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My friends from over at Obox Design have chosen Line25 as a distributor for one of five of their limited edition Hash One WordPress theme. After checking out the theme details myself I can say the design and functionality of top quality, with a range of features and special javascript effects built in. Read on to find out more about the Hash One theme, and how to put yourself in the running for a chance of winning the theme for yourself.

‘Hash One’ is the first theme to come out of the Obox Signature Series. This theme is aimed at those who want their personal blog to stand out well above the rest with a unique design which has a subtle, stylish impact on your visitors.

Sticking with the Obox Design style we have implemented all the elements which we have mentioned in our blog and video show. This includes the ‘Gina Effect’, The Ten Pixel Method, and correct margins & padding.

Along with an awesome design for your WordPress blog, Hash One also includes video features. The home page will incorporate your five latest videos which uses slick jQuery effects to switch between each show.

Custom site features include:

  • Customizable homepage
  • Customizable Menu Structure
  • Custom and/or 3rd Party Advert Management
  • Threaded Comments
  • Featured Video Capabilities
  • Social links (Flickr and Twitter)
  • Social bookmarking and post promotion (digg, tweetmeme etc.)
  • Insert your Google analytics code
  • Widgetized Sidebar

Hash One WordPress Theme

Hash One WordPress Theme

How to Win!

It’s simple, watch the video above by Marc and David from Obox Design, then post a comment on this page highlighting your favourite feature of the Hash One theme.
Deadline: Sunday 5th April 2009

The Winner!

Congratulations to Andrew, who was drawn at random out of the 74 entries as the winner of the Hash One theme.

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Written by Iggy

Iggy is a designer who loves experimenting with new web design techniques collating creative website designs. You can follow Iggy on Twitter.


  1. Nic Brownlee says:

    Oh I hope I’m not toooo late ???

  2. theBIJE says:

    I love the search-box and comment avatar accent. And the inline contact form also. Cool!

  3. Luis Eduardo says:

    I really like the use of the feature videos options because you dont always want to see the features right now, also i really like the options of the comments view like the website of the person who write the coment next to the name. and the colors of the theme are great
    I hope i’ll be using this theme on my blog.


  4. Joel says:

    I love the jQuery video carousel feature…

  5. Alisko says:

    i like this theme. i want it!! :)

  6. The Producer says:

    I love the colors and the video area. Very “out of the box”, I love it!

  7. Dave says:

    great attention to detail. I particuarly like the styling of the comments and the search box.

    The back end is really impressive

  8. Julian says:

    i love the design and the featured video :D
    very nice theme :)

  9. Ariyo says:

    I love the theme. I think the design is slick as well as the backend functionality. Good use of Ajax. Hope to win!

  10. Brandon says:

    Great theme. I love how the Comments page/design is all setup like a blog post. Colors are awsome and so is the sidebar design.

    Great job Obox. Hope I get it.

  11. Cristhian Bedon says:

    This is a great looking theme!

  12. themisfit says:

    the whole theme is nice. I want a copy, please!

  13. petar says:

    right hand sidebar looks great

  14. Ryan says:

    Outstanding theme :)

  15. Widcket says:

    Hi! I loved the Theme Options panel. Pretty customizable.
    The color scheme is gorgeous also.
    Keep up the good work!

  16. Aaron says:

    The “above the fold” featured video panel is done nicely. If any of the youtube video personalities had a clue, they would install wordpress and port their main updates into that theme.

    Very well done.

    As far as the contest: I don’t need or want to win this theme though. Its too “colorful” for me as a guy. haha

  17. Jeff says:

    This one is a tough one… Everything is so awesome about this theme.. All the hardwork is done for you implementing widgets and custom jscript. I would have to say the best feature for me is the clean a crisp layout (grid and typography) with sprinklings of chaos to get it less of a controlled feeling and more humanistic.


  18. shawn says:

    I simply love this theme design. I recently became a twit (haha) of obox, and commented on their new web layout on their homepage. These guys are very inspirational and encourage me to learn more and more all the time.

    This theme is great in that it holds to their branding without really selling it. What I mean is; I know and other designers would know that this is an Obox theme, but most visitors would just be like “wow cool site!”.

    Plus I love the Jquery animations. This is a new one for me, but again it encourages me to read up on this useful tool.

    Cheers guys and I can’t wait to see whats next.


  19. Sheree Motiska says:

    Wow, this is a fantastic looking theme and also packed with great features. I love pink and black together and the blue adds a little something else.

    I’m in love with Hash One. I could totally see my main blog dressed up and looking way sexy in this.

    Keep up the great work!


  20. ORiOn says:

    I love all the dynamic things!

    Commenting without refreshing page, etc! Really cool!

  21. nick seville says:

    thats wicked which i could make stuff like that. i like the small detail they have placed in like the floral patterns on the drop down boxes. i hope i win cos i would love to use this my personal blog :D

  22. g3niuz says:

    this just rocks – i love the video feature,
    and sidebar with flickr and twitter widget….
    and thats not eneugh…

    the color skin is rocking, too ;D

  23. Andrew says:

    Love the easy menu structure and social media integration in the backend. Also, the 3-D flags and and video player are very cool on the frontend.

  24. Shanna says:

    This is a nice theme. I’d be encouraged to do more video tutorials.

  25. Dwight Zahringer says:

    This is a very nice job. I am amazed at the features and can truly appreciate all the time that must have been put in to this.
    Congratulations, and I how I am given the opportunity to utilize this!

  26. Toby Cummings says:

    Phenomenal theme! You guys sure do like implementing your paper fold graphics. ;-)

  27. Branden Silva says:

    Nice work guys. The video slide out is very unique and probably the most eye catching on the coding side effects. As far as graphically pleasing I’d say the pop out search box really makes itself known and looks great.

    Those pink submit buttons know how to make a statement too :)

  28. Pradeep CD says:

    Superb theme…

    I liked the color combination.

  29. callum chapman says:

    love everything about it, the post boxs, flickr and twitter integration are my fave parts! cheers!

  30. Copy112 says:

    I really likes the settings for the theme, I also likes the featured video function.

  31. Olly says:

    I really love the OCMX theme options. Clear structure.

  32. Kaiserlino says:

    I really loved the structure of the grid, so it can be used for many stuff, and also good to customize

  33. semeghin says:

    ajaxed comments and the 3D elements are beautiful

  34. Wiehanne says:

    Love all the features! If I have to pick one as my favorite, that would be the video feature thing.

  35. Erik Malmsköld says:

    Shit, you are good!

  36. Jakob Stehr says:

    I love the colors.

  37. Alex says:

    I rather like the colour scheme, and the amount of pink used. The jQuery stuff looks nice too.

  38. Crazymushy says:

    How a girly colours like pink and baby blue and purple look strong with the black to give it just that elegant unisex look :) I love the footer cause it doesn’t look like a footer anymore :D

  39. krystal maree says:

    I absolutely love the Menu Structure, Obox have obviously put a lot of work into this and it would be an absolute please to use this theme! Congratulations Obox, keep up the good work!

  40. Johnson Koh says:

    Unique design with good mix of colors :D

    PS: I like this new site! Great work Chris.

  41. dragyn says:

    I am a big fan of clean code

  42. Kilo says:

    Looks Fantastic, well done!

  43. G says:

    I like the customization options.

  44. Keefe says:

    The featured video on the front page is really a nice feature of the theme. Nice!

  45. kit says:

    I love the 3d textured feel, the crispness of it; and, it is bold – I love bold. Whoever wins is a lucky bast@rd, and I sure hope it will be me! It would help me get my game on in a way I haven’t so far. So please, give me a chance! Thanks to all,

  46. Nick says:

    Love the social integration, mostly of twitter (not much of a digg person anymore).

    Great theme!

  47. Jad Limcaco says:

    I love the jquery effects on the backend.

  48. Chris Horton says:

    I love the colour scheme throughout the theme

  49. michel rosinski says:

    wow on of the best themes i have seen. Great work, and thanks for sharing.

  50. Matt Bleasby says:

    This is a fantastic design, i love the colours and the layout, it flows through, and you have no problems reading it, absolutely fantastic, would love to get this, but whoever gets it, is extreamly lucky.

    Great word Chris and Obox Design

  51. Gordy says:

    My favorite thing about this theme is easily the great grid design. The twitter integration helps as well.

  52. Sanid says:

    Really love the backend of this theme, but the clean style and layout is awesome too.
    Thank you Chris :)

  53. Ronen Bekerman says:

    Love this theme! please, please, please – let me win this one here.

  54. Kenneth says:

    Wow, so nice to see a solid grid for a WordPress templates. Maybe I just haven’t seen that many but it seems rare to find a really solid design on a non-custom theme.

  55. Bryce says:

    I love the overall layout and the colors. jQuery is always a +.

  56. NiKo says:

    The jQuery effects on the Theme Options page are super slick. I haven’t seen anyone do that yet. All around, very original and stands out from the large crowd of themes out there today.

  57. Bill Robbins says:

    My favorite aspect of this site is the attention to detail the designers have obviously given every facet. It’s an impressive design that I would love to be able to use.

  58. Steffen says:

    It’s great. Love everything about it and all the little effects that just top it off and make it super slick.

  59. Tom Krupka says:

    I love the Video aspect and the jquery effects rock! Very Slick! I would love to get my hands on this theme!

  60. Mark says:

    I really like the clean look of it, my only gripe is the titles typeface, but I’m sure I can get over that!

  61. Enrique says:

    I love the customizable homepage and menu structure.

  62. Nicole says:

    The overall look of the theme is quite sleek and beautiful. I have to say though, the grid design is amazing! I really love the grid layout and how organized it is.

  63. Husien Adel says:

    really I love it …:) color, jquery effects very awesome ..

  64. Brad says:

    Love this theme! The Video post that hides the player is epic, and I’m really excited to see the jQuery on the ad management!

    Very great work guys!

  65. Thomas says:

    I just love the overall look with the slick featured video section.

  66. Evan says:

    I love the featured video layout in the top section…

    nice theme

  67. Rafie says:

    Love it :) Well, I love the back-end. Nice! Oh, and the colours too.

  68. Victor Duwon Jackson says:

    Great looking Template

  69. claudio says:

    Nice, clean design! Specially i like the ‘3D’-styled elements in sidebar and comments. Thumbs up for a very nice theme !

  70. Sean Crowe says:

    Love the clean design with subtle grunge effects. The ability to have the featured videos section on the homepage appear & disappear is a fantastic feature.

  71. Heeren Gandhi says:

    Its a beautiful theme! Love the flickr and twitter integration

  72. Mike says:

    no reload on posting is slick.

  73. Gigi says:

    thanks for this opportunity Chris!

  74. Steve Robillard says:

    I love the colors scheme and clean layout.

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