How To Create a Blog Theme Concept in Photoshop

In the next few tutorials posts we’re going to go through the process of building a WordPress theme, starting today with the initial design concept in Photoshop. Follow this step by step walkthrough of the creation of the design concept for my Ticket Stub theme, which is based on a movie review type blog. We’ll create a full page design ready for coding up into a fully working website.

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Design a Textured Outdoors Website in Photoshop

Learn how to design a textured outdoors website in Photoshop, by following this easy, step by step tutorial. Check it out and start learning!

In part one of this website build project, we’ll go through the process of creating a detailed concept for an outdoors site. The design is based on a range of textures and a mix of blue and greys to create a stylish and sophisticated website for ‘Pinewood Forest’.

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