20 React Components Web Developers Will Find Useful

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This article includes 20 professional React components that offer neat support and functions for web developers. But what exactly is React and how can it help you?

React is an open-source web development tool that offers all the necessary components for creating professional-looking websites and web applications. It is a JavaScript framework that includes neat elements and useful features. The styling part resembles CSS with some differences. So, if you have used CSS in the past, it will be much easier for you to learn React.

These useful React components are meant to ease your work by facilitating the web design process. Take a closer look at the features of each item and see how you can use it to improve your projects. Some of their characteristics may include custom navigation, lots of editable animations, page transitions, scrolling effects, and more. These are all tools that you may be familiar with from designing other projects.

React is a completely free software that comes in handy in many situations and it’s perfect for web developers accustomed with CSS. For example, when you refresh the index.html, it updates the entire web page. This is a similarity to CSS, but it takes some time getting used to it. However, nothing is impossible to create once you discover all of its features and use it professionally.

Each component in this list has its useful purpose that will contribute to the overall performance of your website or app. The projects that you create using these components are fully compatible with all major browsers, and also with Android and Apple devices.

React is very easy to learn. It helps you create user-friendly interfaces with powerful features that you can use and make your ideas come to life. React comes with an intuitive interface, documentation, and more. Plus, it has a very useful section called ‘The Basics’ that offers all there is to know about the fundamentals of React and how to use it. From this point on, you can only expand your knowledge and learn how to successfully use it to its full capacity.

React has a colossal success among web developers, giving the fact that allows them to quickly and perfectly create stunning frameworks. And, let’s not forget it’s free!

So, here you have a useful selection of 20 React components for web developers.

React photo viewer for mobile devices


Material-UI, a neat React tool


React Absolute Grid- amazing React tool 


React Render for Standard Markdown


React Stripe Checkout Component


Convert React.js components into Web Components


React-google-analytics- amazing awesome tool


React Infinite Scroll


React Draggable


React Weather


Google reCAPTCHA for React.js


UI components for Elasticsearch


React Video tool


Star rating component built with React


Colorpicker for React


React tabs component


SVG Loader Component for ReactJS


React-Crouton Component


React-spinner – amazing tool


Griddle – React Grid Component


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