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There are many great design competitions that give you the chance to be internationally recognized. A’Design Awards is one of them. It happens every year and projects that push the boundaries and focus on innovation and creativity usually secure a place in the finals. There are plenty of other design competitions that can help you build your reputation as a young designer. Let us delve deeper into some of the best projects that were showcased by different designers around the world. Hopefully, this should give you the inspiration you need to get your work out there. Make your way through this article to see how different each style is, and if this gives you the encouragement you need then scroll down all the way to the bottom to find out how you can enter.

1. Calendar 2018 Puzzle by Katsumi Tamura

This calendar is designed to look like a toy. The form can be shifted freely to form other objects.  This 3D calendar consists of various pieces that can be put together to form patterned pieces in any way you like. It is designed by Katsumi Tamura.

2. Anti-Glitch Foundation by André Arruda at Papanapa

Brazilian studio, Papanapa developed a new visual identity for Anti glitch foundation.  Inspired by the 8-bit language, its incomprehension and the inconsistency left by the glitches, Andre Arruda set out to design a whole new visual identity for the brand. They incorporated many concepts such as fragments, conflict, montage and exaggeration to convey technological, creative and automated processes behind its services.

3. Licha Packaging by Uvisual

Licha is a Taiwanese tea brand that embodies the characteristics of the different flavors they sell. Uvisual expands this idea and created colorful packaging integrating different characteristics of the products.

4. Maker Oats brand packaging by PepsiCo Design

This packaging embodies simple, high quality and natural design principles. The choice of color, contrast, and iconography is used to communicate the brand’s message. This modern interpretation of a traditional design is what makes the brand unique.

5. Tropical Lighthouse vinyl record by Robert Bazaev

This vinyl record is designed by Robert Bazaev inspired by the sounds of the tropical rain forest. The record is by the artist Mtendere Mandowa, whose music contains beats in combination with a light vibe of retro creating an alien-like landscape.

6. Soul drops Detergent by Réka Baranyi

This beautiful packaging really stands out from the crowd. This laundry detergent bottle is reimagined by Reka Baranyi in pastel colors and creates a unique look and feel that can’t be replicated.


7. Omdesign 2017 promotional packaging

Om designs promotional packaging has won many international awards over the course of three years. Using sustainable materials they have created this packaging that is shown in the image below

8. Amaro 33 packaging by YG Design

This packaging is a modern interpretation of their older design. The look of the packaging varies throughout the day. It looks modern during the day while the letterforms brighten up in the dark. It is designed by YG Design.

9. Excalibur by Fengsheng Cai

The inspiration behind this design comes from the movie the legend of the sword of King Arthur. The packaging is designed to look like his armor and shaped to look like a teardrop. The bottle is featured inside the packaging and it rises up slowly as your open it.

10. Santaren Rum Bottle by Estudio Maba

Estudio Maba is the designer behind this packaging of the rum bottle. Inspired by the old engravings, the packaging of the bottle suggests that the drink inside it took a long time to make. It looks old and full of feeling and history.

11. Flo Alkaline Water by Matter Branding

This premium brand of alkaline water was first released in Egypt. The creator behind this project states that they set out to create an intricate brand that embodied their values, vibrancy, boldness, and sophistication.

12. In The Mood for Coffee packaging by Salvita Bingelyte

Salvita Bingelyte, the designer behind the packaging label says that she was inspired by monkeys and their behavioral patterns when she created this label. Their expressions, much like us humans reflect their moods. The illustration of the monkey with the hat seems to reflect his mood.

13. Death by Chocolate by Alain Aebersold

The designer behind this brand is Alain Aebersold. Inspired by the album name, he set out to create a crooked and surreal landscape. He took inspiration from old sci-fi movies and other surreal worlds. The album artwork matches the interpretation of the songs and is strangely reminiscent of other iconic album artworks like The Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd.

14. The way of Knowledge book design by Yuta Takahashi

Yuta Takahashi looked at unlikeliest places for inspiration when creating this packaging for this book. Inspired by leather bound bibles and the images of the ‘doors we imagine when we visualize the human thought process’ he set out to create this work. By playing with these concepts, he was able to create textured surfaces with engraved letterforms that evoke the same feeling of an old leather bound diary.

15. Different Every day by Bao Xiying

The inspiration behind this university comes from the Tongji University in Shanghai, China. As each day passes, you can join the dots until you have created a full-scale drawing of a building. Modern and architectural styles are visible in his designs and the structure of the buildings is different every month.

Inspired? Looking to submit your work and enter the contest? Look no further. There are plenty of wonderful opportunities to flex your creative skills. Here are some of the best design contests and competitions you can enter this year:

  1. Adesignwards
  2. Book Cover (deadline: February 28th)
  3. commarts (deadline: May 3rd)
  4. RGD Awards

Winning the coveted prize will help add credibility to your work and gives you the chance to work with some of the best artists, designers and industry professionals in the field.

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