40+ Best Movie Fonts (Includes Free & Premium Options)

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In need of the best movie fonts for your video, web, and print content? If your project is centered around motion pictures and theatrical themes we can help. Whether you are in charge of logo design, posting social media videos, movie trailers, posters, or t-shirt print designs, having a captivating typeface that looks like it was from a movie can help your projects have a dramatic flare.

30 Best Free Grunge Fonts For Designers

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If you’re on the hunt for the best free grunge fonts, then you’ve landed on just the right article! Like retro and vintage fonts, grungy style fonts will continue to live on as some of the coolest-looking designs. As a designer, you will regularly come across projects where you would need to use a grungy or distressed-looking font to fit the style of your project. However, finding the right font to choose can be a bit challenging sometimes.

Ultimate Font Pairing CheatSheet for Designers

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One of the most underrated aspects of graphic designing is font pairing. The importance of using unique and creative fonts is increasing every day. Unfortunately, this makes it challenging for graphic designers to find the right combination of fonts to make the design look more visually appealing. 

15 Creative Fonts Inspired by Movies For Designers

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Movies can serve as a medium for so many creative facets. They start from cinematography, acting, production, costumes, and more. But one highly understated art form that is an important aspect of films is the typeface it uses. Today each movie production team is coming up with a unique font style that they use across all visual elements. As a result, the movie is treated as a brand, and a complete branding style is prepared for it.

24 Creative Asian Fonts for Designers to Download

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Various font designs are in the market that represents a whole different era, culture, or personality. For professional designers, it’s essential to keep some high-quality typefaces in the collection to place the content in the right tone for any creative project. If we talk about Asian fonts, there are plenty of creative designs that reflect a unique Asian essence in their characters. Usually, Asian fonts have sharp and natural strokes to connect the authentic calligraphy art of Asian culture to modern font requirements.

23 Modern Didone Fonts to Use in Your Designs

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The typeface of any design is a crucial element that needs specific attention. It can elevate the design silently or take the whole design down if you are not being focused. Some font styles have unique essence and nature to give any design the perfect finishing touch. For example, the Didone typeface is one of those font styles that have strong, classic, and minimal characteristics to add value to any design. This precious font style has obtained massive popularity back in the 18th and 19th centuries.

21 Scary Fonts to Give a Horror Feel to Your Designs

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Halloween is the fun beginning of the holiday season. Halloween is associated with parties, themes, celebrations, activities, and enjoyment. And to support you in your invitations, cards, banners, decorations, and other designs, we have curated this post of 21 scary fonts to give a horror feel to your designs – right in time for Halloween.

Amazing Sports & Fitness Fonts For Designers

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Sports and fitness category designs are usually intense, raw, and encouraging. With such designs, you need robust support of adequate design assets to make your job easier and a lot better. If we talk about font styles with sports and fitness themes, they can be challenging and adaptive.

12 Tutorials to Learn Font Design in Adobe Illustrator

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The ability to create your own fonts is something that is highly valued in the graphic design industry. Over the last few years, the importance of font design has grown multifold. People want more customization and personalization in their designs, and fonts go a long way in providing that feeling. We see big corporations getting their own font style designs. Any niche that we pick up, be it traveling or industrial or space, we see hundreds of well-designed fonts to pick from.

Free Psychedelic Fonts All Designers Must Have

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Updated May 20, 2022

Following current design trends is something all designers need to do, whether they like it or not. One of the most prominent design trends in the last few years has been Psychedelic designs. Inspired by the 1960s, this design contains many abstract colors, and curvy fonts and visually appears to be highly creative. 

22 Free Retro Fonts all Designers Must Have

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Retro font styles hold the power to take the audience in older times with suitable designs. You can create any era you want in your creative designs through perfect vintage typeface. Designers with a special inclination towards vintage themes like to collect retroelements for various projects.

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