14 Best Websites in 2020 to Download Free Vector Art

14 Best Websites in 2020 to Download Free Vector Art

What is the absolute, most prominent identity of an online business? Being in a generation that is highly dependent on infographics and icons, the simple answer to the above question is vector graphics. Mainly, vectors refer to the graphical illustrations, logos, icons as well as other digital representations that add an edge to your website and make it more interactive. These days, vector graphics are a must-have for promoting businesses on the internet as they are a great way to bring certain things into attention for the visitors. Vector art is a cleaner, more convenient high-resolution solution that enhances the overall effect of the brand’s identity. There is a lot of free vector art available that you can use on your next project.

The sole reason why vector art became a real thing was the fact that people wanted high-quality images with smaller file size. Fortunately, vectors could resolve this issue merely by being a low size, high-quality solution that could liven up the website just as much as your regular size images. A lot of these vector arts are available to download and use for free online, and what’s more? These online platforms enable you to choose from a wide range of qualities and formats like the WMF, SVG and EPS CDR. With just a few clicks, one can access these arts, download them, edit and make amendments according to your precise requirements.

Sometimes, getting the right kind of free vector art might be troublesome for you. To solve this issue, we have gathered about ten of the most top-quality packs of icons that you can download and use free on your websites and projects. Some of these sites even contain about more than 1,000 icons made in different technique as well as file formats! So let us begin with the best free vector art websites!

1. FreeVector:

Free vector

Full of several vector graphics, illustration as well as icon options, Free Vector is a versatile website. With numerous options for every vibe, business, profession, background, icons and other diverse categories, Free Vector is one of the most useful vector art websites that are also easy to operate. You can simply download free vectors and use them for your projects with a decent attribution.

To make it even simpler, you can simply type in keywords that lead you to find the graphics you need. While some vectors are free, the site also sports an extensive collection of beautiful premium vectors which are worth buying!

2. Shutterstock:

free vector art - shutterstock

Based out of New York City, Shutterstock is an American company with a hand over all other companies in the free vector game. It is a splendid website that lets you access all the free vector art in just a matter of a few clicks. Just to help you focus on the required area even further, Shutterstock has a variety of filters available to clarify your choices through style, labels, patterns and infographics, and many more. Again, Shutterstock gives a wide range of formats to help you download the files – like EPS, JPS and AI.

Being about a decade old, Shutterstock has excellent expertise in the vector game, and a massive collection of infographics to make your selections.

3. Freepik:

free vector art - freepik

Freepik is one of the most popular and probably even the biggest platform for free vector art to be downloaded online. Recorded as one of the highest free vector platforms, the website offers a humongous combined collection of about 250,000 free as well as premium vectors. Unlike most of the other websites, the apart from quantity, Freepik is also incredible with the quality.

The vector art downloaded from Freepik can be used for free for both personal as well as commercial projects without any watermarks or other copyright issues.

4. Vectorportal:

free vector art - vectorportal

Launched in 2005, Vectorportal is undoubtedly one of the largest free vector art site that has been keeping up to its mark since the launch. Artists create free vectors that other designers can download and use in multiple ways for their personal as well as commercial projects. One distinguishing factor is that the website allows exploration as well as the distribution of free art to the people visiting the site from the artists that are showcasing.

Vectorportal is a genius when it comes to technical features and also provides a wide array of graphic categories such as animals, flags, maps, templates, and more. It has not only a collection of vector images but also a wide selection of brushes, swatches and styles. Many graphic design websites also rank VectorPortal as a top free vector resource.

5. Vecteezy:

free vector art - Vecteezy

If you wish to share vector-related resources as well as vector art, then Vecteezy is the best option for you. It’s not only a platform that allows you to explore, download and use, but it also lets you discuss the creations of other artists and find the ideal freebie for your active projects. Obviously, you can download and make use of free art for your personal as well as commercial projects even later on.

Vecteezy is sophisticated in the sense that it is easy to discover and download anything without any hassle. It has various unique features such as online editors, fonts, sizes, colors as well as image customizing.

All the features have a license for free commercial use.

6. Vexels:


Vexels is a website that provides graphic help more on the lines of greetings for subscribers or mailers, or the likes of these. It provides top quality free vector art that belongs to an array of collections. To top that, it also has one of the best online editors that help make ready-made designs for invitations, greeting card as well as website graphics, and more.

You can simply download the formats like EPS, PNG, SVG and also PSD. This website also gives an option for both commercials as well as personal use within a hassle-free environment. However, commercial usage comes with an additional license that requires payment. A lot of the templates on the website are changeable according to your needs.

7. DryIcons:

free vector art - dryicons

Every free vector art website has a style of graphics. Dry Icons is one such website that focuses more on icons and has more than 6,000 vector graphic options for the same. It has a unique feature, like say, for instance, you type in the word ‘cat’, you can quickly browse through various icons for the word, but besides, also be helped with several related suggestions like ‘pets’ and many more.

It also gives a fantastic feature wherein you can upload business logos and images.

8. VectorStock:

free vector art - vectorstock

Just as the name would suggest, Vector Stock has a massive categorized collection of free vector art into various filters that you can search by. Though the website has a sizeable collection of free downloads, it has a massive bank of vectors in absolutely any form – for personal as well as commercial purposes.

9. 1001 Free Downloads:

1001 free downloads

1001 Free Downloads is a crazy collection of free vector art resources. Organized adequately into a full menu bar containing all the filters aligned to categories – photos, wallpapers, brushes, styles, icons, patterns, textures, and clipart – you can only expect high volumes of graphics on the website. There are thousands and thousands of items to scroll through and that too, absolutely premium quality.

This website also uses icons and items from other websites – in a sense, it hosts other vector art websites too – which only increases the strength of its library. It is a one-stop destination for many projects and proves to be a high starting point for the same. What’s more? You can search for graphics according to most-searched vital words, or certain tags towards the footer on the homepage of the website.

10. unDraw:


unDraw has an extensive collection of absolutely stunning and creative free vector art illustrations that you can use with all your creative projects. One of the features of the website includes the fact that all the items are available in SVG format, and you can easily download them and scale them or change the colours without the quality getting hampered. To top it, no attribution is required to use the images for both private as well as professional uses.

However, unDraw has a particular style of illustration that might not be suitable for all the businesses or projects looking for icons and graphics. It has a more formal outlook when it comes to aesthetics and might be more suitable to those projects only.

11. Flaticon:


Flaticon is known as one of the biggest free vector art databases online. It has a  collection of more than 2 million vector designs. Sorted conveniently, this website makes a vast collection available in various formats like SVG, EPS, PSD, PNG as well as BASE 64 format. It has a premium version as well that allows you to tap into more intermediate icons for commercial purposes. However, all the icons can be used freely for both personal and professional uses.

It also has an icon editor that allows you to make amends and changes as per your will. Moreover, the website is supported by a Google Extension that allows you to use all the icons freely into your Google Docs, Slides and Sheets as well.

12. Subtle Patterns:

free vector art - subtle patterns

Subtle Patterns is one of the websites that allows you to choose from various patterns. They can be channelized into various parts of your web page or project. With a library of more than 400 patterns (and growing), this website is each web designer’s go-to when it comes to free vector art patterns for both personal and commercial projects with proper attribution.

As a unique point, this website has patterns that can be used as background for web pages that break the monotony of the page, or as simple graphics that elevate the look of your page altogether. It contains a library with all sorts of patterns – right from floral ones to geometric, Aztec as well as simple polka dots.

13. 123FreeVectors:


It is safe to say that 123FreeVectors has almost the same amount of ads as the amount of high-quality, beautiful vectors! Be sure to browse through their “Ornanament” section that allows you a new and refreshing site of abstract art.

123 Free Vectors, as the name suggests, has a wide range of vectors right from your basic ones to really creative and abstract ones, which quickly makes it a versatile website to look at. With a whole drop-down that covers most of the categories, 123FreeVectors also has an additional image and premium section that separates free vectors on the website.

14. Vector Me:

vector me

Vector Me is a great source for finding free vectors, logos, clipart and patterns. You can browse through a curation of more than 280,000 free vector art. They are easily downloadable. The downloaded vectors need a proper attribution that marks the Vector Me website. The vectors can further be used professionally as well as persona

Vector Me has a collection that can satisfy your search for backgrounds, logos, icons, infographics, colours, styles, as well as moods and concepts. It is a versatile website, and you can easily find suitable icons and background graphics for almost anything!

These are the best free vector art websites that one can refer to in 2020. These websites would help you find the absolute right icon. Every website has its style and aesthetic when it comes to graphics. The websites mentioned above portray distinct styles and features, which makes each one of them unique.

Hence, it is safe to say that collection, as mentioned above, is carefully curated to make sure that every website brings something new to the table. Keeping these websites pinned to your desk shall you create beautiful projects in absolutely no time!

Written by Harsh Raval

Harsh Raval is a skilled graphic designer, digital marketing consultant, web developer and content creator. With more than 10 years of experience in content creation, Harsh is dedicated to contributing engaging and thorough graphic and web design articles to Line25.

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