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For years the guys from Obox Design have always wanted to create beautiful website templates which are dynamic and customizable. Over the last 30 days they put these thoughts into motion. With a lot of stress, coffee and lack of sleep they are now ready to launch the Obox Signature Series, a collection of Premium WordPress themes.

To celebrate the launch of their new Premium Theme collection the ‘Obox Signature Series’, Line25 is holding a competition by giving away 2 copies of their new ‘Left Handed’ theme.

Left Handed:

Left Handed is a hand drawn theme and is perfect for those who have an art orientated blog and don’t want to be left in the field with just another blog template. This theme will impress your readers with its attention to detail in the custom hand drawn fonts and a really cool threaded comment section.

This theme also includes three color options, Blue/Black and Red/Black and Army Green/Black. You will also receive a copy of the hand drawn font layer file that we created for the logo and sidebar headers.

Full Site

Left Handed Theme


Left Handed Theme


Left Handed Theme

3 Color Options (Blue/Army Green/Red)

Left Handed Theme


Left Handed Theme


Left Handed Theme

All their themes are packaged with OCMX-Live, a powerful add-on to the WordPress backend which allows you to control and customize elements of your theme including:

  • Comment Control
  • Analytics Install
  • Custom Logo Input
  • Menu Structure Management
  • Create custom galleries
  • Advert Management
  • Meta tagging

In the front end their themes include features like:

  • AJAX commenting
  • Threaded Comments
  • Video support
  • jQuery effects
  • High quality design
  • Feature Post scrollers

How to Enter

Simply leave a comment highlighting your favourite feature of the theme.
Be sure to also follow @oboxthemes on Twitter.

All winners will receive a full year of support for their new theme for free. For more info you can visit Obox Design, where you can view their full theme collection and more details on support and pricing.


Closing date is Saturday 11th July (11:59pm GMT). The contest is now closed
Two winners will be chosen at random, announced on Sunday 12th via @Line25blog and contacted via email.

The Winners

Two winners have been drawn at random, congratulations to Ray Keys and Celso Hernandez!

  • 187
100 HD Blurred Backgrounds

Written by Iggy

Iggy is a designer who loves experimenting with new web design techniques collating creative website designs. You can follow Iggy on Twitter.


  1. Sonny Gill says:

    Definitely digging the look of threaded comments the best. Done in a cool but still clean way.

  2. Ray Keys says:

    I think it’s got what the web is missing (or at least craving), that DIY aspect of illustration. I’m writing an article called ‘The hand drawn web’ and would like to include a bit about this theme.

    I wonder if the designer(s) of this theme really are left handed? Or is this just a nod to the cliché – the left handed artist?

    I don’t know. I like it; would also like to see it on a light background as well. Good work and good instincts. Cheers from Shoreditch, east London, Ray K.

  3. Shannon Farrell says:

    Love every part of this theme so I was excited to see that we are given a chance to win it! I always love the handwritten/illustrative style.

  4. Rebornmx says:

    I love the borders and the whole content distribution, it feels so ordered and clean

  5. Digitaluscious says:

    Beautiful template! I love the illustrated look and the hand drawn fonts.

  6. Chris says:

    I really like that it’s so different that so many other blogs.

  7. Tomb says:

    More themes should look like this. The new trend of less is more just dos’nt fit me. I love great grunge looking themes. And this theme takes it abit futher. With the handdrawn element and that UFO logo in the corner.

    Gez, I better look up all the other Obox themes and see if they are also as awesome.

  8. larsi says:

    OCMX-Live seems to make live so much easier and the handdrawn style looks awesome! *must win

  9. formlotse says:

    I love the handdrawn style of Left handed and OCMX-Live integrates a lot of cool features into this theme!

  10. Adrian says:

    Hmm. Where to begin. It’s unique, easy on the eye, fun and full of functionality. Thanks! *I’m this close to buying it anyhow;

  11. Andy Feliciotti says:

    I love the draw effects of the comments

  12. celso Hernandez says:

    originality love the footer

  13. Chris Loringer says:

    that footer is awesome, and the color combos are great too

  14. carlatbushwood says:

    the feel of the page is very artsy, which is nice. i particularly like the “chalk” look of the lines. if it were my site i would like to see it less cluttered. while it is not extremely cluttered, i resonate with simplicity. lots of inspiration here.

  15. zuba says:

    my favorite part is the use of 3d illustration to emphasize certain parts of the page, ie the menu

  16. bebopdesigner says:

    This theme is brilliant. I love the hand drawn style. Really really refreshing. Good luck everybody!

  17. eXo says:

    Cool pencil-like line thats looks very neat. Background that match the hand-draw style. Three column info about the owner is completely brilliant. And cute icon match the style. Awesomeness is totally fulfill!

  18. Abdullah Al Mamun says:


  19. SE7ENize says:

    I really like the design of the comment section. AJAX commenting and threaded comments are awesome.

  20. Shanna Korby says:

    I like the hand drawn look.

  21. Luis Lopez says:

    I really like the footer cieht the contact form and the twitter list. love it!!!
    and hand drawn styles is really well made.

  22. Marie H. says:

    Love the footer! Thanks for the contest.

  23. Yötua says:

    Awesome design, love it and wish to see these jQuery effects

  24. Ryan says:

    Best part = Custom font! How can you beat that? It’s like buying a car and getting a free motorcycle.

  25. Mathan Vibranarayanan says:

    Hello there,

    Firstly i would like to thank you for bringing such innovative ideas in this virtual world, and Left Handed is one among the the awesome themes i admired, even if am not winning this competition i would like to thank this team for developing such a concept which am right now trying for a good cause. Am sponsoring a website for mentally retarded children at my place, i believe this theme would suit their talent and work as their art works looks the same, even if they draw in right hand.

    Good day,

    Mathan Vibranarayanan

  26. Storyteller says:

    Hey everyone. This is just perfect for my stories website :)

    Thanks and good luck!

  27. paul rostorp says:

    Hi, I really like the handwritten style and absolutly the comments style . I would really like to win this one , thanks.

  28. Jacques Bruwer says:

    Love the overall feel. The hand drawn style bring in the design roots. Epic !

  29. Myke Bates says:

    Hooke me up with the left handed theme, awesome!

  30. Davor says:

    Well I must say the sketchy layout got to me. I love it. Don’t use wordpress but if I win I think I will start.

  31. kevinsturf says:

    Hey nice theme guys. I really love the overall sketchy look of it. Makes it unique compared to other wordpress themes out there.

  32. Hahn says:

    Great theme. I love the comment section most, it looks really cool!

  33. Andrew S says:

    My favorite part of this theme is the attention to detail and the illustrations. It gives the theme a very quirky feel, which is a nice change. Makes the site feel more personable.

  34. Chris Martin says:

    I love that it is hand-drawn! I’m designing a art realated blog and a hand-drawn theme (espically “Left-Handed”) would look very good. Other great parts are the threaded comments and your attention to detial in this theme.

  35. XRyu says:

    I would love to win the Left Handed :D

  36. F8bar says:

    The thing I like is that it looks handwritten.
    Good look to everybody!

  37. David Perel says:

    Hey Everyone, super happy that you like Left Handed. Good luck to all of you ;)

  38. alberto says:

    Love threaded comments, thats my fave.

  39. Guga says:

    The most stunning hand drawn theme ever made. Fluid, fresh, clean and interactive.


  40. Scott says:

    Great job including the right content elements. They easily lead one to see how the site can be customized.

  41. Darío Martínez Batlle says:

    Very trendy design, and surely an eye catching. I would love to have such a theme for my blog (with the Army Green color). Seems quite perfect!

  42. Alex says:

    Really nice theme. I most like the little doodles like the plane, and the attention to detail.

  43. Julian says:

    great the handwriting style
    very nice ;)

  44. Chris says:

    This theme looks great!

  45. Hirvesh says:

    Lovely designs. The unique design and good layout is what really makes the theme appealing.

  46. davidg says:

    love the footer! amazing theme!

  47. Sara says:

    Wow, this is beautiful. I love the color schemes, but it’s the hand-drawn line quality that really gets me. Absolutely stunning!

    Obox did a wonderful job, thank you for sharing this with all of us, Chris!

  48. Nicki says:

    Hi Chris, what i like here is the unique fresh look, particulary for showing some art. Very fine … .

  49. Nils says:

    Nice handwriting style, i like it

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