45 Menu Design Projects for Creative & Fun Restaurants

45 Menu Design Projects for Creative & Fun Restaurants
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November 14, 2018

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If you’re in the restaurant business, you probably know that creativity is the key to keeping your customers happy. This is true of the food that you serve, as well as the designs used around your restaurant, which should both be distinct from your competitors’. Menus are one thing that you can design quickly and easily, and the better the design, the more food you’ll sell and the more successful your business will be. Whether you’re an artistic person or a beginner, rest assured that you can create a beautiful menu in no time, effortlessly.

When designing a menu, it’s important to be as creative as possible. Don’t be afraid to try something new, bold, and different – menus don’t have to be boring. Add color, cool typography, and, most importantly, lots of pictures; the only way customers will try something they’ve never had before is if they can envision it. If you’re an experienced designer or artist, this task is a piece of cake for you. However, if you’re a beginner designer, or if you have no artistic ability whatsoever, you will most likely need a little inspiration, and a little guidance, too. Fortunately, there’s a plethora of resources online for people just like you, like some of the menu templates featured in this article.

On this list, we’ve included a variety of examples taken from some very successful restaurants, and lots of fun templates that you can tailor to your taste (whether you’re trying to evoke elegance, minimalism, or recreate a cool retro look, we have a template for any style.) Also, observe some of the techniques used by the restaurants featured on our list and see what sets them apart from the rest. Take for example The Black Sheep; it features a beautifully hand-drawn menu and matching gift cards and business cards that are truly memorable. Through their designs, they remind the customer about who they are, what they are known for, and where they are located, which dramatically increases the chance of the client returning and even recommending the restaurant to others.

We searched for the most interesting, eye-catching menus, and we came up with a list of 45 menu design projects for creative and fun restaurants that will surely inspire you to create something beautiful that will help your business prosper. Take a look and see if any of these designs could work for you, and decide which route you’d like to take when it comes to designing your menu. Whether you decide to create something from scratch, use a template, or hire a professional, know that as long as the final product is creative and fun, it will surely help your business prosper in no time. We would love to know what you think, so let us know in the comment section below which designs inspired you the most!

Vintage Restaurant Menu Package

 Vintage Restaurant Menu PackagePin

Retro flyer menu food restaurant

Retro flyer menu food restaurantPin

Sailor Restaurant Package

Sailor Restaurant Package Menu Design ProjectsPin

Christmas Menu Restaurant

Christmas Menu RestaurantPin

Elegant Restaurant Menu 06

Elegant Restaurant Menu 06Pin

Minimalist Trifold Restaurant Menu

Minimalist Trifold Restaurant MenuPin

Cafe and Restaurant Template

Cafe and Restaurant TemplatePin

Frú Frú

Frú FrúPin

Menu du restaurant Grill dans le style rétro

menu du restaurant Grill dans le style rétro Menu Design ProjectsPin

Menu végétarien de restaurant dans le style dessiné à la main

Menu végétarien de restaurant dans le style dessiné à la mainPin

Brix Pizzeria

Brix PizzeriaPin

The Bartlett – Karli Ingersoll

The Bartlett – Karli IngersollPin

Restaurant Menu, Loyalty Card and Gift Voucher

Restaurant Menu, Loyalty Card and Gift VoucherPin

Kid’s Menu Template

Kids Menu TemplatePin

Restaurant Menu Template

Restaurant Menu Template Menu Design ProjectsPin


Chick a BiddyPin

Seafood Menu Template

Seafood Menu TemplatePin

Yeah! Burger

Yeah! BurgerPin

RAGU cafe | Identity | elements | menu

RAGU cafe Identity elements menuPin

Beautiful Restaurant And Coffee Shop Menus For Inspiration

Beautiful Restaurant And Coffee Shop Menus For InspirationPin

1979 Club Restaurant Identity

1979 Club Restaurant IdentityPin

Print design of Menu for restaurant

Print design of Menu for restaurant Menu Design ProjectsPin

Da polpetto restaurant

da polpetto restaurantPin

Sauce Restaurant

Sauce RestaurantPin



Café Kafka

Café KafkaPin

Tri-fold Brochure: Snack Bar Menu

Tri fold Brochure Snack Bar MenuPin


Polpo Menu Design ProjectsPin



Hand-Lettered Chalkboard Menus

Hand Lettered Chalkboard MenusPin


COOL BRANDING Menu Design ProjectsPin





Lamond Commercial Kitchens & Bars

Lamond Commercial Kitchens & BarsPin

Restaurant SteakHouse Advertising Business Flyer

Restaurant SteakHouse Advertising Business FlyerPin



Christmas Menu Restaurant

Christmas Menu Restaurant 2Pin

Food menu, restaurant flyer #8

Food menu, restaurant flyer #8Pin

Beach Bar and Dinner or Restaurant Menu Template

Beach Bar and Dinner or Restaurant Menu TemplatePin

The Black Sheep

The Black SheepPin

Rustic Restaurant Menu

Rustic Restaurant MenuPin

Restaurant Food Menu

Restaurant Food MenuPin

Best of 2015

Best of 2015Pin

Chalkboard Trifold Menu

Chalkboard Trifold MenuPin

La Pepa Tapas

La Pepa TapasPin

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