Posts from March, 2009

How to Create a Lifestream of Your Online Activities

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A lifestream is a simple website that compiles your online activity in real time and displays it in chronological order. These days all the cool kids have personal lifestream sites, so let’s take a look at creating our own website that pulls in a range of RSS feeds through SimplePie and displays them together in a cool design.

30 Awesome Design Enhancing jQuery Plugins

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There is a vast range of ready made jQuery plugins available from generous designers and developers from across the web that can help add stunning functionality and effects to your website. Check out these 30 awesome examples, including content sliders, image galleries, tooltips, accordions, lightboxes and modal windows. Download the pre-built scripts and add the code along with the jQuery framework to quickly and easily enhance your web designs.

An Interview With David & Marc Perel of Obox Design

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David and Marc Perel are the team behind online TV Show From the Couch, design blog We Are Not Freelancers and design company Obox Design. I invited the duo to discuss some of their ideas and inspirations behind their sites, find out a little about their backgrounds in design and development and to see what plans they had for the future.