How to Create Metal Texture Using Photoshop

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These days, Photoshop has become a savior for almost every problem related to photographs and graphics. With the increasing number of solutions to each graphic issue, it is safe to say that every person can handle Photoshop in their little convenient way. To make life easier, here are a few easy ways to create a metal texture using Photoshop.

Photoshop Replace Color Tutorial

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Photoshop is one of the most known and used software for photo editing and other graphical requirements. It has tons of options for image correction, editing and other related activities. One such feature Adobe Photoshop has is its Photoshop Replace Color feature. As the name suggests, the Photoshop Replace Color feature allows the user to replace the colors of the objects in a picture.

How to Turn Your Sketch Into Vector Art Using Illustrator’s Pen Tool

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Sketching has been both a hobby and a profession for different people. You could sketch for relaxation; on the other hand, you could be an artist for your living. The art of sketching is using different physical tools to create artwork on a tangible paper or any other surface. While artists are respected, and it still stands as a substantial career option, the potential for this art form has evolved into a new direction that traditional artists could benefit from. In today’s time, we have graphic design as an integral part of many social media and online campaigns. Graphic design is also used for making posters and artwork. Digital vector art is given the same recognition as a hand-drawn illustration, so knowing how to use tools such as Illustrator’s pen tool to create vector art from your existing sketches is extremely important.

Grunge Effect in Photoshop: Step by Step Tutorial

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Grunge is a texture effect that gives any design a rustic and realistic look. It has dirty backgrounds, rough edges, hand-drawn doodles, fonts with distress and many such elements that would not adhere to the conventional good web design definition.  In addition, there are no rules when it comes to how you organize your Grunge as it can be as bizarre as you’d like.  Generally, when people think about Grunge Design, they imagine the design to be dark, loud and gritty, however many designers use the principles of grunge design in more subtle ways.  This design has several variations that one can explore to give their website or design an edge over the others.

Hand Lettering Tutorial & Guide for Beginners

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Hand Lettering is the process of drawing letters. For each letter, there is much thought that goes in. Generally, when we create a hand-lettering piece, the way each letter and word are created is highly customized. This design has a particular, custom-made nature. It is essential to think about how each word puts forth the message you want to deliver and how different words fit together in a composition.

Create Scary Halloween Looks Using These 5 Steps in Photoshop

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It is Halloween time! And having a scary makeover is a must. However, in reality, this can be very expensive and also complicated. Even for experienced makeup artists, achieving a scary makeup that passes the test of time and partying can be difficult. Thereby, we have come up with a perfect tutorial for you, which lets you create Scary Halloween Looks using these five tricks in Photoshop.

How to draw a scary zombie illustration in Adobe Illustrator using brush tool

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If you ever wanted to draw an illustration but had no idea how to begin, this tutorial is for you. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to set up Adobe Illustrator document and produce high-quality illustrations. This is fairly easy to follow for a beginner.

Pay close attention to everything as every bit of this tutorial is crucial for producing great illustrations. Everything you’re about to learn in this tutorial is done on Windows, In Adobe Illustrator CC version 2017. If you have another version of Adobe Illustrator or you’re on a different machine, your workspace might be somewhat different.

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