20 Popular Company Logos Every Designer Can Learn From

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Want to discover what big brands’ logos have in common? What makes them special and why are they so catchy and popular? In this article, you will find various company logos with special designs, belonging to popular businesses.

These logo designs show a high level of craftsmanship and a lot of creativity from the designers who created them. Use these designs as inspiration!

When creating a logo for a company, it is very important to analyze the company’s profile and see what exactly makes the brand stand out. The concept is everything when it comes to logo designs and a creative idea is what will make your brand stand out.

A good logo needs to have a few key characteristics, in order to be successful. It needs to be original, unique and timeless! That’s what all these logos we have selected have in common!

Check them out!

P.S. Check out these logo design tutorials! They will surely help you a lot! 

Zipline Logo

Zipline is a startup that specializes in delivering vaccines. The designer took this information and creatively formed the letter ‘Z’ from two paper planes.


Dropbox Logo

Dropbox is a well-known file storage tool that is very useful and comes in handy. The logo has a simple design that over the years has become recognizable.


Lumi Logo

Lumi is a neat startup that lets you convert your images into designs that you can print on fabric. This logo demonstrates that handwriting can look beautifully for logos.


Mailchimp Logo

MailChimp is a very popular for the services that it offers. This logo is another proof that you can design amazing logos by using just fonts.


Populr Logo

Check out this logo that displays amazing hand-drawn techniques. It is also completed by a touch of color that makes it stand out.


Chad 2010 Logo

Here is a stunning logo that puts your imagination at work. The designer played with shapes and created this stunning artwork that has a double meaning. You can see a person and also the shape of Africa.


Cheddar Logo

This is a lovely logo with a great idea that definitely gets your attention. This element has a fun and easy to remember design.


Jelly Logo

Jelly is a neat startup that is related to social networks. This logo design is joyful, simple, with a clean design.


PokerHills Logo

This is another wonderful logo design that you can use as inspiration when creating your logo. Take a look!


Mention Logo

Mention is a social media monitoring company which helps other companies to track down their brand name from various websites such as Facebook, Twitter.


DesignTent Logo

This is a lovely logotype that uses a creative design to get noticed and remembered. Use it as an inspiration for your logo design.


42Floors Logo

42Floors is a startup which has plenty options for renting office spaces. Their logo is very creative and it represents an office block in the ‘4’.


Suitcase Logo

Here is a simple but effective logo design. This demonstrates that sometimes simple designs are sometimes better.


Snapchat Logo

Snapchat is one of the popular social networks and they use a mascot for their logo design. The idea behind this logo is very interesting. Check it out!


Simple Logo

Here is another great logo with a simple and stunning design. This logotype was created using a clean font and the logomark has a joyful and symmetrical design.


Lion Bird Logo

Check out this striking logo design that will definitely get your attention. The designer created a remarkable logo that is different, depending on how you look at it.


Pepperhorn Logo

You can also use the words from your logo literally and create beautiful logo designs. It all depends on your or the designer’s creativity.


Spartan Logo

Here is a striking logo with a clean and exceptional design. The designer used the negative space, creating various images, depending on how you look at it.


Guitarshop Logo

This is a great example of a logo where the designer uses some of the letters to create various icons, images, that are similar to your brand.


Mr. Couch Logo

Here is a simple but very effective logo design. The designer shows a lot of creativity and inspiration to have designed this logo.


Which one of these logo designs was your favorite? Which popular logo would you like to add to the list? Show us the best logos which you have designed!

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Written by Iggy

Iggy is a designer who loves experimenting with new web design techniques collating creative website designs. You can follow Iggy on Twitter.


  1. The MailChimp logo isn’t “fonts” it was created by the lovely and amazingly talented Jessica Hische.

  2. Luke Woodard says:

    Great choice you have here. Snapchat and Mr Couch are just fine. I bet I can make better logos using your design tutorial :)

  3. Thanks for this. It is a great article for every designer either experienced or junior.
    It has inspired me to create more creative logos.

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