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Have you ever seen typography designs have fun or interesting texts that you would like integrated into your own designs? Whether it’s graphic design, web design, or even an app design, eye-catching texts are important, because it is exactly what your potential clients read to see if they like what you have to offer. You are only helping your cause if you have a variation of interesting text that allows any reader to be intrigued and engaged. Some of the time, typography is created by hand. Other times, it’s useful to learn about the many qualities that Photoshop has, especially for creating your own style of text. Today, you will learn how to create metal text for your designs.

Step 1

In order to achieve this metal text look, you will need to open a new file, and make sure the width is 7 inches, and the height is 3 inches. The orientation should be landscape. Make sure that your resolution is set to 150 pixels/inch, and that the color mode is RGB Color, 8 bit. Name it whatever you’d like, but for the purposes of this tutorial, we went with “metal text”.


Step 2

Using the type tool, type in the name of your website, business, company, or just simply your name, making sure that the size is as big as you want, I used font size 72. It is preferable to use a font that is bold.

Step 3

Now, with the text selected, click on Layer, then Layer Style, and finally click Gradient Overlay.


Step 4

A Layer Style pop up window will appear, then click on the drop down menu next to the gradient swatch. Click on settings for the drop down menu, then find and choose the gradient named Metals. Click Append.

Step 5

Next, you have the ability to choose any type of metal from the assortment, and whatever opacity, blend mode, style, and angles that you prefer. Once you click okay, your text should look like this. You can also add an inner shadow and any other layer styles in order to achieve the look you want. You now have metal text to use in your web designs, or any other designs you have. It is also possible to create your own gradients, allowing you to have the freedom to create your own custom metal text with whatever colors and variations you want.


Other website tutorials

There is a microcosm of Photoshop tutorials out there, and many of them have to do with typography and manipulating text. There are some that are written tutorials like the one above, which takes the most important parts of the tutorial and maps out each and every step in great detail, in order for anyone of any walk of life, whether they are new to Photoshop, or have been using it for years, can understand. Then, for more proactive learners, there is entirely different way of teaching tutorials, which is through video. Most of the time, those videos are found on YouTube, but the tutorials are still completely easy and clear to follow, if not better than written tutorials. Here are some Photoshop tutorials that feature metal text tutorials for your designs.

Photoshop Essentials

This website is the place to go for professional looking photoshop tutorials. Although these are more complicated and in depth, it is worth it to achieve a professional and rugged look, if that is what you are looking for.


Design Tuts Plus

If you want to achieve a polished, three-dimensional appearing text that is a Medieval style, this website offers tutorials on Photoshop, and this particular one will help you achieve just that look.


Design Tuts Plus

There’s no shame in mentioning this website twice! They have a plethora of different tutorials, and there is a large variation when it comes to metal texts. You can want a shiny text, a dull metal text, a bright, even colorful metal text, and this tutorial shows you how to achieve a futuristic appearing metal text that is sure to help you learn more about typography, and what it takes to create your own personalized texts for any web design, graphic design project, or logo.

Photoshop Cafe

(available at Yet another credible, fantastic and educational website that will show you how to put things together in Photoshop. When in the business of graphic design, web development, or the like, it’s important to know how to do simple things like manipulating text to what you or your client wants and bring it to life. A stamped metal look, much like the one in this tutorial, can be a logo, business card, banner on a website, or background on an app. No matter where or what it is for, it is important to showcase your skills and learn how to produce something such as this. And it is so easy with these amazing tutorials!


Casual Savage

Sometimes, certain people learn more efficiently with visuals and sound, like a YouTube video. Casual Savage is a YouTube channel that has tutorials on Photoshop, and this video focuses on creating a fantastic version of metal text. It is educational, to the point, and takes you step by step to create your own amazing version of metal text for any web design using this video.



Ray Lyons

Another efficiently mapped out metal text tutorial was created by Ray Lyons. Although the detailing is exquisite, and the metal text looks almost so real that you can reach out and touch it, the tutorial is only seven short minutes long, and allows you to follow along and create the text identical to what is advertised in the beginning of the video. Creating metal text from scratch is difficult, and takes a lot of time to create, much less the fact that there are a number of Photoshop tutorials all over the internet, all created by amazing designers that just want to share their knowledge with the world.


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