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Graphics, photos or images are not always needed to make your design stand out! Sometimes, the perfect choice of typography does the trick. But searching for the perfect font for your project may not always be a quick and easy task. There are plenty of both free and premium fonts on the web, but with the deadlines being tight, having time for browsing through thousands of fonts is definitely not an option.

So, if you’re looking for beautiful and casual free fonts for headings, you’re in the right place! No need to search through lots of free fonts, we selected some of the best right here for you. You will find many types of fonts, from geometric, to cursive and all caps fonts.

Download them and start using them in your designs. Make sure you check their license! Some of them are free for both personal and commercial use, while others are only free for usage in personal works. Enjoy!


Jakarta is a free lightweight font with an ultra-modern look. It is ideal for graphic and logo designs and can be used as heading as well, in print designs. This free font was designed and released by Dominique Thiodorus. This font is a great choice if you just want to create strong, geometrical symbols. You just need to selected a few characters, stack them up and that’s it!

1 Jakarta free light weight font


Metafors is a clumsy-looking, handwriting font designed and released by Markus Wolf, a German graphic designer. The font comes in TTF and OTF formats and it’s free for personal and commercial use as well. The font includes several glyphs so you can use it in multiple languages. We recommend this look if you need to add a personal touch to your design projects.

2 Metafors A clumsy handwriting font


Lumberjack is a free typeface including four different font styles (regular, rough, in line and shadow). It has a wild style and i is perfect for hipster designs. It also provides multi-language support. It is absolutely free for personal and commercial use. It was designed and released by Aleksei Kalinin. The original link also includes some great examples of how this font can be used in graphic design to achieve an old-school look.

3 Lumberjack

Karmina Bold

Karmina Bold is a handwritten font designed by Dmitry Mashkin from Artcoast Design. This font is a very readable and balanced and it is a typeface suitable for any kind of design. It comes with a premium full version as well that contains two more weights (regular and shadow). We recommend saving this one for future projects.

4 Karmina Bold


Olesia is a free handwriting font with a feminine touch. It has some cute curly swashes and loops that give it a natural and romantic feel. This was designed and released by Julia Dreams. This script typeface is perfect to be used in logos, web design or any other digital or print project you may want to include in it.

5 Olesia


Hamurz is a creative font that stands out because of its wavy and curly shapes. This typeface was designed by Bagus Budiyanto, a graphic designer from Indonesia. It is free for personal and commercial use. Hamurz comes with lowercase and uppercase letters, numeral and punctuation and 3 styles. There’s also a premium version available.

6 Hamurz

Concre Typeface

Check out this lovely, geometrical typeface. It is in all caps and can be successfully used in headings, in both web and printed designs. It was created with care by Marius Stankevicius and it’s free for personal use in as many ways as you want.

7 Concre Typeface

Wildera Brush Font

Here’s a hand-drawn display font for modern graphic design projects. It has a fluid style and can be used for various types of projects. This font is free for personal use and we recommend including it in your graphic design projects.

8 Wildera Brush Font

Cassius Font

Cassius is a modern, geometric font for graphic design projects. It has a unique style that will surely be remembered. Its strong shapes make it perfect for headings or even posters and web design.

9 Cassius Font

Anana Brush Font

Here is a free brush font with a cursive, fluid style. It is all caps and can be used for projects which require a more handmade feel. This is another great example that handmade fonts can be successfully used in various types of graphic design projects.

10 Anana Brush Font

Navarros Typeface

Check out this full free typeface for your next project. It is all caps and will look great used for headings. Use this for its clever, irregular shapes so that you make sure your viewers will remember your designs and projects.

11 Navarros Typeface

Hilton Typeface

This typeface will look great on all types of designs, from logos to prints and even web projects! As you can see in the image pictured below, this font is also great for business cards if you want to add a nice, personal touch to your business.



Moalang is a decorative, uppercase-only typeface designed by Agga Swist’blnk, a font designer based in Indonesia. This great font is free for personal and commercial use! We strongly recommend downloading this resource and adding it to your design inventory so you can use it in future projects. Its unique, wavy details make this font perfect for headings.

13 Moalang

Skybird Rough

Skybird Rough is a free serif font with a retro touch. This font was designed by Philip Trautmann. The glyphs written in small letters are looking normal, but when you write just in caps you will notice the real crazy nature and fresh style of this font. This great typeface is part of a font-family including 10 more weights and styles. Free for personal use only! The download file comes with two versions of this font: regular and italic. Feel free to use it if you’re looking to add a handwritten feel to your projects.

14 Skybird Rough


Phenomena is a free font family based on round geometric shapes. This font was designed by Radomir Tinkov and Plamen Motev. This great typeface includes 7 different weights and more than 500 glyphs with a wide range of languages (extended Latin, Cyrillic, Bulgarian, etc.). Phenomena is a modern, geometric font that looks great in any weight and color, which makes it perfect for headings. Download the free file and use it in your projects.

15 Phenomena


Arabella is a free handwriting font suitable for many different purposes (e.g. headings, signatures, logos, posters, badges, etc). This was designed by MySunday Type Foundry. In the original link you can also find numerous examples of how this font can be used in both digital and print works.

16 Arabella

Waterlily free handwriting font

Waterlily is a free handwriting font inspired by watercolor painting. It includes over 80 different hand-drawn characters for a wide range of languages and dialects. It is available for both personal and commercial use. Waterlily looks best when paired with soft, pastel colors and clean backgrounds. It’s a perfect font to also be used for postcards.

17 Waterlily free handwriting font

Ruffle Beauty free font

Ruffle Beauty is a free handwriting font ideal for graphics and poster design. This font was created by Anis Iday. This is another great example of a font that can be downloaded for free and used in both personal and commercial projects. We recommend pairing it with a more simple font for maximum effect.

18 Ruffle Beauty free font

Numb3rs free font

Numb3rs is a free font including only numbers. This font has a unique and stylish look and was designed and released by Tommi Jäkkö. Because of its strong, geometrical lines, this font is perfect for headings but also web design and printed projects. The original link also showcases some awesome examples of how great this font looks overlayed on photographs.

19 Numb3rs free font

Butch – Free handwritten font

Butch is a free handwritten font ideal for graphic design. It includes uppercase characters and numbers but keep in mind that it does not include any punctuation characters. It was designed and released by Pere Esquerrà. This font has a marker look to it and it’s perfect if you’re looking to add a personal touch to your design projects.

20 Butch – Free handwritten font

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