By now I’m sure you’ve gathered that I’m a creative designer, an avid blogger and that I’m generally crazy about pretty colours and shapes. If you want to know more, grab a warm drink, light the fire and cuddle under a soft blanket while I condense my life story into a few paragraphs.

Photo of Chris Spooner

Born and raised in Sheffield, UK I went to school just like many. Throughout education I always excelled in the artistic topics, from building a robot out of cardboard boxes and empty toilet rolls to winning the ‘Sammy the Seahorse’ colouring competition. This led to me heading down the creative route in school, college and university, choosing subjects such as Art & Design as my main focus. I decided that I wanted to be a Graphic Designer at quite a young age (with superhero and secret agent being backup careers), and went on to land my desired job and began working as a Graphic and Web Designer in the field.

In April 2007 I setup a personal blog over at Blog.SpoonGraphics, originally to experiment with the Wordpress application and to give myself a digitial playground to practice and develop new techniques. I began posting design tutorials and free vector graphics, and soon the posts received a nice bit of traffic. This continued on an upward trend ever since and the site has now gained fame and recognition around the world, resulting in staggering traffic and subscriber stats, both in the tens of thousands.