Which Custom Fonts are Top Web Designers Using?

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Since we were granted the ability to make font choices beyond Helvetica and Georgia thanks to the @font-face rule and the various webfonts services we’ve seen an explosion of custom webfonts in website designs. Nowadays we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to web typography, but which fonts and custom webfont services are the top web designers using? Let’s take a look behind a collection of well crafted typographic designs and see which fonts and techniques are the most popular.

Simon Foster

Simon Foster's website

Custom webfont usage

Font used: FF Tisa

Service used: Typekit

3Degrees Design Agency

3Degrees Design Agency's website

Custom webfont usage

Font used: PT Sans

Service used: Google Webfonts

Build 2012

Build 2012's website

Custom webfont usage

Font used: Kulturista Web

Service used: Typekit


FINCH's website

Custom webfont usage

Font used: FF Tisa

Service used: Typekit


Formfett's website

Custom webfont usage

Font used: Adelle Web

Service used: Typekit


39Argyle's website

Custom webfont usage

Font used: Clarendon Light

Service used: Fontspring

Circles Conference

Circles Conference's website

Custom webfont usage

Font used: Rooney Web

Service used: Typekit


Belong's website

Custom webfont usage

Font used: Populaire

Service used: MyFonts

Kern and Burn

Kern and Burn's website

Custom webfont usage

Font used: Adelle Web

Service used: Typekit

Elliot Jay Stocks

Elliot Jay Stock's website

Custom webfont usage

Font used: Skolar

Service used: Fontdeck

Mark Boulton

Mark Boulton's website

Custom webfont usage

Font used: Chaparral Pro

Service used: Typekit

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Written by Iggy

Iggy is a designer who loves experimenting with new web design techniques collating creative website designs. You can follow Iggy on Twitter.


  1. I must say this blog is very good. Already get Page Rank 5 ! excellent…Keep this good work continue.

  2. alicetheblue says:

    Thanks for putting these together, Chris!

  3. ithi says:

    Great collection, but for me personally best custom font is Bebas Neue :)

  4. Maghan says:

    Great work and great collection. As always ;) It's such a shame though that the choice of good-looking fonts is quite nerrowed when you need the 'latin-extended' script. Google's helpfull then and I usually end up with Dosis or Open Sans.

  5. Tyler Courtenay says:

    Thank you for not listing the overused, rubbish "Lobster" typeface.

  6. Saya4 says:

    39argyle is so nice- TypeKit has great selections

  7. Thanks for great collection , Formfett type is excellent .

  8. Santosh says:

    Chris I like this article and my best font and everytime I suppose to use Century Gothic, I like it very simple and pretty cool font. What do you say?

  9. Will S says:

    Excellent post. I am finding that most clients want something on their site to pop and be really their own, something no one has. And this is something that I can start offering to them. I have a clients that when they yearly site refresh comes up with love the Populaire font.


  10. Red King says:

    Formfett and PT Sans are boss! I used to hate client requesting better/poppy fonts, but now i can just send them links like this and say "choose one!".


  11. Justin says:

    Recently, I used a font for my website called Akashi. It's a terrible font to use for body text, but it's excellent for site headers.

  12. Conor Ward says:

    Excellent post. Agree with not using the Lobster font too!

    I saw a a web design discussion on creative week that I thought i'd share here as this is one of my favourite blogs…. (Chris always has something useful to say!) :-)

    The question was: Should developers be a Jack of all Trades, or the Master of One? 

What do you all think?

    Should there be a crossover or are these two separate disciplines that should be kept separate?

    Anyone annoyed or pleased by the blurring of design vs development roles?


Look forward to your opinions folks….



(Link to the Adobe Creative Week site here: )

  13. Thanks Chris!
    Very helpful post, it's always interesting to see how things are done by the others (from great websites BTW).

  14. uxzeal says:

    Quite Impressive

  15. Some great fonts there. I love custom fonts in websites.

  16. Great round up

    I am using google web fonts on my site, and find it works really well, espically for being free!!!

  17. Glad you included the source, I'm also glad I'm paying for typekit :P

  18. Web designer says:

    glad to see this, really likeable…. thanks for sharing

  19. Simon says:

    Interesting to see that judging my these examples, TypeKit is the most popular service

  20. sivas says:

    thanks for this text

  21. Carl Potts says:

    I use Gill Sans for bodytext on my site with Frutiger which I'm a big fan off.
    Typekits lack of Frutiger was a deal breaker for me

  22. I must say,i become a regular visitor of this blog..each and every post is really interesting.keep going man…

  23. Alex Braker says:

    Yeah Chris you have written nice post. In the web design, the most important part is the use of fonts for the content. You can make the design so attractive by using different fonts. Mostly the web designers are using Google web fonts in the web design.

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