20 Beautiful Wallpapers for Apple Fans

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Apple Inc is one of the most popular, multinational companies in the world. With so many Apple products out there, and hundreds of thousands of Apple fans, we decided to share with you some Apple-themed freebies, you’ll surely like.

These 20 beautiful wallpapers were specifically created to satisfy Apple fans and add some personality and style to your desktop. The collection below contains some unique Apple-themed wallpapers which you can use even if you currently own a PC. They can be used on Macs, PC, iOs and even Android devices.

Some of these wallpapers are available in different sizes, resolutions, and ratios, so you can easily adapt them to your device.

Spice up your desktop with your favorite Apple wallpaper from the list below.

Apple Polygon vector wallpaper

This is a simple, clean and minimalist Apple wallpaper with the logo made of blue polygons of different shades.


Apple Spray Wallpaper

This is an Apple wallpaper on a carbon background, with the logo sprayed over and colored as a rainbow.


Steve Jobs Young wallpaper

This is an abstract wallpaper of the Apple founder, Steve Jobs, when he was young.


Apple glossy

This wallpaper was made with Cinema 4D and Mac OS X 10.5. It’s 1680 x 1050 px.


Apple Logo wallpaper

This is a simple Apple wallpaper with the Apple logo in the center and a dark, grey, wooden floor background.


Concrete Apple wallpaper

This is a minimalist, concrete apple wallpaper with the Apple logo embossed in the texture.


Apple Glass Logo wallpaper

This is a simple, clean wallpaper with the Apple logo made of glass. It is 3D.


Apple Vortex

This is a beautiful, mesmerizing Apple wallpaper with the Apple logo placed in the middle of the starry sky.


Colorful Apple wallpaper

This is a colorful Apple wallpaper, with a concrete background and the apple logo splattered with dye.


Apple Mac Icons Wallpaper

This is a Mac application icon wallpaper. The creator gathered a number of icons for this, originally for a Twitter background. The size is 1920×1200. You can crop it down if you like – to suit your own screen resolution.


Apple – Carbon-Design – 8K wallpaper

This is a wallpaper made of three 3D Apple logos in perspective, over a dark grey and black gradient background.


Apple colour wall 2

This is a vibrant Apple wallpaper with the Apple logo subtly placed in the middle, over a colored, aged wall.


Magic Mouse wallpaper

This is a simple, blue and white wallpaper with the Apple mouse in perspective.


Sliced Apple

This is an Apple logo wallpaper that is vaguely Tiger-esque, as the creator calls it. It is 1920×1200 px, to please users of 23″ Cinema Displays and down.


Apple wallpaper

This is a flat Apple wallpaper with a long shadow. Ideal for flat design lovers as well.


Eco Apple wallpaper

This is an eco Apple wallpaper with leaves. It shows the apple logo overlayed on a wall covered with ivy.


Apple Wallpaper

This is a gorgeous wallpaper for space enthusiasts, showing the Apple logo with a picture of Carina Nebula.


Apple Blue

This is another simple and clean Apple Wallpaper in minty blue color, with a resolution of 1680x1050px, and JPG file format.


Apple Store

The .zip file you will get contains 3 wide screen versions of the wallpaper: 1440×900, 1680×1050, 1920×1200 px.


Apple Wallpaper 1600×1000

This is a colorful, striped Apple wallpaper with a resolution of 1600×1000 px.

apple-wallpaper wallpapers for Apple

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