Posts from February, 2015

Web Design Trend Showcase: Super Gradients

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After the dominance of flat colours in web design I’ve noticed a new trend of gradient use beginning to emerge. Gradients are nothing new in web design, but the CSS property of linear-gradient now allows designers to add vibrant spectrums of colour directly to their code, rather than the traditional method of creating a gradient image in Photoshop. One advantage of the CSS approach is the gradient can be scaled to any size, which makes it great for screen filling gradient backgrounds. Today’s showcase features 25 examples of these super gradients used as backgrounds, headers and overlays.

8 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Website Builder

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It is always hard to start something. Even now, before writing this post I have spent almost half an hour on thinking where and how to begin. The same is about website building. You have a dream to create a website, what then? You need to shape the destiny of your future site, i.e. to choose its foundation. You make this crucial decision once and further it will influence on the entire website development process, as well as its maintenance and success among users. So what are the main factors making one website building platform better than another and how you can differentiate them?

Showcase of Cosmic Web Designs from Outer Space

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Space themed websites will always be super cool! The last time I created a showcase of space themed sites was back in 2012, but there’s some fantastic new examples to see. Today’s web design roundup features 15 web designs from outer space. These designs all include stunning planets and vibrant galaxies.

12 Must-See “Year in Review” Microsites from 2014

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I kinda wish I’d thought of this topic earlier this year, but I recently came across some really cool 2014 Year in Review features that I’d missed at the turn of the year. I thought there was probably some others that I’d missed too, so I took some time to round up all the best microsites that documented various stats from 2014. There’s some inspirational layouts and clever use of web effects that make them definitely worth checking out!