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Best Developer Tools and Services in 2019

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Just what you’ve been waiting for; a one-stop resource for the best developer tools and services 2019 has to offer.

Choosing which tools and services are needed and selecting the best that are currently on the market is always a challenge. There’s no shortage of tools and services out there, and every year more and more are added to the list. It’s hard to work at becoming more efficient if you’re spending too much time searching for what you believe you need.

7 Tips to Get Website Content From Clients Seamlessly

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Getting clients to provide website content to build their website can be challenging for web developers. Sometimes clients keep delaying these tasks for months because of two issues majorly- information problem and email problem. Information problems mainly happen when your clients are preoccupied with other tasks and don’t have the time to provide content. This is also a common problem because your clients don’t exactly know what they want or they are unsure about what elements work well with the website.

Top 10 Hacks to Speed Up Mobile-Friendly Websites

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Mobile users contribute more than 47% of website traffic. So, it is essential for webmasters to make their site responsive. However, a responsive site isn’t enough; you should also concentrate on making your site faster to increase the site rank, reduce server load, and increase conversions.

So, here are top 10 website hacks that will speed up responsive and mobile-friendly websites:

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