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How to Become a Mobile App Designer and Developer

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Want to be a mobile app designer or developer? Let’s start from the beginning with what you need to do to reach your dream job.

The importance of mobile devices nowadays can be easily compared to the importance of wallets and handbags. Therefore, mobile usage is subject to constant development and providing new technology every month.

How to Improve the User Login Experience

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Your new web design application is ready to go after months of hard work. You and your team of collaborators are happy with the result and the users that tested it for you love it; especially the additional building features. You have every reason to believe this application is a winner. What happens when it’s not a winner?

Showcasing UI Interaction Design with Animated GIFs

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The humble animated GIF has become a popular tool for designers to share their UI designs. How a web or app interface works is just as important as how it looks, and the animated GIF—while it lacks refinement and quality—is the most accessible file format that can be easily viewed directly in the browser, making it perfect for sharing on social sites such as Dribbble.