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Websites shouldn’t be boring and rigid, you can opt for a more fun and interesting approach by using doodles, hand-drawn illustrations, and even comics, to spice up your website design!

Check out these 20 websites with cartoon style design concepts that will brighten up your day! Their fun and ingenious designs will surely put a smile on your face. Analyze how the cartoon illustrations blend the other web elements and what animations work best on cartoon / comic style websites. This way you will also learn something useful from these awesome, creative, cartoon-style websites, not just admire them for how beautiful they look.

Here they are!


This website has cartoonish style design elements and a very cool video slider on the front page. The cartoon elements blend very well together and make up an awesome portfolio site. Aardman is a very cool animation studio with a clean but catchy website.

Aardman Websites with Cartoon Style Design Concepts

Suicide Squad

This is a colorful one-page website promoting the Suicide Squad movie. It features some large photos, character biographies, poster downloads and video clips, all in a comic-style design. It has an explosion of colors, textures and fonts and it’s perfect for the movie.

 suicide squad official movie site in theaters august 5 2016

Alan Rickman

This website’s page is a tribute to the actor Alan Rickman. It was created in a cartoonish style and has the layout of an infographic. It’s a funny website that wants to teach people how to become villains by finding an adversary, a perfect villain look, a personality etc.

the many faces of alan rickman


This is a responsive portfolio and online shop created by David Ristevski. The fonts and illustration look great and they complement the artist’s work in a perfect way. Dreadpen is actually David Ristevski, a web and graphic designer from Macedonia.

dreadpen web and graphic designer and illustrator


Fritula is a web and graphic designer with an eye-candy portfolio website. Right from the beginning, Fritula’s website features colorful illustrations and great choices for fonts and design.

fritula Websites with Cartoon Style Design Concepts

Mega Cultural

This site follows many artistic trends, such as classic art, pop art, vintage, surrealism, and more. It has a bold and colorful design with lovely cartoonish elements. This website is a real journey because it was designed with animations that travel through various art streams, such as classic art, pop art, vintage and more.

mega cultural new website cards on behance

Dean Oakley

Dean Oakley is a  web designer and developer specializing in WordPress and this is his portfolio website. It welcomes us with a very nice and simple illustrated design with retro colors and clean shapes. The gradient background matches the whole website’s style.

Dean Oakley Websites with Cartoon Style Design Concepts

Amor de Verano

This is a great portfolio website with amazing illustration and a retro color palette. The person behind this is the Mexican illustrator Salvador Verano Calderón. His website has great details and the central element combined with the scrollable background create a very nice, eye-catching effect.

amor de verano _ portafolio de salvador verano calderon

BlackMoon Design

This is the presentation / portfolio website of BlackMoon Design studio. It has some awesome illustrations as background and every web element is custom-made. The choice of using soft, earth colors and 8bit illustration look gives a very fresh and unique touch to this website.

blackmoon design an indie game studio from poznan


Passweird is a fun application that will create for you a secure password. The illustrations are awesome! The background of this website is basically a big and interesting mix of colorful illustrations that are both catchy and tasteful.

passweird passwords too gross to steal


This is an awesome portfolio website with a cool illustration right on the homepage. It has a cartoonish atmosphere. The owl symbol is present on all pages and it guides us into exploring the awesome features of this portfolio website. The whole design has a great personality.

joe nyaggah _ graphic designer


This site offers a collection of the best articles, videos, and presentations about creating, testing and maintaining a large JavaScript code base. Their website is simply gorgeous and it welcomes us with nice pop-art illustrations full of bold lines and saturated colors that are a real eye-candy for visitors.

superhero js

Eric Steuten

This is a great website with lots of awesome illustrations. It may look a bit cluttered, but overall has a fun and friendly atmosphere. The icons are also a nice touch and they add a minimalist look to the whole design.The artist’s work is also nicely presented in a clean gallery.

Eric Steuten Websites with Cartoon Style Design Concepts


This site has a retro style, one-page design, circle gallery, gallery filters, elastic sliders, and more. It lets you pick between 3 styles in order to find the one that fits you most. It also has a responsive theme and an elastic slider that creates a fun effect.

sketchdroid responsive film noir portfolio preview themeforest


This website has a dark color palette and a bold and interesting design. It uses lots of illustrations and if you scroll through the main page you’ll get to discover a real journey of neutral colored drawings and designs.

stokto my universe


THRILLBENT is a digital comics site created by the award-winning comics writer Mark Waid and television writer/producer John Rogers. With a simple and clean website design, Thrillbent presents lots of illustrations that have a comic book feel that we really enjoy.

thrillbent comics for the rest of us-

Traveline Cymru

This is a website that tells you a Christmas story by Traveline Cymru. It features cartoon/comic/style illustrations and subtle animations. The bold lines and strong colors create a mesmerizing website full of illustrations that are sure to catch the visitor’s attention and to send the right mood to the readers.

merry christmas from traveline cymru

So Below

This is a one-page, scrolling site that showcases a comic called ‘So Below’ created by the political cartoonist Sam Wallman. This is a comic book about land full of awesome, black-lined drawings that are full of personality and great details.

so below_ a comic about land


This is a beautifully illustrated website with a cartoon style design concept.  This is a website created especially for the mobile game and it also features gaming tips and gorgeous, colorful illustrations.

 mailboxing iphone_ipad game

Minding Monsters

This website has some really cute and fun illustrations. It has a friendly and fun atmosphere created by the cute characters that welcome us even from the start. The MiNDiNG MoNSTeRS are a group of very friendly monsters who look after us.

minding monsters we all have friends in unexpected places

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