20 Innovative Web Layouts To Inspire You

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Layouts are the foundation of a website. They separate the website’s sections and guide the visitors to the most important elements of a page. Layouts don’t have to be boring, though. A creative designer can combine both an unusual layout with user-friendliness so that the website will be fully functional and still attractive to the users.

Original layouts play a great role in improving your website’s user experience and make them more appealing to the visitors. That is why we selected below, some really unusual, but highly creative end effective web layouts to inspire you. These innovative websites have some unique web layouts you’ll probably want to bookmark. Enjoy!

Lucas Nikitczuk

The web layout of Lucas Nikitczuk’s portfolio is unique because it shows his skills in a creative and original manner. It’s straightforward and delivers the right information from the beginning. The overall style is friendly and has a pleasant fluidity.

1 Lucas Nikitczuk


Postable website has a nice concept. It is beautifully designed and has a unique, customized layout. It looks authentic and the web forms designs have some interesting details.

2 Postable

Frú Frú

The best thing about this website’s layout is the awesome navigation and the way the website sections run wide across the page. The whole website has an open, friendly atmosphere and some bold details.


Hell’o Baby

The layout of this website is very engaging and redirects the user to the desired sections of the site. It is also captivating and the navigation menu style is just perfect. Typography also caught our attention. The whole website is well executed.


Mikael Edwards

This website is a great example of how to use animation in web design and still maintain an overall functional and user-friendly website. It looks fun and friendly.

6 Mikael Edwards


This website is extremely animated but this is what makes it so unique! It looks amazing on desktop computers, but not so much on mobile. Plus, it may have some browser incompatibilities, but it’s still an inspiring example of a great web layout.

7 Contad


This website has a neutral but creative design. The grid layout is simple but also has some interesting details worth seeing. The content of this website is showcased in a very user-friendly manner.

8 Award

Edward Carvalho Monaghan

This portfolio web layout screams creativity and personality! It is so lively and gives the user a pleasant feeling when navigating through its content.

9 Edward Carvalho Monaghan

HAROPA – Ports de Paris 

This website is a great website that offers big visuals and a clear flow of information. It has a more neutral design, with some color accents.


Hackery, Maths & Design

The fun 3D animation appears while the website is loading. It has a fluid design with lots of creative effects and animations.

10 Hackery, Maths & Design


This website is very interactive and truly unique, due to the fact that illustrations were used to create it. The popup that appears when you first visit the site, is also very well created and respects the style of the overall website.


Working Element

This website has a fullscreen monochrome video in the background. The navigation is also unique and loads in a creative and innovative manner. This web layout is interactive, while also being functional.



The way each section is presented on this website is truly inspirational. The whole style is minimalist, but also interactive while keeping the whole user experience clean and easy.


Nixon pixels

Check out this one-page website design on Dribbble. The way texts were overlayed on images and photos were placed on textures, will surely inspire you.


Rally Interactive

As its name states, this website design is very interactive. It has a subtle, moving image in the background and the whle navigation system is unique and fully functional.


Make Me Pulse 2016 Wishes

Music, lovely text effects, and most of all great interaction with the user, this website layout has it all! It is definitely worth checking out.


Epicurrence No. 3 — Park City, UT

The way this website’s layout unfolds, is truly original. The content is displayed in a creative manner, while still maintaining its functional characteristics.


SWISS airlines

This is a gorgeous site in which scrolling creates an animation of taking off over the mountains. Also the whole layout is fluid and the way content emerges is unique. 



This great website brings storytelling into the digital medium. The site gives a complete multimedia experience with video, photography, graphics, and sound. It is also interactive. 


Inside Abbey Road

This site takes advantage of multimedia in a brilliant way. It is highly interactive and the users can do all sorts of things, such as mixing songs, exploring the space and so on. 


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Written by Iggy

Iggy is a designer who loves experimenting with new web design techniques collating creative website designs. You can follow Iggy on Twitter.


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