23 Best Fonts for Game Logo Design

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Designing a logo for a specific game can be very challenging and exciting at the same time. Due to its nature, every professional related to the gaming industry has to be on their toes in terms of trends and creativity.

20 Free Psychedelic Fonts All Designers Must Have

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Following the design trends is something all designers need, whether they like it or not. One of the most prominent design trends in the last few years has been Psychedelic designs. Inspired from the 1960s, this design contains many abstract colors, curvy fonts and visually appears highly creative. 

22 Free Retro Fonts all Designers Must Have

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Retro font styles hold the power to take the audience in older times with suitable designs. You can create any era you want in your creative designs through perfect vintage typeface. Designers with a special inclination towards vintage themes like to collect retroelements for various projects.

20 Free Travel Fonts for Designers

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Font styles are one of the essential design elements that carry a massive responsibility of communicating a message and creating the desired environment. Suppose you are working on a design project related to the adventure, luxury, travel, and entertainment sector. In that case, you want to get the best trendy and unique design elements to beat the competition and gain maximum success.

23 Creative Space Fonts for Designers

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Exciting designing concepts require a little bit of extra hard work with all the supportive objects. When it comes to deciding a typeface for the design, you have to find something that falls under a similar range of concept and appearance.