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Top 15 Tools & Resources You Should Be Using in 2021

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You can fail to deliver a product on time for any of several reasons. A fairly common one is a situation in which your work comes to a halt. It is because you don’t have the means to satisfy a client’s specific requirement or specification.

It could be that one your design tools isn’t quite up to the task, or the design resources you’ve been using has a limitation you haven’t been aware of until now.

Even a long-time favorite of either category can fail you if the latest industry or design trends have made it obsolete. That is why it’s important to keep up to speed on what’s going on in the web design world, and in your clients’ world as well.

These 15 resources and tools for designers as well as agencies are not only up to date. They are top performers in their respective categories as well. They could help you to become more productive, so in some cases prove to be life-savers when it comes to meeting a deadline on time.

9 Top WordPress Plugins to Look Into

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Investors like to talk about leveraging, and how, by taking a small or selective action, they have been able to achieve outstanding results.

Plugins are something like that. With a few bits of carefully created code they can change a so-so website into one that not only attracts far greater numbers of visitors. Also growing numbers of repeat and referred visitors as well.

Plenty of cool WordPress plugins can provide leverage. Whether it involves conversions, workflows, or simply adding needed functionality. But if you really want a website that makes waves it’s best to choose a top-rated popular plugin in its category.

And that is what you’ll find here.

These 9 top WordPress plugins have been selected for their ability to improve a website’s performance. They save businesses time and money, or provide functionality that web designers either struggled to create or had to go without.

So, if you want or need to automate a process, improve an end product, build a more beautiful and engaging website, or make life a little easier for yourself or someone else – read on.

8 Must Have Debugging Tools for WordPress Websites

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WordPress is a CMS platform that is written in PHP. It is one of the most popular platforms for creating your website and stands tall in front of other worthy competitors like Squarespace, Shopify, and other CMS’s. Many people rely on WordPress for creating their websites. It is also a controlled environment with a lower frequency of errors compared to other CMS. However, even if there is a small window for errors, problems can crawl in there and put your website at risk.

10 Best WordPress Donation Plugins

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Non-profit organizations and individuals often participate in fundraising, welfare, or donation activities because they deeply feel for society’s particular issues. This doesn’t need to be necessarily confined to world problems like poverty, education, healthcare, or nursing homes. While many noble initiatives and individuals are working towards solving these issues, some businesses manage to support their local artisans by selling their products. For instance, if an online marketplace is selling handmade products from a particular brand, they could include additional fees for all their products that would directly go to that particular item’s maker charity of choice. These fees can be optional or required based on the company’s model.

10 Best Content Scheduling Tools for WordPress

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When it comes to managing content, many elements in it need organizing. When larger projects come up or the number of projects increases, the need for content management becomes necessary. Sometimes, it becomes hard to keep a check on which content needs scheduling. We have a list of specific content scheduling tools for WordPress to get all your content managed well. Get your scheduling tools and never get confused about which topics need finalization till the due date. Content needs management from ideation to publishing on your sites. When you are choosing a content scheduling tool or plugin, you must look for tools which allow you to keep track of your content. Tools help us to know when the content needs to be published or which article/blogs have an upcoming due date.

8 WordPress Plugins That Will Take Your Website to the Next Level

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Its vast array of useful tools and design options has made WordPress the most popular website-building platform of them all. Yet, it doesn’t cover all the bases. WordPress themes can often make up for any shortcomings, make building a website an easier task, or produce better results.

But themes can have shortcomings as well; even specialty themes.

How many multipurpose themes enable you to easily incorporate a review section into a website, add a knowledge base capability, or ensure that your site will be super SEO friendly?

Designers can rely on coding or seek developer assistance to add a needed feature; or do nothing at all.

Or, they could search for plugins to do the heavy lifting, which can result in time and money saved and rock-solid results achieved.

A plugin could be one of those described here. Any one of which could have the effect of putting your website on steroids in terms of its ability to convert visitors to happy customers.