25 Website Designs With Unusual Navigation Menus

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Navigation is an extremely important part of a website. It has to be clear, perfectly-linked and user-friendly. Even though we see mostly basic navigation menus on websites today, some interesting designs have started to appear.

Today, we selected 25 website designs with unusual navigation menus. These navigation menu concepts are unique, original and will surely catch the visitors attention. Despite looking unusual, these navigation menus are perfectly functional and user-friendly.

What do you think about these? Which ones are your favorite? Let us know in the comment section below.

Vincent Tavano

Vincent Tavano

Vincent Tavano’s website has an unusual navigation menu. It uses a series of background pictures or animations to present each project this company has worked on. As you hover your mouse on that portfolio menu the background will change accordingly.

Rafael Derolez

Rafael Derolez

Rafael Derolez, in his projects, focuses on creating interactions such as the ones you will see on his personal website. He has an unusual navigation which he uses to present his portfolio in a creative way. The website keeps it simple, uses a black background and huge typography as the first thing visitors see. Once you start scrolling you’ll notice horizontal bands, each defining a different project. Whether you hover or click, a large image/icon will appear.

ECC Architectural

ECC Architectural

ECC is the world’s leading brand in regards to residential, office, commercial and retail lighting. This company has a nice and clean website which uses a simple white background and red typography. Through this website, you can navigate both horizontally and vertically.

Print Gallery

Gallery by Toko — Home

The Toko Gallery is a place where many things happen. On this website, you’ll find art, design exhibitions, book launches, industry talks and much more!

Young & Norgate

Young & Norgate _ Hand crafted contemporary furniture, Made in Bristol.

Young & Norgate focuses on making things easier for their clients. This team has a vast experience in interior and this is their amazing website. It has an unusual navigation with a simple drop-down menu which is merged with a full-screen slideshow. If you’ll click on a category the slideshow will take exactly where you want to go.

Heat Architecture

HEAT Architecture

Heat Architecture’s website uses a modular grid layout. You can hover on each photo to find out more or you can directly use the vertical menu. The vertical menu is more than a tool to rapidly search and go through projects, it also shares information about each project.

The Mark Hotel


This website has an elegant design layout. It has a nice preloader and a large vertical menu that changes its appearance once you click on a category. Each category has its own form of presentation.

Gloria Cortina

Gloria Cortina's Leading Design Studio

Gloria Cortina uses horizontal scrolling to present their company’s works, which is unusual for a portfolio website. The work focuses on interior design, furniture, fabrics and individual objects and this website presents them elegantly.



Irene’s website is unusual, it doesn’t even have a menu bar nor an about section which is actually cool. The website focuses on presenting art through video animations. On the left side, you’ll see many videos while on the right you’ll see each artist’s name.

Coulee Creative

Coulee Creative

Coulee Creative focuses on creating awesome websites and if you don’t believe them, check out this company’s website and get impressed by its creativity and unusual navigation. They made the content float on light gray background, they used interactive animations, combined flat design with images, videos and much more.

Beth Ellery

Summer 2016 _ Beth Ellery

Beth Ellery’s website keeps it simple. This site has an unusual navigation based on a slideshow that changes it’s image and links as you scroll.

Olson Kundig

OK — Olson Kundig

Olson Kundig is a Seattle-based design practice driven by the idea that buildings can be considered a bridge between nature, culture, and people. The website has a unique navigation which might seem normal at first sight. Projects are divided into categories and presented on horizontal bands that you navigate horizontally.

Chris Wang

CW. _ Art Direction & Design

Chris Wang is a designer based in Los Angeles and this is his portfolio website. This website has a unique design and an unusual navigation that uses 2 simultaneous slideshows, one with pictures, one with content. You can click view to find out more.



BCDO website uses minimalist design in a creative an unusual way. If you’ll have a look at this website, you’ll notice an interactive menu bar and a well-structured website.

A Violent Act

A Violent Act

If you’re a fan of crime novels then you might like this website.  A Violent Act presents perspectives on a double murder in a creative way. All you have to do is scroll down to read the first story. At all times you can drag the screen to the left to read the second perspective.

3sixteen — Soak Guide


On this website, you’ll find a unique guide to unsanforized jeans. This website has a simple vertical menu bar on which each sub-category represent an image. Click on the images or the sub-category to find out more.

Studio Veldwerk

Studio Veldwerk _ Graphic Design Studio - home

Studio Veldwerk focuses on creating simple and beautiful work. This is the studio’s business card website which looks great and has an unusual navigation. If you will want to find out more about them check out the about section and get surprised!

Television Centre

Television Centre _ White City, London

This website focuses on presenting a new residential project in London in a creative way. The homepage uses a creative modular grid layout to showcase the project’s features. Click on them to find out more!

Miami Ad School — I Want You

Miami Ad School - I Want You

The Miami Ad School has a really nice and unusual navigation. It will definitely grab your attention. As you scroll you’ll always see their works and if you want to find out the names of those who created the posters, you can simply grab and drag the images.

Aaron Meyers

A A R O N 📺 M E Y E R S

Aarom Meiers’ website is entirely made of interactive animations and that’s the base of the website’s navigation. He definitely presents himself and his work in a creative and unique way.

Boegli Gravures

Home - Boegli Gravures

This website greets you with a full-screen photo and an elegant menu bar. Each sub-category, for example, “Company” will guide you and tell you everything there is to know about the company, from the moment it was found up until today, through a full-screen slideshow.

Laetitia Negre

Laetitia Negre

Laetitia Negre’s website has a unique design based on full-screen and medium images. You can either click on the dot or on the images to go to the next ones.

Cienne NY

Cienne's ClothingCienne's Clothing

This website has an elegant navigation, especially on the website’s shop. Cienne NY has a dark design layout. The shop uses a modular grid layout with medium thumbnail images. As you hover your mouse on the product images you can directly chose the size you are looking for,

Clara Rua


This website is as elegant as one can be. It has an interactive animated design which proves Clara Rua’s vast experience in UI/UX design.



Click anywhere on the full-screen image that greets you and get directed to the products. Verner is a really nice website and company that sells clothes.

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Written by Iggy

Iggy is a designer who loves experimenting with new web design techniques collating creative website designs. You can follow Iggy on Twitter.


  1. Bradsol says:

    Really awesome navigation menu examples. I personally like Chris Wang and Aaron Meyers

  2. Rob @ says:

    Laetitia Negre is sure different!

  3. Safy says:

    Great list Iggy.

  4. aKhan says:

    Great list .. thanks for sahring

  5. Sekhar says:

    Very impressive and interesting website to take very good examples of website navigation. Navigation should be user friendly. In this list Alice + Whittles is not the good one, in this navigation is not visible properly. If any visitor come to our site he should enjoy with navigation but it is not like that.

  6. Shannon Henderson says:

    Thanks for sharing this list. I was looking for some website designs with unusual navigation. This looks great. Especially the navigation Heat Architecture and Gloria Cortina.

  7. SAM says:

    This is exactly what I was searching for. Awesome post. Thanks a bunch. big thumbs up for the excellent Menu you’ve got here on this post.

  8. Matthew Carleton says:

    I always struggle with Navigation design. As a designer I want it to be different and interesting but from a User Experience point of view I see the benefit of sticking to what’s expected. I designed a site a that I thought pushed the boundaries of typical navigation but still worked.

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