17 Amazing Letterhead Designs For Your Brand

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Letterheads are a part of your essential stationery items, which reflect your brand and brand personality. You can say a letterhead is a more sincere and professional tool that carries all the important communication on your brand’s behalf. When a designer is hired to design a complete branding kit, he or she may not always put enough of the required focus on the letterhead because generally, the letterhead is designed with logo and as per the business card. Consistency of design is required, but that doesn’t mean you should not put your effort into the letterhead.

14 Examples of Outstanding Use of Color in Branding

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Any branding effort has persuasion at its core. You want to persuade your audience and potential customers and create a positive user experience that makes them interested in wanting to know more about you. And for getting persuasion right, you need to target your audience’s emotions. Generally, people think of words or images to have a considerable impact on the audience’s emotions. To a significant extent, it is true as well. However, no other medium or tool has as much impact on their emotions as colors do. Colors appeal to people’s emotions. Based on how well you implement your color strategy, your audience will either have a positive or a negative user experience.

19 Amazing Face Mask Designs

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Face masks have become such an essential part of our daily wardrobe, that it doesn’t even feel weird anymore. Previously, anyone would check their pockets for car keys, wallets, and cell phone before leaving home. Face masks have been subconsciously added to this list of items you do a quick check for before heading out. This global pandemic has been challenging mentally, emotionally, financially, and in every aspect of life. However, face masks seem to have gained their acceptance in society. They don’t feel imposed precaution measures; instead, they are seamlessly and smoothly integrated into our fashion sense. Brands are getting creative with face mask designs, and the customers are responding to this trend.

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