How to Use Icons in Web Design | 20 Examples

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Icons are very versatile and they can be used in different parts of a website, from headers and menus to lists and content. Because they have a condensed size and increased versatility, they have been used more and more to transmit information in an effective manner.
Icons are usually small pictures or symbols that intuitively show the content of your website. They can also be larger, becoming illustrations, and used in headers, on homepages, in graphic representations of the content, and more.

There are many ways you can use icons on a website. If you want to learn how to use icons in web design, you should check out the website examples we selected, in the list below. 

Heroic Labs

  1. Use icons in vector illustrations. | You can use icons as part of a more complex vector illustration. The result can be quite impressive, if designed right.


327 Creative Studio

2. Use large icons for categories. | You can use icons to visually describe a specific category on a website. Theis way it will be much more effective than just using texts.



3. Use complex icons. | Icons don’t have to be simple. You can create more complex icons, with more details, for a visual representation of a certain part of your website. See the example below.



4. Make them small, but unique. | Icons can be successfully part of a heading and they will help you better deliver your content.



5. Use icons as separators. | Here is an example of how icons can be used to create a beautiful and very detailed website section separator.



6. Use subtle icons. | Icons don’t always have to be bold and colorful. You can opt for a more subtle look and choose some light grey icons. See the example below.


Visit Humboldt

7. Use unique/unusual icons. | This website combines music with animations and tops it all with some unique icons which also serve as navigation!



8. Use decorative icons. | Icons don’t always have to be functional. You can use them as decorations in separators or embellishments of your design.


Sweet Magnolia Gelato Company

9. Use icons to create a pattern. | If you use multiple icons and arrange them in a certain way, you can also create a beautiful pattern. See this example.



10. Use generic symbol icons. | If you want to transmit an information in a quick and effective manner, use some symbol icons everyone knows!


Little Flyers

11. Use icons in logos. | Icons can also be a part of a logo. See this creative example below.


SB Joinery

12. Use outline icons. | Outline icons are perfect for minimalist, clean websites. In the example below, they were used for the categories of the website, for a quick and more visual representation.


Shape Christmas

13. Use icons in animations. | This website has some very cute animations, all created using small, custom-made icons / illustrations.



14. Use them in the header. | This is a great example of how you can use icons in the header of your website, to enhance some key info like telephone number, email, and more.

23 EasyWeb - WP Theme For Hosting, SEO and Web-design Agencies


15. Use round-shaped colorful icons for different sections of your site. | See the example below. They are effective and guide the visitor’s attention to what’s important.

8 Ryla - Multipurpose Single

Seo Company

16. Use specific icons for your services. | This website uses some colorful outline icons to visually represent each one of their services.

13 Seo


17. Use simple icons for describing steps. | This website uses simple, small icons for a visual representation of their How It Works section.


Purgo Tea

18. Place icons on a photo background. | Check out the Purgo TeaTox benefits section of this website and see how icons can be placed on a photograph background and look amazing.



19. Use icons to facilitate navigation. | Take a look at the What We Offer section of this homepage and see how icons can be used to facilitate navigation.

16 Canava - Logistics and Business WordPress Theme

Yogurt Lab

20. Use icons in infographics. | This website has a lovely infographic illustration to show their How It Works system. Check it out!


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