20 Maximalist Designs That Don’t Look Cluttered

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In terms of art & design, maximalism is a reaction against minimalism. It’s an aesthetic of surplus, full of repetitive elements and redundancy. Maximalism gives the creator, the artist, the chance to free his/her creativity and to experiment with colors, patterns, textures, fonts and any other elements. The motto of this can be summarized as “more is more”, an opposite to the famous “less is more” saying minimalism follows. All in all, maximalist design embraces intricate styles, bold colors, pattern overlays and so on.

When it comes to maximalist design, it’s all about extravagance and style combinations. You have the chance to use as many colors, patterns, textures as you wish. You can play with rich colors, unusual patterns, add ornaments and textures and even create dazzling motifs. The only limit is your imagination! However, designers must be very careful when choosing this trend for their designs. It is very easy to step the line and go from maximalism to kitsch.

Below you will find 20 maximalist designs that don’t look cluttered and show how interesting this trend can be. Here are some examples of astonishing maximalist designs!


This is a colorful, vibrant design for a whiskey bottle. It gives the sensation of joy and instates a party mood. It doesn’t look cluttered, but fresh and joyful.


Milk Magazine

This magazine cover has a colorful design that features two little girls on a paint-splashed background. Despite the excessive use of colors, it’s still a great, eye-catching image to look at.


Atelier Bingo

This design uses a variety of ornaments in order to create images with a Caribbean feeling.  The result is beautiful and pleasing to the eye.


Hattie Stewart

Like any maximalist design, this one has no limits when it comes to color combinations! This retouched and illustrated photograph uses bright and bold reds, pinks and orange tones, but also greens, purples, and blues.


Julie Verhoeven

This is a vivid design created for the Royal College of Art Wine. These labels have interesting colored facial features and have an overall psychedelic look.


Will Miller

This is a set of creative postcards with a variety of fonts with different sizes and styles. Every element of this design blends perfectly within the concept, resulting in some unique, eye-catching postcards.


Gosia Stalinksi

This CD cover design has a bold vibe. It includes rich reds, cool blues and a touch of yellow, all on a white background. These splashes of colors are combined with photography and futuristic typography, resulting in a fascinating piece of art!


Broll and Prascida

This packaging design concept circles around picturing a skateboarding rooster.  It is surely something unusual, but nicely combined with vibrant red, blue and pink colors on a black and white illustration.


Steve “ESPO” Powers

This design uses cartoonish artworks combined with hand drawings, vibrant colors and cool fonts. It may look like there is no balance in this concept, but the combination of all the elements creates a lively, joyful atmosphere.



This maximalist project uses playful and colored repeated patterns to create a joyful and fun look. These illustrated patterns are inspired from unique places around the world.


Kitkat Pecson

This special design features many of the NY’s great landmarks. The story created is completed with the help of vibrant colors, unique illustrations and fun drawings.


Homa Delvaray

3D typography was used in order to create this maximalist design. This also creates an awesome optical illusion, which makes this design even more eye-catching.


This design, named ‘Anything Goes,’ is an homage to postmodern design era. It uses neon colors and grungy-looking fonts.


Leva Luka

These illustrations were made of some stunning collages, with black and white fashion images. The result is a great experimental composition.


Menor Mais

This is a colorful design which features several exotic elements. it is a collage of different graphics with an overlay of a white, uppercase font. Shades of pink dominate this surprising image.

Menor Mais


Fantasy and creativity are attributes of maximalism as much as vivid colors and bold patterns. For this design was used an exquisite and dramatic color palette.


Create Organized Chaos

This design is a collage dominated by color, patterns and repetition. In the end, the designer creates a unique „organized chaos”.


First 2015 Catalogue

This is a vivid design on a black and white subtle pattern background. The design embraces the somewhat chaotic, different styles of maximalism.


Pichet Rujivararat

This creation is a vibrant catalog, by Jacob Barick. Each spread contains four incredible images for various artists.


Stranger & Stranger

This dynamic design is inspired by VML’s approach to wine production. The central idea of this composition is the respect for nature.


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Written by Iggy

Iggy is a designer who loves experimenting with new web design techniques collating creative website designs. You can follow Iggy on Twitter.


  1. Carrie says:

    Very nice collection of designs. I’m really inspired by these. Thank you for putting this post together :-)

  2. In my opinion, these sort of designs take more creativity and thought than minimalist designs.

    This isn’t to say minimalism requires no creativity, but rather it simply depends on one good idea, spoken in as few words as possible.

    Whereas here, we have artwork that can be appreciated from a distance, and even more so close up, where the finer details can be seen. I like this more than minimalism.

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