Posts from September, 2009

Inspirational Showcase of Business Card Websites

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The term ‘business card website’ has become widely associated with the popular style of website that has cropped up on the personal domains of designers and developers. The site is essentially a simple, single page design that displays personal information, contact details and links through to other social profiles, much like a traditional tactile business card is used to display basic information.

How to Build a Simple Button with CSS Image Sprites

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The button is one of the most common elements in the world of the web. In modern web design buttons are used not only on forms, but also as visual aids that draw attention to important elements of the page. Let’s take a look at building a simple button using CSS image sprites, starting right at the beginning in Photoshop and finishing with the complete coded example. This one’s a good one for anyone getting started with CSS!

6 Months of Line25 – A Look Behind the Scenes

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Line25 just passed its sixth month of operation, and has seen awesome growth since the first post in March 09. I’d like to put out a big thanks to all subscribers and readers, as you’re the ones who have helped the site grow so quickly in such a short period of time! Let’s take a look behind the scenes at some stats and figures, which will hopefully provide handy hints or tips to anyone growing their own design blog.

An Interview with Freelance Designer Danny Outlaw

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Danny Outlaw is a fulltime freelancer, and the guy behind the popular Outlaw Design Blog. Danny is well known in the community and shares his experiences of freelancing from abroad, managing clients and outsourcing work in video and blog posts. I caught up with Danny to ask a few questions of my own…