15 Design Ideas for Unique Graphic Design Business Cards

15 Design Ideas for Unique Graphic Design Business Cards
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When it comes to your brand, there are a lot of important factors in which will allow you to stand out from the others, in order to receive more recognition, thus more clients and jobs. In graphic design, we know that some of the most common jobs we receive are brand related, including web design, logos, and typography for businesses. A business card is a must. It is a first impression that leaves your client with a question: do they want you to complete the task at hand? If not, it’s possible that your business card just didn’t stand out to them, and never led them to discover your website, or learn about your company and what you have to offer. Today, we will review 15 design ideas for unique graphic design business cards, and why they are successful.

Brigada Creativa

We will start off with an interesting business card that is unique in nature because it has a small addition of three-dimension. The small pencil of the logo is attached through holes in the card, allowing it to stand out from other two-dimensional business cards. Their use of white space also brings attention to the logo, allowing it to be the most memorable part of the card, which is important for a brand.

brigada creativaPin

brigada creativa

Anthony Cole

Speaking of unique… this business card is literally a work of art. Fashioned to resemble a Swiss knife, this cardboard cutout business card uses the idea that you can keep people intrigued and interested by holding onto this card and showing it to others, based on how interesting this design is. If you want to keep people engaged with your brand and be memorable, you need to think outside the box.

anthony colePin

anthony cole

Jose Antonio Contreras

In order to keep your business card in potential clients’ hands, as well as entertaining and engaging with them, it can be fun and prove to be useful to think of an idea along the lines of a word search. That’s right, a word search. When you find all the hidden words, on the back you will see the answer bank, that mentions this designers name and contact information. Your potential client or customer will hold onto this card for a boring train ride or meeting instead of throwing it away, and increase your chances of nabbing another client for your company.

jose antonio contrerasPin

jose antonio contreras

Kelli Marie

Kelli Marie is an illustrator and graphic designer, who was able to come up with an intricate and beautiful design sure to catch people’s eye. The use of white space and different typography keep the eye interested and flowing throughout the card. It can double as a bookmark, or simply a piece of her art, but will keep her brand memorable and respected by many.

kelli marie dalyPin

kelli marie daly


Chomp, chomp! This business card is one of my favorites. The use of inverted colors for text and background, and the unique design that will stand out from the others will definitely allow for a useful business card to lure in clients and impress other design companies.



Trick & Treat

Trick & Treat is a company for branded entertainment. By creating a simple business card that has a minimalist design and a cutout, they created possibly the most potential for a business card yet. These cards can turn into a fun game of paper football, all while promoting their design business.

trick and treatPin

trick and treat

Counter Creatives

The idea is in the name, “Creatives”. This creative and inspiring business card is made to look like a ticket you receive at the deli or DMV while waiting in line, but with a design twist of different colors and white space to bring attention to the company name. Surely a different and fun way of creating a business card people will remember.

counter creativesPin

counter creatives


Sometimes, a traditional business card can deem the idea that less is more. The beautiful design and gold text make for an aesthetically pleasing card, and on the opposite side, the white background allows the eye to focus on the actual content of the card. Either way, this design is both well executed, thought out, and overall artistic inspiration for any business card.



Kate Forrester

Any branding company or graphic design company can take an idea from this particular business card, because it truly is unique. It has only one solid color, black, and is laser cut in an intricate design. No matter where you place this card, the background will come through, allowing this card to look different every time you look at it.

kate forresterPin

kate forrester

Toya Yatra

Toya Yatra is a tour and travel business, and they went above and beyond when creating their business card. They knew that in a world full of competition, they had to create something good, and would stand out from virtually everyone. This tiny suitcase inspires the idea of travel with a small and interesting design, sure to make others gush.

toya yatraPin

toya yatra


You’ve probably heard of Vega. They are a company that is all about plant based options, for the good of the environment, and its’ people. This business card has seeds that if left in the dirt for long enough, will aide in the growth of plants. If that’s not one of the coolest things that also translated directly to what the entire company stands for, I don’t know what is.



Latam Cargo

Most people would overlook a business card from a cargo company. But this card turns into a literal box. Give it to your child to create and play with, or let yourself create it, either way, it is a definite design that is “thinking outside of the box”.


Shop Around

Shop Around is a company that allows people to shop in a different way. It allows you to search up what’s around you, and pick out from the places you’d like the most. Their business card has two life spans. The first is when a person picks it up, and has it on hand, allowing them to find out about Shop Around, and discover what it’s all about. Its second life span is when that person decided to put the sticker somewhere, creating free advertisement for the next person that comes across it and discovers Shop Around.


Talor & Jergen

Talor & Jergen is an online company that ships coffee from all over the world straight to your door. Their business card designs have bright and inviting colors, with beautiful illustrations to catch any potential customers eye.


Pontus in the Air

Like the business card above, Pontus in the Air uses illustration to their advantage. Many people appreciate illustrations and what it has to offer, and in this particular case it only improves the business card in order to keep people engaged.


Written by Iggy

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