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Branding helps a business form an identity. To create a brand identity, you need to have a visual identity system in place. Core identity of a brand is the following — Color, logo, and typography.    How do you choose the right type? Where will you find it? How do you know if it is going to work? If it is time for you to choose a type for your brand, look no further, we have helped narrow down a list of 10 best free fonts to help inform your font selection process. However, it is advised to check the license for each font before you download them. This is mainly because not all of them offer commercial licenses free of charge. You can still use the ones that come with limited licenses for your personal projects.

1. Google Fonts

Google font is a popular site that helps you share and integrate typography into any design project by simply embedding the link onto your website. Their extensive font library features fonts in over 135 different languages. With over 800 font families in their font directory, google fonts make beautiful typography accessible to their users. The best part of their site is that all the fonts are open source and free to download. In addition to the aforementioned features, they also showcase individual type designers and foundries.  This way you are able to see and learn from people behind each type and their process.

2. Font Squirrel

Font squirrel is another great place to download free fonts. They also make it easy to distinguish between the fonts that have a commercial license and the ones that don’t. This is a great place to find free, hand-picked, high-quality commercial fonts. It also comes with a set of amazing tools that helps identify fonts for you. You can do this by simply uploading an image of the font you are looking to find and they will try to find the best match by using a built-in algorithm. Another useful tool is the web font generator.

3. Dafont

Dafont is a popular platform that lets you download free fonts. It has a category system that lets you find fonts based on different themes. Fonts on this site can be downloaded for free although not all of them come with a commercial license. In addition to these features, you can also submit a font.

4. Typequality 

Kimberly Ihres created this site as part of her graduation project. It is a site specifically designed to gather women type designers and their designs. You can submit your designs for free and browse through a collection of beautifully designed fonts.


5. Creative Market

Creativemarket is an online market place for designers where you can upload graphics, fonts, and templates. It offers a variety of free fonts that can be easily searched for and found. However, you are most likely to find individual fonts than a full family of typefaces. The fonts found here usually provides both commercial and limited licenses.

6. Designers Foundry

Looking for unique, high-quality typography? This site offers a collection of curated typefaces. Some of their most notable clients include Apple, Nike, Oprah, Random House, D&G, BBC and Gap

7. Fontspace

Fontspace offers a collection of over 38,000 different fonts. Fonts are categorized by styles. As a registered user, you are able to explore fonts by style, popularity, and type designers. Create a collection by saving your favorite fonts. To find out the license of the font you are downloading, simply hover over them and see if they offer a commercial license.

8. Fontspring

Fontspring offers unique typographic designs for premium font families. You can easily find and download free fonts on this site. Fontspring partners with font foundries like EXjLbus, Mark Simonson studio, Canda type, Shinntype and more.


9. Adobe Typekit

Adobe Typekit offers a complete library of fonts and comes with a creative subscription plan. Find the fonts you need by either exploring a collection of different typefaces from their list or simply upload an image of the font you are looking for and the search engine will try to find the best matches for you. It also houses information about designers and foundries.

10. Abstract Fonts

Looking for high-quality fonts that are free and comes with a commercial license? Look no further, abstract fonts provide a wide array of free fonts that are easy to access and free to use. You can easily find fonts on this site and the visualized category system makes it easy to look through and find the perfect one.

11. Fonstruct 

Fonstruct is a font-building tool that lets you create your own font styles using geometrical shapes. Once you are done building the font, It generates true type fonts, ready to download and can be used in any application. This site showcases more than 40,000 different kinds of fonts all generated by people all over the world. They are all free to download.

12. 1001 Fonts

This site offers high-quality fonts that can be downloaded with a commercial license. It includes thousands of fonts and is updated on a regular basis. It is easy to find the perfect font by selecting different font style, size, and even the font weight.

13. Urban Fonts

Urbanfont is a great platform that offers an amazing collection of free fonts. There are trial versions and full versions that users can browse through before downloading a version that fits your design project. By creating an account, you are able to save fonts and use it later.

14. Behance

Behance is not exactly a platform for free fonts. It is a social network for designers and artists to showcase their work and portfolio. Designers also share a lot of free typography content here. The best part of downloading fonts here is that you come across unique designs that are less used than other sites. By searching for fonts on the website, you are able to see a list of all the available free fonts. By selecting individual typefaces, you are able to download a font free of charge.

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