20 Useful and Free Blank T-Shirt Templates

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If you’re looking for free resources for a clothing website or simply for free blank t-Shirt templates on which you can showcase your client’s logo, these freebies will surely be useful to you.

T-shirt mockups are among the most requested mockups on the web. They are very versatile and can be used for various of projects, from t-shirt design, clothing website product showcase, logo canvas, and more.

These templates will allow you to preview how your design will look, before actually printing it on a t-shirt, saving you time and money.

So, here are 20 useful and free blank t-shirt templates which you can download and easily customize with your own design.

Long Sleeve T-Shirt MockUp PSD

This is a long sleeve t-shirt mock-up which will help you showcase your designs in a professional manner and achieve a flawless, photorealistic image.

 long sleeve t shirt mockup

Best Free T-Shirt Template Designs

This is a free blank Tshirt template in JPG, resolution 300dpi, with clipping mask, saved selection and other customization features.

blank t shirt black

Women’s Scoop Tee

The Scoop tee template lets you customize your colors, shadows, and highlights.

womens scoop tee

Woman T-Shirt MockUp PSD #2

This woman t-shirt mock-up is a high-quality freebie with front and back views, which you can use to easily display your apparel design in a realistic way.

woman t shirt mockup psd

Varsity Letterman

The Varsity Letterman Jacket Mock-Up lets you customize the colors of the jacket and the arms, has an artwork mask for seamless design transfer, photorealistic shadow and highlight layers, and more.

varsity letterman

Threadless t-shirt

This freebie was created for a contest that asked designers to create a logo for a company that doesn’t exist and place it on a t-shirt.

join the dribbble

Folded Sweatshirt Mockup PSD

This is a folded PSD sweatshirt mockup with a label tag. You can easily change the sweatshirt color and add your graphics with the smart layer.

folded sweatshirt mockup psd

Jumper MockUp PSD

This is a high-resolution PSD mock-up you can use to create a branded crew neck jumper presentation in no time. Just drag and drop your design via smart layer.

jumper mockup psd

Woman T-Shirt MockUp PSD

This is a woman t-shirt mockup that lets you easily place your design via the smart layers, change the color of the t-shirt and edit the background.

woman t shirt mockup psd

Free Women’s Tank Top PSD Mockup

This is a mockup of a beautiful tank top which you can use to showcase your clothing design and give your brand a flawless and awesome look.

Free Women's Tank Top PSD Mockup

Baseball Tee PSD

This PSD has custom color layers, real textures and highlights, shoulder and torso layers for 2 color tees, both containing their own Art Layer!

baseball tee psd

T-Shirt MockUp PSD #2

This is a photorealistic t-shirt mock-up which you can use freely to showcase your apparel design. This PSD mockup provides front and back views of a t-shirt.

t shirt mockup psd

Blank Tee Photos

Here’s a huge photo collection of t-shirts, in different colors, on which you can apply your design with ease.

blank tee photos

Tshirt Vector: Black Shirt

This is a t-shirt vector image of a black t-shirt. You’ll be able to place your own designs on this t-shirt vector.

tshirt vector


Here are product templates for t-shirts that are available in (.EPS) , (.PDF) and (.JPG) formats, unless otherwise indicated.

kraftmedia custom decorated merchandise t shirt

Men’s T-Shirt MockUp

Check out this neat mock-up that’s perfect for creating a photorealistic display for your t-shirt design. The PSD file includes realistic textures.

mens t shirt mockup

T-shirt Template UPDATE

This comes as an .Ait file.. ( Illustrator Template file ) so you can get access to the vector and do whatever you want with it.

t shirt template

Design Examples

Here are some great model shots of all the blank colors. There are dozens of colors to choose from.

t shirt design templates

Men’s T-Shirt MockUp #2

This is a high-quality t-shirt mock-up with smart objects that will allow you to easily place your design on the t-shirt.

mens t shirt mockup

T-Shirt MockUp PSD

This realistic PSD mock-up allows you to showcase your t-shirt designs with ease. Just drag and drop your design using the smart layer.

t shirt mockup psd

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