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There are many situations when you need to display a certain notification message on a website, so why not do it with style? We’ve rounded up 20 best JavaScript notification plugins which you can use in your web projects. Some of these may include notifications for download alerts, errors, and various dialog boxes. These have specific designs, animations and even sounds that will get your attention.

These JavaScript notification plugins can be easily installed and downloaded. Some of these plugins include pre-designed templates which you can use right away. Also, they have customizable features that allow you to create your desired dialog box.

We know it’s not easy to find the right plugin that meets your every requirement, that’s why we’ve gathered top-notch notification plugins to narrow down the search. Each one can be used for different situations.

You can use these JavaScript notification plugins for both websites or web applications. Use them in your designs to improve the user experience and to keep your users informed about various alerts that may occur.

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This is a neat notification plugin that you can easily insert into your designs. It includes 11 layouts, 5 notification styles with more than 5 different themes.

NOTY JavaScript notification plugins


VEX is a very useful dialog library which includes various designs with customizable features that you can edit in a matter of seconds.

vex JavaScript notification plugins


Here you have an amazing plugin that has a fully optimized content. This item will definitely come in handy in various projects.

ALERTIFY JavaScript notification plugins


Bootbox includes a lovely JavaScript library that you can use to design dialog boxes. You can achieve this by using Bootstrap modals.

Bootbox.js JavaScript notification plugins


Toastr is an amazing jQuery plugin which can be quickly customized to meet your requirements. You can use it to design non-blocking animated dialog boxes, with customizable features.

toastr JavaScript notification plugins


Notific8 is a very useful JavaScript plugin that allows you to quickly display notifications on various websites. This plugin includes several customizable features and pre-designed themes.

Will Steinmetz JavaScript notification plugins


This is an elegant notification plugin with a fully responsive layout. This allows it to perfectly fit any screen size, no matter the resolution.

iziToast JavaScript notification plugins

Sweet Alert

This notification plugin allows you to effortlessly transform your default alert functions with beautifully animated alerts.

SweetAlert JavaScript notification plugins

jQuery Toastmessage

This is a wonderful notification plugin that includes 4 pre-designed templates for notice, success, warning and error.

kquinet JavaScript notification plugins


PNotify is a neat JavaScript notification plugin that can be used to create beautiful notifications with various messages.

PNotify JavaScript notification plugins


Amaran JS is a jQuery plugin that you can use to design beautiful stylish notifications. These also include various animations for better results.

AmaranJS JavaScript notification plugins


Download and use this simple but very effective notifications plugin with jQuery. You can use it to send customized notifications.

naoxink JavaScript notification plugins

Notify Better

This is a comprehensive plugin that you can use for notification, change the favicon, etc. You can quickly integrate it into your website and use without any hassle.

GitHub JavaScript notification plugins

jQuery Notification Menu

This is another jQuery plugin that includes beautiful notifications and a beautiful design. This creates alert bubbles and a notification list to any menu that you want.

Codebase Hero jQuery Notification Menu


Here you have another wonderful jQuery plugin which presents simple notification designs with a timeout and also a close button.

jQuery notification plugin


jBar is a lightweight jQuery notification bar which can be used in various situations. You can quickly customize its features until you get the desired result.

jBar Plugin JavaScript notification plugins


Sticky offers a great solution on how to easily display notifications directly on your website. These will automatically display for about 5 seconds, in the top right corner.

simple notification system- jQuery

Bootstrap Growl

Here you have a neat jQuery plugin which you can use to easily transform a basic Bootstrap alert into a stunning notification with a hover effect.

Edit fiddle JavaScript notification plugins


TitleNotifier.js is a stunning JavaScript library that shows the number of all the notifications that you haven’t read yet. These are displayed next to the website title.

GitHub JavaScript notification plugins

Notific 8

This is a flexible notification plugin that has a flexible design. It comes with lovely pre-designed templates that you can use with right away.

themeable notification plugin

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