Top Productivity Apps for Design Teams to Achieve a Perfect Workflow

The world is preoccupied with productivity. Do more in less time; do what you’re doing better; or simply do both. The digital age has given us a wealth of tools to do both. Thereby enabling us to lead more productive and fulfilling lives.

Except – the digital age has also given us more tasks to do, tasks that are more complex, and less time to do them.

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10 Awesome WordPress Plugins You Should Use This Year

Plugins have several advantages over coding. They also win in comparison to leaving the task of creating new functionality to a developer. Plugins can provide immediate results, the best ones, like those described below. They can give your reliable, error-free operation. Also, they are far less expensive than the alternatives.

There are thousands of WordPress plugins on the market. Finding one that appears to address your needs isn’t all that difficult. Finding the best of the best is another story.

Some plugins have a role to play in nearly every web project. Others are more specialized. Some others still are dedicated to saving businesses time and money.

You’ll find all three categories here, so dig right in and be prepared to find one or more that will make your day.

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