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25 Modern Website Templates for State-of-the-Art Websites

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Choosing a modern theme or a template for your future website is an extremely important step and should be given great importance. There are a lot of themes created to serve as a template for many different activities and finding a good one for your site is essential. Whether you want to sell home-made products, you have a culinary blog, you are passionate about photography and want to showcase your work, you are an architect and you need a good portfolio layout or you want a suitable template for a news blog, the important step is choosing the right, modern and responsive theme that will satisfy all your needs. That’s why we came up with a list of 25 modern Website templates best suited to create great sleek sites.

25 Blog Website Templates for Making Your First Blog

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If you’re on the search for the perfect website template for your first blog, then you should know there are some things to keep in mind. First of all, the template you’re gonna choose has to be easy to use, so you won’t have any problems when uploading new content – be it text, images or even video. Second, it’s highly necessary that your blog has a fully responsive layout with fast loading speeds. This will make your visitors and readers stay longer on your blog and even want to come back for more.

25 Restaurant Website Templates for Cafes, Bistros and Restaurants

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Nowadays, having a website is an essential step in promoting your business and attracting new customers, regardless of the niche. When we’re talking about restaurants, this aspect becomes even more important. A lot of people will check out the restaurant’s website before going to eat there, so that’s why having a stunning, fully functional website and a strong online presence is so important.

45 Startup Website Templates, Designs and Tools

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It seems like we see more and more startups launched each day. Young adults prefer to emerge in the world of entrepreneurship, rather than choosing the risk-free option of getting a job. Entrepreneurs learned that the first impression means everything, especially when it comes to startup businesses so, creating a website and a strong online presence for their startup is an essential step.

25 Professional Website Templates for High-End Websites

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Because we know that every business is different and each one of them has unique needs and purposes, we’re sure it’s hard to find the best website template that will suit all these possibilities. We also know that every great business has a great website to represent it. That’s the place where you showcase your services, design portfolio, team and everything else you might want to share with the world – that’s why it’s important to have a stunning, fully functional website that will create an unforgettable experience for your visitors.

25 Ecommerce Website Templates for Your Online Store

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Having a stunning and fully functional, error-free website for your shop is essential because your online platform is, probably, your main source of income, regardless of your field of work. And because nowadays more than 50% of the eCommerce traffic comes from mobile devices, it’s crucial that your shop should be mobile-friendly and responsive on all devices and screen sizes.