22 Best Fonts for Logo Design

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Everything that you choose for your logo is an integral part of your logo. Every element has equal importance because, in the end, they all share the same responsibility for your impactful logo. So when it comes to selecting fonts, you better not neglect the value and effect they may create.

6 Tips to Help Organize Your Fonts

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A designer needs to keep his/her resources appropriately organized.  There are so many resources and elements at their disposal that it can get overwhelming and time-consuming to scan through all of it when they need a particular element out of the mix right away. One such element is fonts.  Many designers struggle with keeping their fonts organized. Designers generally hoard attractive fonts when they see them, and over time the list gets overwhelming.

Font Design: Do’s and Dont’s

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Typography is a very vast field and a skillset which takes years to master. With the advent of the Internet and the plenty of resources available for font design, it is nevertheless important to understand the basic principles of good font design. With the proper usage of fonts and implementation of typography, your typography can be elevated to another level – to that of a professional. This knowledge is also beneficial in communicating your brand message and values in an appropriate manner. Having a good working knowledge of typography is also useful in creating better designs from a UI point of view. These fundamental points can also be used as a checklist to refer to for your future assignments.

Best Fonts to Use for Food Industry Designs

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Whenever it comes to design work for a restaurant or a café, the most significant part of it is the menu design. The menu should reflect the restaurant’s or the café’s presentation style and ambiance. Moreover, it has to talk about all the kinds of foods served at the restaurant or café under consideration. For designing a menu, as a designer, you should have an understanding of how and what fonts may or may not work. You should look for fonts that make your potential customer hungry. Such fonts should be a perfect mix of legibility and style that you can use in your menu. The fonts in your logo may or may not match the fonts in the menu. It would be best if you always made sure that the fonts invoke the thought of food in the customers’ minds.

14 Best Free Fonts Websites That You Can Use for Your Projects

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Fonts are an integral part of any project, whether it is content for mobile applications, web applications, or any other project involving text. Generally, a project creates a good reputation when its fonts are impressive, legible, and elegant. These little concerns can make or break your project. There are so many types of fonts available on the Internet, and so many of them are free to use. These fonts can help create a great impression when you are making your digital portfolio. Moreover, when you use the latest fonts on your website, the clients see that you are following the latest trends. But, when you need the fonts that have a premium license or are expensive, it can burn a massive hole in your pocket.

Hence, in this blog, we have curated a list of websites that offer access to fonts available for free. You can always come back to this list to save your time when in need of font that can be downloaded free of charge. Let us take a look at those websites.

5 Tips to Design a Perfect Typeface for a Brand

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Any brand requires a unique identity that people can recognize. And it is not easy to build a brand identity. Things like logo design, design of a visiting card, colors to represent the brand, and the fonts are some factors that require a thorough understanding of a unique brand identity. The process is not limited to this. Once the design is ready, you have to make sure that it resonates with your firm and the target audience.

10 Things Not to Do While Pairing Different Fonts

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Typography has always been a significant part of the branding and marketing process of a brand or service. Designing a particular type of graphic that has the potential to shout the brand’s identity is the primary function of typography. And as we can imagine, the most significant part that constitutes a type of graphics is the fonts. A single font can make your website/blog look monotonous and boring. It is always advisable to pair two or a maximum of three fonts together to create a secure and well-received identity. Often, people mistakenly combining two fonts that have entirely different personalities and end up reducing the value of their designs. To tackle this issue, we have rounded up a few things that you should not do while pairing different fonts.

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