20 Free Animated Spinners and Loaders

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Nobody likes waiting for a page, slider or any other type of content to load. However, there are ways you can make the loading process more appealing to the user, and animated spinners and loaders play an important role in this.

Today, we selected 20 free animated spinners and loaders created with either CSS3 and HTML5 or jQuery.  These are indicators that will help the user visualize the loading process and thus, improve the overall user experience of a website or app.

You can use animated spinners and loaders for loading galleries, slider images, blog posts, pages, and more.

Check them out!

Single Element CSS Spinners

Here are some elegant CSS spinners that can be easily become a part of any kind of dynamic web projects by simply inserting a piece of code.


CSS Rainbow Loader

Here is a properly-executed CSS rainbow loader with a sleek design and vibrant colors. Perfect for fun, energetic websites!



This spinner is ideal for grid style websites and was created with the help of HTML and CSS.


Single element Slack loader

This sleek loader achieves its effect through a combination of HTML and CSS. Looks great and can be added on any type of websites.


Bar/Ball Loader

This loader will add a dynamic touch to your website. It is made of rectangular tiles set in motion by a rotating ball.

-bar ball-loader

Text Filling

This is a great loader that can be integrated with a logo, website title or catchy slogan. It can become a strong branding element for your website.


VSCO – CSS loader

This awesome CSS loader is appropriate for various high-end projects as well as app designs.


Reddit Loader

Check out this Reddit-inspired loader. It has only two colors and a very hi-tech appearance.


Loader #7

This loader design is ideal for dynamic projects with stylish designs. It can be easily added to any website.


Cube CSS Loader

This simple and minimalist, cube CSS loader can be used for any kinds of web and app designs with a futuristic, clean and blocky/grid design.


Another Simple CSS load animation

Check out this simple but eye-catching preloading animation. It was made with CSS and HTML.


Tumblr-style cog loaders

If you’re looking for loaders similar to the ones on Tumblr, check these out! These Tumblr-style cog loading animations are made with CSS and SVG icons.


CSS3 Loaders

Check out these awesome, circular and interactive CSS3 loaders. Hover over individual borders for some fun!


CSS loader

These are some pastel-colored circular loaders. They look great on feminine website designs.


CSS loaders kit

Check out these single element pure CSS spinners & loaders. This kit comes with multiple types of spinners and loaders for you to choose from.


Simple Loader

This is a simple loader with rectangle shapes that rotate. It’s easy to implement on any website.


Loaders collection by Loaders.css

Check out these delightful, performance-focused pure CSS loading animations. There are many loaders for you to choose from.


CSS loader

This is a cool circles loader that turns into a triangle and then comes back as a dotted line.


CSS Loader

This is another loader collection with CSS loaders, all circle-shaped, with different kinds of animations.


CSS loading text animation

This is a CSS loading text animation that can be applied on any kind of text or even logo.


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