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Man wearing Hydrotek sunglasses


HYDRO-TEK sports eyewear from OPTIK optimizes the flow of perspiration for an increased aerodynamic advantage over your competition.

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Sun range of OPTIK eyewear

Enjoy the summer sun in style with OPTIK's range of casual eyewear. Choose from an array of fashionable frames and styles.

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Sport range of OPTIK eyewear

Protect and enhance your vision with the SPORT range of eyewear from OPTIK to give yourself the edge over your competition.

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Technicaly information about OPTIK eyewear

Find out more about the science behind the materials, geometry and coatings that make OPTIK lenses so technologically advanced.

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Special range of OPTIK eyewear

OPTIK also design eyewear for specific industries where eye protection is crucial. Make sure your team has the best optical safety.

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