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The Graphic Designer’s Guide to Web Design – Differences & Similarities

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For seasoned graphic designers, web designers and online marketers, you’ve worked closely enough on website projects to understand the responsibilities that fall on graphic designers and web designers both similarly and separately. For those that are looking to get into the graphic design profession or have yet to work with both a graphic and web designer on a project, it’s important to understand where these experts can and can’t overlap and how you can benefit from leaning towards a graphic designer or web designer.

Stop Believing These 8 Myths About Graphic Designers

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Whether you have or have yet to work with a graphic designer, you may have a few assumptions or preconceived notions about the type of people graphic designers are and what it’s like working with a graphic designer. Whether it’s a graphic designer or any other professional, it’s not wise to assume anything about a coworker or freelancer. This can lead to poor collaborations, miscommunications and false expectations about pricing, deadlines and quality. It’s best to come in to any new partnership with a clean slate because individuals are unique and each project is unique.

You may also be considering a career as a graphic designer. Rather than make assumptions, consider what professional graphic designers have to say about their profession.

Why UX is Important For Your Website

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You might be familiar with the term user experience (or UX).

Recently, its importance in website design has been emphasized.

As a business, understanding the importance of UX will assist you to improve your website and, as a result, your conversion rate.

How to Get User Onboarding Right in Your Apps

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You might know how difficult it is to design a great app.

After all, one in four apps is abandoned by users after their very first launch.

After 72 hours, just less than a quarter of users will still make use of an application. The other users will have dropped the app.

As a designer, you, therefore, understand how important it is to get onboarding just right.

How to Design Better Websites – Tips and Best Practices

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How does it sound to be the proud owner of a leading commercial website? What if we told you that it is easier than it sounds?

Today, when commerce is almost fully digitalized, businesses rely on successful website designs to lead sales their way.

The size of the business doesn’t matter – the rules of efficient web design are simple, and they apply to all clients regardless of their budget!