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The web design blog is finally live, and to celebrate there is a bunch of top notch prizes up for grabs as part of the Line25 Launch Party, making up a combined worth of over $700! It doesn’t take much to get involved, just help spread the word of and you will you be put straight in the running for the prize draw!

Line25 is the drawing board of creative web design, a place where ideas and inspirations are drafted out and presented to web creatives through articles, tutorials and roundups of cutting edge website design. Whether you’re a web professional or learning the basics of web design, there’s a range of posts to feed your design creativity.

In order to gain some exposure in these early days, I’ve teamed up with some of the best companies offering some really awesome and highly useful products and services for creative designers in order to give them away in exchange for your help.

What you can win

In no particular order, here are the awesome prizes that are up for grabs…

2x Licenses from BannerSnack


BannerSnack is a quick and easy Flash banner maker, that allows you to create animated banner ads and cool Flash animations without any Flash programming knowledge. The kind people at BannerSnack are offering two premium licences, allowing you to create unlimited, watermark free banner ads for a full year.
Find out more about BannerSnack.

3x Mega Vector Packs from Designious


Designious offers high quality premium vector packs, created by a team of talented artists and designers. Their packs range from general design elements through to highly intricate illustrations. Designious are kindly offering three of their Mega vector packs, each containing numerous vector pieces.
Find out more about Designious.

1x Tuts+ Subscription


The Tuts+ program from Envato continues their range of skilful tutorials into a subscription based scheme where you can access source files and bonus articles. With topics covering graphics to web development and audio to video it’s an indispensible resource for any creative. Envato are kindly offering a 1 year Tuts+ subscription.
Find out more about Tuts+.

$100 to Spend at GraphicRiver


GraphicRiver is the latest site from the Envato network, where a vast range of royalty free graphic elements are available to buy. Graphics include layered Photoshop files, vector graphics, icons, textures, shapes and brushes. It’s like having an entire graphics department at your fingertips! Envato are kindly offering $100 to spend at GraphicRiver to one lucky winner.
Find out more about GraphicRiver.

2x 1000 Business Cards from UPrinting


UPrinting is a trusted online printing company committed to providing high quality print products along with top notch service. Their business cards have a range of paper spec options, including matte and gloss finishes. UPrinting is also committed to eco-friendly production through their use of specialist inks and recycled stock. UPrinting are kindly offering 1000 business cards for two lucky winners.
Find out more about Business Card Printing.

25 Pack of Fail Stickers


GoMedia recently launched their fun side project – Based on the hugely popular Internet meme, where the word Fail is digital placed on funny images. You can now publicly call out real life FAILS with the Fail sticker. Up for grabs is a huge 25 pack of 6×3.5” Fail Stickers, making for hours of fun and comedy moments.
Find out more about GoMedia and the Fail Sticker.

1x The Unlimited Freelancer eBook

Freelance Folder

Freelance Folder recently launched their eBook; The Unlimited Freelancer. The book offers a range of tips on how to overcome freelance limits and unleash your business true business potential, with information on how to implement changes into your lifestyle and how to grow your business. Such tips include how to avoid the typical feast or famine cycle, how to handle more clients and work less and how to build valuable assets that bring in money over the long term. Freelance Folder are kindly offering a free copy of The Unlimited Freelancer to one prize winner.
Find out more about The Unlimited Freelancer.

1x Shared Hosting Account from WebHostingSearch

Web Hosting Search

The experts at Web Hosting Search rank and review the top 100 website hosting providers, allowing you to get the perfect web hosting plan at the lowest price. Web Hosting Search are kindly offering one shared hosting account for a one year to a lucky winner, a great resource for anyone looking to setup their own website or blog.
Find out more about Web Hosting Search

What do you need to do?

Cool collection of prizes right?! So how do you go about entering? It’s simple, first of all check out all the websites of the prize sponsors, they all have awesome products and services and are highly generous for offering their goods to the winners. Then, all that’s required is for you to help build some exposure for Line25 to give it a boost in these early days, you can help by…

Post a message on Twitter

Post a short message on your Twitter profile to pass on the word to your friends and contacts. Post a link to any of the articles posted so far on Line25 or a link back to this launch party to allow others to get involved.

Checking out the Line25 Launch Party –


Write a post about Line25

Likewise, if you own your own website or blog, it would be fantastic if you could write a post announcing the launch of Line25 or link back to one of the posts here on, spread the link love!

Then… (The important part!)

Step 1: Subscribe to the Line25 RSS Feed.
Step 2: Submit a comment on this post, along with a link to your Twitter message or referral post. The winners will be chosen by random for each prize.

Example Comment:

Chris Spooner Says:
Wow! Line25 is the best, you’re so awesome.
Here’s my link –
Here’s my link –

Follow @line25blog on Twitter

I mentioned everyone is a winner right? Follow @line25blog on Twitter and you’ll receive a mini-gift in return.

The Deadline

Comments will be closed on Monday 23rd March at 00:00 GMT. Winners will be notified by email and posted in the results post. Subscribe to the RSS or Email feed to stay informed of any updates.

The Winners!

Thankyou to all that took part, 185 entries to the launch party was fantastic! 12 winners were drawn using a random number generator, which corresponded to their comment ID. Here’s what the lucky twelve won:

Gareth Trufitt
BannerSnack License 1

The Line25 Launch Party! Prizes For Everyone

John McKenzie
BannerSnack License 2

The Line25 Launch Party! Prizes For Everyone

Brad Freestone
Designious Vector Pack 1

The Line25 Launch Party! Prizes For Everyone

Jordan Moorer
Designious Vector Pack 2

The Line25 Launch Party! Prizes For Everyone

Scott Phelps
Designious Vector Pack 3

The Line25 Launch Party! Prizes For Everyone

Taufiq Zainal
1 year Tutsplus Subscription

The Line25 Launch Party! Prizes For Everyone

Nicolas Dahm
$100 to spend at Graphic River

The Line25 Launch Party! Prizes For Everyone

Foo Yong Hwee
1000 Uprinting Business Cards

The Line25 Launch Party! Prizes For Everyone

Kenneth Ballenegger
1000 UPrinting Business Cards

The Line25 Launch Party! Prizes For Everyone

25 Pack of Fail Stickers

The Line25 Launch Party! Prizes For Everyone

Federico Bond
The Unlimited Freelancer eBook

The Line25 Launch Party! Prizes For Everyone

Jason Buck
Web Hosting Account

The Line25 Launch Party! Prizes For Everyone

Thanks again to all that took part!

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Written by Iggy

Iggy is a designer who loves experimenting with new web design techniques collating creative website designs. You can follow Iggy on Twitter.


  1. Good luck everyone! Don’t forget to post a link to your tweet/post in the comments.

  2. Marco says:

    Although I just tweeted the new launch, I don’t need to participate in this contest.

    I just want to congratulate you with the launch of this blog, already subscribed and can’t wait to see more articles.

    “blueprint” icon set looks great BTW!

  3. Good luck with the new site. I’m sure if it’s anything like the spoongraphics blog it will be very successful.

    @line25blog Reading the new Line 25 Design Blog – launching with prizes.

  4. The site looks great man! I wish you all the best and can’t wait to see what comes next and read all the great articles that I know will soon be gracing these pages.

    Tweet Link →

  5. Kevin says:

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    Well, congrats on the new launch and can’t wait for more web design goodness!!

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    Congratulations for the start up, all the best!

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