20 Impressive Websites with Unique Illustrations

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A website that uses good illustration and animation will always be impressive and attract the visitors’ attention. Illustrations can turn an average website into a really unique one and enhance the company’s branding strategy.

There are many types of illustration techniques used today in web design. The first thing that pops up into our minds is the extremely popular flat design trend. It is frequently used in illustrations as well. There are also 3D illustrations or illustrations with subtle gradients and even textures. All of them are unique in their own way.

Some of the websites we selected, in the list below, go above and beyond with beautiful illustrations. They surely stand out from the rest and will prove to be a valuable source of web design inspiration.

Check out our hand-picked selection of impressive websites with unique illustrations and let us know your favorite choices!

Discovery Theme

Discovery is a great website design for designers and agencies. It comes as a theme and uses illustration, icons, and animation, all in a one-page layout. It also includes useful sections for About Us, Services, Team, Portfolio and Blog.


In Pieces – 30 Endangered Species

With a little creativity, color, and compelling illustrations you can surely change a website’s image and increase the impact it makes on your visitors! This is a great example!


Rock Group Infographic Theme

Rock Group is a unique and highly customizable infographic / illustration theme. This theme includes infographic elements such as pie graphs, diagrams, progress circles and more. Everything on it can be customized.


Hunger Crunch

This website uses a completely illustrated background. It looks pretty amazing and it fits the website’s purpose very well.

4-Hunger-Crunch websites with unique illustrations


This is another website that uses an almost completely illustrated design. It looks pretty amazing and it really shows the designer’s amazing illustrating skills.



This website design uses flat-styled illustrations masterfully. It uses them all over the background.


The Society, Inc.

This website combines vintage elements with hand-drawn illustrations, giving the whole website a lovely, aged atmosphere.


Brad Haynes

This is a portfolio website for the product designer, Brad Haynes. It uses the flat design trend successfully and has a couple of minimalist illustrations on it.


Nasty Creatures

This website has a simple, dark-toned color palette and a unique illustration on the homepage. It makes the services they offer stand out, which is very important for attracting new clients.

Nasty Creatures


This website uses more realistic illustrations, with very well made textures and details. Check it out!


Activate Media

Combining illustrations with well-paired fonts is always a win-win situation! Check out this website and be inspired.

Activate Media

Every Last Drop

Lots of amazing illustrations can be found on this website. It is an inspiration and it will surely be worth bookmarking.

Every Last Drop

Brave People Social

Bold texts, simple typography, dark background and unique illustrations, this is what makes a great homepage design. Check out the whole website for more details.



This website combines futuristic/abstract illustrations with subtle animation effects and it does it successfully! Check it out!



Take a look at this simple, flat, but very effective design. It emphasizes what’s important on a page and guides the visitor through the layout, in a simple and functional manner.


Metaverse Mod Squad

This is a one-page website with lovely illustrations, animation effects and retro design elements. Take a look at its wonderful design details and be inspired.


True Detective

This is an updated graphic tribute to the HBO TV show – True Detective. It uses awesome illustrations on a black background.


Lorenzo Verzini

This is another portfolio website with a minimalist design, which is abundant with awesome illustrations. Check it out!

Lorenzo Verzini

One Design Company

This website combines minimalism with flat design and illustrations. It does it masterfully. The one-color palette suits the whole concept.


Alchemy Digital

This is a website design for an agency activating in the digital marketing niche. It is a portfolio and showcases soma amazing illustrations as well.

19-Alchemy-Digtial websites with unique illustrations

A.H.A Design

This is another company portfolio website, this time for architecture, graphic and product design. It has an interesting website design and you should browse their portfolio as well.

20-A.H.A-Design websites with unique illustrations


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Written by Iggy

Iggy is a designer who loves experimenting with new web design techniques collating creative website designs. You can follow Iggy on Twitter.


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    These websites are definitely unique and engaging. Proper illustrations on a website can truly raise the bar for the brand while increasing engagement.

  2. RipeConcepts says:

    These article gaves us, how important or useful the illustration and animation now a days! It always be attractive to the visitors’ attention. So thumbs up to those people who knows how to build this kind of interactive websites :)

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