45 Professional Small Business Website Templates

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This template collection includes 45 professional small business website templates you can easily customize for your business and launch in less than an hour!

Small businesses need all the help they can get and must be resourceful to stay afloat. Having small budgets at the beginning, makes cutting costs wherever you can, absolutely crucial! Make sure your big ideas are cost-efficient and take into account the industry changes, cash flow, customer needs and other unexpected challenges.

Entrepreneurs need to learn how to do more with less and having a great website for your business, with minimum costs, it’s important! That is why we selected 45 professional small business website templates in this list, which are perfect for startups, entrepreneurs and will help you grow your business online.

These small business website templates were created by a talented design team and use some great new concepts, layouts, use of icons and so much more useful features. These templates are fresh,  on trend and will make your business look professional. Best of all, the templates in this list are 100% free to play around with, customize, make your own, and even publish.

In the list below, you will find templates for various types of niches, such as law, marketing, construction, real estate, agencies, consultancy, design, beauty, veterinarian, health, architecture, nutrition, car selling and more.

Feast your eyes on these small business website templates, choose the one perfect for you and start making your very own dream site.

Boutique Law Firm

This website template can be used by small law firms. It comes with all the needed pages, such as Vision, Contact, Practice Areas and Attorneys.

Boutique-Law-Firm Website Templates

Vintage Car Garage

If you own a vintage car garage business, this template was created especially for your needs. You can set up your presentation website in minutes. Show your services work and contact details.

Vintage-Car-Garage Website Templates

Marketing Strategy

Quickly setup your marketing agency website. Offer solution, present your clients and make your contact details accessible.

Marketing-Strategy Website Templates

Construction Company

If you’re a construction company owner, this website template will offer you the possibility of creating your online presence in just minutes!

 Construction-Company Website Templates

Real Estate Company

This clean and minimalist website is perfect for real estate agencies. It has Sales, Rentals, Agents and Contact pages.

 Real-Estate-Company Website Templates

Finance Consulting

If you own a small finance consulting firm, this simple website template will offer you all the features you need in order to build your presence online. Using the drag and drop builder WIX provides, your website will be up and running in no time!

Finance-Consulting Website Templates

Creative Staffing Agency

Show your creativity with this easy to customize website template. It comes with a clean but bold color palette, that can be customized to fit your brand.

Creative-Staffing-Agency Website Templates


If you want to grow your small business, an online presence is mandatory these days! This website is focused on providing carpenters with everything they need in order to have a presentation website running in just a couple of hours!

Carpenter Website Templates

Business Consulting

Show your business consulting clients portfolio easily, with this great website template. It also offers the possibility of presenting your services and contact details in a professional way.

Business-Consulting Website Templates

Boutique Recruitment Agency

This website template was created for a very specific niche, but it is very versatile and it can be used for other businesses as well.

Boutique-Recruitment-Agency Website Templates

Advertising and Marketing Firm

If you have an advertising and marketing firm, this template is just perfect for you! Stop wasting time and focus on what’s essential! Build your website in minutes.

Advertising-and-Marketing-Firm website template

Law Firm

This is another law firm website that can be used by small and larger companies as well. It is simple and straight to the point.

 Law-Firm website template

Beauty Salon

Make your beauty salon business stand out with this simple, elegant and clean website template. Add your own services, special offers and setup your booking system easily.

 Beauty-Salon website template

Animal Clinic

This website was created for businesses activating in the animal & veterinarian niches. If you’re a vet/animal clinic owner, this presentation website template is for you.

Animal-Clinic website template

Flooring Company

Like the Carpenter website template mentioned above, this flooring company template is very niche-oriented but it can be very versatile as well. Customize to fit your business’ needs.

Flooring-Company website template


Move your work online easily! Attract more clients with this website template created for handyman companies. The contact info is very visible and it also offers the possibility of showcasing your services list in a professional way.

Handyman website template


Make it simple for visitors to book an appointment by using this dentist website template. It has a great color palette and it can be easily customized.

Dentist website template

Advisor Consultant

Vibrant colors and professional layout, this website template will make your consultancy business stand out from the crowd.

Advisor-Consultant website template

IP Law Firm

This is another law firm website, with a professional look. The large slider on the homepage makes it easy for you to showcase your most important qualities and attract more clients.

IP-Law-Firm website template

Home Healthcare

This website is very niche-specific and was created for elderly healthcare facilities. Its design is versatile, so it can easily be adapted for other niches as well.

 Home-Healthcare website template

Home Improvement

This website makes it very easy for you to turn visitors into clients, by placing the contact details right on the homepage. The online booking system is what this type of company needs.

Home-Improvement website template

Social Media Agency

Bold typography and vibrant colors, these are the characteristics that will make your social media agency website easy to remember by visitors.

Social-Media-Agency website template

App Landing Page

Setup your app landing page in just minutes! This template offers absolutely all the features you need in order to create a lead-generating app landing page.

App-Landing-Page website template

Landscape Architect

Architects like simple graphics and this website template design satisfies that need. Showcase your projects, publications and give visitors your contact details, with this great presentation template for architects.

Landscape-Architect website template

Luxury Real Estate

Simple and effective, this is what best describes this website template, which was created for real estate websites. It also has an elegant touch, which makes it perfect for companies selling luxury properties.

Luxury-Real-Estate website template

Car Showroom

This visual-oriented website was created for car showroom businesses. It has everything a business like this needs, with all pages already in place for you to just add your content on.

Car-Showroom website template

The Consultant

Do you offer consultancy services? This website is for you! It offers the possibility of adding your services, projects, clients portfolio and contact details, in a professional way.

The-Consultant website template

Strategic Consulting

This is another consulting website for a small business. It’s easy to customize to fit your own company’s needs.

Strategic-Consulting website template

Nutrition Coach

Are you a nutrition coach or have a nutrition-related business? This website was created with everything in place to make yourself known online in just minutes.

Nutrition-Coach website template

Strategic Management

Using bold, flat colors will surely make your website stand out! This website template’s design takes advantage of this trend and makes it easy for you to have a strong online presence for your strategic management company.

Strategic-Management website template


Typography-oriented, this website template is perfect for journalists, editors, copywriters, authors and more. The Get a Free Quote button is a great addition.

Editor website template

Handyman Service

This is another great handyman website template, this time with a fullscreen slider on the homepage. The contact details are very visible, which makes it even more effective for attracting new clients.

Handyman-Service website template

Car Repairs

Convert your visitors into clients with this easy to setup website template. The dark color template looks great with yellow as an accent color. It emphasizes the essential.

Car-Repairs website template

Web Design Portfolio

Showcase your web design work in a professional manner, with this great website template. If you don’t have time to create a custom website for yourself, this theme is just perfect.

Web-Design-Portfolio website template

Private Investigators

This is a great niche-oriented website template for private investigators. Show your services and contact details in a professional way.

Private-Investigators website template

Lawyer & Lawyer

This website template was created for lawyers and small law firms. The contact details are very visible and it also comes with a booking system integrated.

 Lawyer-&-Lawyer website template

Super Load Movers

This website template is perfect for all small businesses working in the construction niche. It has a dark themed design and it is very easy to customize.

 Super-Load-Movers website template

Business Conference

If you have an event organizing company, then this template is just perfect. Create simple websites for the events you host. Comes with a Buy Tickets page too!

Business-Conference website template

Website Coming Soon

The website design takes longer than expected? This coming soon template is the one you should use until it’s ready.

Website-Coming-Soon website template

Architect & Co.

This is a simple website template design created for architects. It offers the possibility of showcasing your projects in a simple and clever way.

 Architect-&-Co website template

Realty Site

Create your real estate agency website in just minutes, with this easy to use website template. It has For Rent, For Sale and Contact pages.

Realty-Site website template

Success Consulting

If you own a consulting firm and you’re looking for a dark-themed website, this may be the best choice for you. Use dark colors with a bright accent color and redirect your visitors’ attention to where you want it to be.

Success-Consulting website template

Mobile Marketing

This website template can be used by mobile marketing companies as presentation website or it can be customized and transformed into an app landing page.

Mobile-Marketing website template

Classic Law Firm

Elegant, yet modern, this sepia-toned, classic law firm website template is perfect for all small law firms.

Classic-Law-Firm website template

Funeral Home

If you own a funeral business, this website is perfect for you. It comes with all the needed pages.

Funeral-Home website template

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Written by Iggy

Iggy is a designer who loves experimenting with new web design techniques collating creative website designs. You can follow Iggy on Twitter.


  1. Hi Iggy,

    Wonderful collection of templates for small business.

    One very important thing should be considered before choosing any template. As most of the small business websites are hosted on shared server, a fast loading website will do the justice.

    If the template is heavy, it will increase load time and will hamper any business. Load times is also one of the Google ranking factor.

    The tools to check template or themes speed are pingdom and gtmetrix.


  2. Subraa says:

    Thanks a lot Iggy for this brilliant compilation of small business templates. One must not overlook this selection. It has facilitated my needs and soaring up my profession as a freelance web designer & developer in Singapore.


  3. Strivers says:

    These are great! I have a group of developers whom I’ve let know about this as well. This saves the time and anyone can love these templates.

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