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Brands, entrepreneurs, and especially marketers are going out of their way trying to find more unique, motivating and engaging ways to get their products or services out there, as the usual marketing and branding strategies are not as effective as they used to be. To stand out in the pool of similar products and services, business men and women have to get creative. On the side of the usual content marketing methods: video, blogging, and infographics, there’s a new trend on the horizon – quizzes.

Now, if you have a Facebook profile, read online magazines, or play video games, chances are you have also stumbled upon online quizzes and even clicked through a few of them. Some of the quizzes are personality based (which Friends character are you?) and some of them are knowledge based (which of these traditional foods reflect American cuisine?).

Why quizzes are useful?

Regardless of nature, quizzes usually have a motive behind them that is other than to entertain you. Various brands include quizzes in their marketing strategies for the purpose of engagement, product/service introduction, and visibility. They are also very easily shared on all social media platforms.

To gain all of the benefits of online quizzes mentioned above, you don’t have to create quizzes only about the type of pasta or dessert someone is unless your business is in the food and beverage industry. You can create quizzes related to your products or services, the issues your brand is solving, and benefits it provides. However, these quizzes have to be entertaining, engaging, short, and full of visuals. The element of gamification will encourage your readers to engage.

With these few steps below and a free quiz maker you will craft advanced online quizzes effortlessly.

Here’s what you need to know before starting:

Write an eye-catching, attention-grabbing title.

First impressions matter. The title is the first thing people see when stumbled upon your quiz somewhere on the internet. If it isn’t exciting enough, no one will even click on it, regardless of how great it might be. Use words like “actually” in your title – it creates a challenge. A title similar to this one “How much do you actually know about Harry Potter?” will create an instant urge to take the quiz and prove that you are a Harry Potter know-all.

Choose the type of your quiz.

As mentioned above there are two types of quizzes: knowledge based and personality quizzes.

Knowledge based quizzes are great when paired with the “actually” word in the title. They are created to challenge someone’s knowledge on a particular subject and are easily adjustable to fit any product or service your business is providing. You could quiz your potential customers about your products, the gap in the market your products are closing, or general understanding of the industry. Also,he answers to the questions may be used in further adjustments of your marketing strategy.

Personality based quizzes are quizzes where people find out information about themselves by answering a few questions. This type of quiz is favorable because of the self-serving bias nature. These kinds of quizzes tell people how special they are and complement them in various ways. If your product or service is designed to benefit the end-user, for example, skin care products, you can effectively market your products by creating personalized product offers in the answers of your quiz.

Craft your questions.

Once you know the title of your quiz and what type it will be, it’s time to think about the questions your quiz will ask. Here are a few tips on the content:

Target the right audience. When creating the questions for your quiz, make sure you have the right audience in mind. If you work in the food and beverage industry, your quiz should be asking questions relevant to people in this industry. Every question answered in your quiz is a valuable piece of data, important not only for sales purposes but also for market research and further improvements of your business.

Set out the goals of your quiz. What is it that you want to achieve with this quiz? By answering this simple question, you will have a defined, precise path you need to take with it. The questions should guide people towards the goal you have set out to achieve. It means that if you’re aiming to get more leads, you should ask people to enter their email address before starting the quiz or if you want to investigate the gap in the industry for your future products, ask what products would be useful to them.

Use images and gifs. It is OK to write text-only questions but to keep your audience engaged and entertained, use images and gifs as well. Instead of providing multiple or drop-down answer options try using pictures. There are plenty of free stock images to choose from. Select images that perfectly depict what you want to say, are eye-pleasing, and motivating to complete the quiz. Visual content is easier to consume and remember than text.

Keep it short. Keeping the quiz as short as possible will increase the chance of people completing it. Aiming at 6 to 10 questions will keep it short but yet interesting and memorable, and it will provide you with all the necessary information about your potential customers.

Market your quiz

Simply creating a quiz is not enough. Once you’ve crafted it, you need to make sure people can reach it and share it.

Social media platforms. Sharing your online quizzes across all your social media profiles as well as company’s social media profiles will increase the visibility and reach instantly. Also, ask your friends to complete the quiz and share the answers as well – the more exposure on Facebook and Twitter, the better.

Send it out to all your subscribers. Include the quiz into your email marketing campaigns. This way, you will have a chance to introduce a new product or service, as well as increase the click-through rate of your campaigns.

Use paid advertising. Paid advertising on Facebook allows you to choose the targeted audience. You can manually input the age, the location, and even interests of your potential customers, this way reaching a particular audience with a lot of potential.


Implementing online quizzes in your marketing strategy is easy, yet it goes a long way as it makes your content more engaging. If you’re not already using online quizzes, following these few steps should get the ball rolling in the right direction.

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