Posts from August, 2013

20 Stylish Examples of Flat Illustrations in Web Design

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The over-simplied style of illustration was around well before the flat trend in web design, but it has definitely increased in popularity as we’re seeing more flat designs make use of stylised drawings made from solid colours and basic shapes. This post rounds up 20 fantastic examples of websites that feature trendy flat illustrations are part of their overall design.

Inspirational Showcase of iPhone App Website Designs

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Websites for iPhone apps are amongst the best for discovering new trends, inspirational designs and clever effects. Their job is simply to promote and describe the purpose of its related app, which leaves the designer plenty of room for experimentation. Today’s web design showcase is a collection of some of the best app websites around, with each one featuring balanced layouts, great typography and attractive colour schemes.

Getting Started with the Sass Preprocessor

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Preprocessors are a popular way of simplifying and writing more manageable CSS, as well as making use of frameworks to write better CSS. Let’s take a look at the basics and learn how to create a fully loaded CSS3 button with gradients, shadows and transitions while making use of the Sass preprocessor and Compass framework to do all the hard work for us.