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It is important to never stop learning about what you are passionate about. If web design is what gets you moving, this article will be very helpful to you and will help you expand your knowledge in this field.

These are some excellent, free web design eBooks with interesting topics. We worked hard on finding the best web design eBooks for you, and share them in this collection. These web design eBooks were written by some popular designers and web design authorities you’ve probably heard about.

Check out these free eBooks that you can download right away and start reading. Browse through all of them, see which topic appeals to you the most, and start reading. These freebies offer great information and tips that will improve your overall web design skills. Enjoy!

Magic of CSS By Adam Schwartz

This is a great eBook which was written by Adam Schwartz and will offer more info about CSS. You will learn about layouts, tables, colors, typography, transitions, and more.

Magic of CSS — Adam Schwartz

HTML Canvas Deep Dive By Josh Marinacci

This is a very useful eBook that offers wonderful information on how to create your own canvas apps. Check it out!

HTML Canvas Deep Dive

Pocket Guide to Writing SVG By Joni Trythall

As the name states, this is an eBook that gives you valuable information on how to successfully create SVG online.

Pocket Guide to Writing SVG By Joni Trythall

Learning JavaScript Design Patterns By Addy Osmani

Here is a great eBook that was written by Addy Osmani that is about JavaScript design patterns. This excellent eBook gives you detailed info about how to write a well-structured JavaScript by using modern design patterns.

Learning JavaScript Design Patterns

Developing Backbone.js Applications By Addy Osmani

This is a useful online book written by Addy Osmani that gives you helpful information regarding a website’s front-end with a SPA(single page app) model.

Developing Backbone.js Applications

WordPress Meet Responsive Design By Chris Coyier, Ian Stewart & Sara Cannon

This is another wonderful eBook that gathers useful knowledge concerning the responsive design in WordPress websites.

WordPress Meet Responsive Design _ Code Poet

Git From The Bottom Up by John Wiegley

Here you have a remarkable eBook that introduces you to the world of Git. This is useful to beginner level designers or web developers to the more experienced ones.

Git from the Bottom Up

The UX Reader By MailChimp

This is an excellent compilation of the most popular articles that were posted on MailChimp’s UX newsletter. Take a look!

The UX Reader – MailChimp UX


Web UI Best Practices

This is a nice free eBook which offers detailed information about the best web UI practices. Check it out!

Free e book Web UI Best Practices

The Guide to Mockups

This freebie is available in PDF format. It is a nice eBook that offers useful info regarding mockups and how to use them in the best way.

Free Ebook The Guide to Mockups

The Little Book Of Modern Frontend Tooling

Here is a useful eBook that gives offers useful knowledge about the app development life cycle. Take a look!

Book of Modern frontend tooling

Email Marketing Field Guide By MailChimp

Check out this neat eBook that teaches you more about creating an email marketing plan, how HTML email works, how to dodge spam filters, and more.

Email Marketing Field Guide _ MailChimp

Book of Speed By Stoyan Stefanov

This is a great eBook that was written by Stoyan Stefanov. Check it out and see what new things you can learn from reading it.

Book of Speed

Adaptive Web Design By Aaron Gustafson

This is a wonderful eBook regarding great ways to implement progressive enhancement principles by utilizing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

The First Edition of Adaptive Web Design

A Guide to HTML5 & CSS3 By Ashley Menhennett

Here you have great info about HTML5 and CSS3 which includes the basics of web designing, and much more.

Free eBook – A Guide to HTML5 and CSS3 – HTML5 Hive

Pixel Perfect Precision Handbook v.3

Take a look at this awesome book about design. It’s completely free to read!

Pixel Perfect Precision Handbook 3

Speaking JavaScript By Dr. Axel Rauschmayer

This is a perfect guide for beginners that teaches them the basics of JavaScript. This is an online book and can be read for free. Enjoy!

Speaking JavaScript

Locking Down WordPress By Rachel Baker, Brad Williams & John Ford

Here is a very useful book that tackles important topics about WordPress. Take a look and see if this eBook is useful to you.

Locking Down WordPress _ Code Poet

11 Things to Do with Every New WordPress Install

This is a great eBook that offers a quick opening guide containing 11 useful things that you need to do every time with a new WordPress installation.

11 Things to Do with Every New WordPress Install _ iThemes Ebooks __ iThemes

UX Design for Start-Ups By Marcin Treder

Here you have a helpful 127-pages eBook that was written by Marcin Treder. This freebie offers great information regarding the UX design for start-ups.

Free Guide UX Design for Startups

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  1. Read The UX Reader by MailChimp. It’s very well written and highlights the building blocks of a UX team, collaboration and how it translates into a great design and user interface. Great Suggestions!


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