many options online, without a reliable recommendation, committing to a platform to provide vital and stunning mockups for presentations and workflow can be extremely difficult. Luckily there are free options, or free demos, available to limit the commitment that you’re making and help you explore the best features for your project.

Whether you’re just starting out your web design or graphic design career, or you simply want to maximize your budget, there are FREE wireframing tools available to aid in your projects without breaking the bank. That doesn’t mean the tools below are cut-rate and going to limit your creativity and overall ability to produce for your clients. In fact, these tools are expansive enough to use even if budget isn’t your primary concern. Consider one of these free options to give yourself the resources you need to give a quality pitch presentation:

With the assistance of a fantastic wireframe using one of these tools, you will easily get all that you want in your website design right from the start. Start yourself off on the right foot with a thorough mockup from one of these highly renowned free wireframe tools for your next creative project.


mockup tools free

The best-known tool for wireframing was designed by Balsamiq Studios. It is one of the easiest free wireframing tools for generating initial website mockups. It works as a desktop application which must be installed on your personal computer – then it can be used as a web application, too. The Balsamiq company will invite you to invest in their paid services if you’re a fan of the free tool, but it’s no-obligation.

Balsamiq mockups are also very flexible. After the application is installed, you will have an option to choose from a wide range of ready to use elements. The tool bar is easy to adapt to and you’ll quickly learn the tools you need to make Balsamiq work for you. Also, you can format anything and turn it out according to your wishes.

All in all, Balsamiq is one of the best and most user-friendly free wireframing tools on the market.


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Mockplus is another awesome free wireframing tool – many web developers run their business wireframing needs through Mockplus. It’s known as all in one kind of tool for free that makes you able to create the application designs for Android and iOS. Not only application but you can design a website, too, from your PC and Mac. Mockplus is incredibly user-friendly and because it allows you to smartly mockup apps as well, it’s more diversified than competitors.

In this competitive market, Mockplus is playing an amazing role and get the attention of many web developers for being flexible, adaptive, and modern.  It is said that Mockplus is good for the beginners and they can get the full benefits as a pro with all of the components which can be up to $200. Mockplus makes it amazingly easy for everyone to make page design mockups within a few notes – a tool that makes life a LOT easier for startup designers.


free tools for mockups is known as the minimalistic tool. It offers its services for free which includes a really sleek prototyping tool. provides amazing opportunities for you to create a sharp mockup for your site.  The main difference between and the other tools we’ve mentioned, is the user interface and manner of using this tool.

In this, you’ll find a drawing area and other few buttons for formatting the elements you have drawn. One thing is obviously like by web developers is the memory function of it and it is really a bonus point for the users. This one is the best for those who are accustomed to hand-drawing mockups for clients on a whiteboard or note-paper because the drawing element will mimic that experience.

This is also the one that is available in free versions and then in paid after the demo tour. You can have the premium one too after the free version within minutes.  Keep in mind that, the export function in this tool as compared to other free wireframing tools because you can’t export in the free version but in premium one, you can have the export function. In the end, we could say that this mockup system is quite different than others but worth the difference and it also provides the prototyping tool for quick designing of a website.

All in all, you can get any of the versions but make sure to use it for free once at least so you will have an idea how to use every tool if you’re new in the market. Similarly, if you’re not an industry newbie but you’d like to explore an alternative wireframe tool to the one you’re using, try one of these free demos today to get started.

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