If Design Blogs Were Vehicles, What Would They Be?

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If design blogs were to be transformed into motor vehicles (Transformers style!), what would they be? Now’s your chance to find out! Here’s a roundup of your favourite design blogs along their mechanical counterparts, each comparison has been scientifically matched on general theme, style, persona and character – Which one do you think is the best fit?

Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine is the juggernaut of the design blog world with huge traffic and subscriber statistics. As a multi-author blog Smashing Magazine pumps out high quality articles throughout the week and touches on various design related topics.

Smashing Magazine would be a… 18 Wheeler Semi-Trailer Truck

Six Revisions

Six Revisions is a popular design blog that focuses on Web Design and Development. Its clean and sophisticated grey website design allows the content to take centre stage with usability and accessibilty being carefully considered as part the overall build of the site.

Six Revisions would be a… Mercedes Benz CLS-Class


Tutorial9 boasts a cool blue theme with plenty of illustrated elements. The blog presents stacks of useful articles and tutorials for designers and photographers, not to mention a large collection of free downloads and resources.

Tutorial9 would be a… Ford GT40


Go Media’s zine showcases their design and illustrative talents through project insights and tutorials. Go Media’s apparel work and design for various metal bands never lacks in awesomeness, often containing plenty of skulls and detailed hand-drawn linework.

GoMediaZine would be a… Custom Chopper


Colorburned features some of the best resources, freebies and resources for designers on the web. There’s no shortage of hand made vectors, patterns, textures and brushes to download and use to create your own graphic artwork.

Colorburned would be a… Ford Customline Hot Rod


The brown and beige Blog.SpoonGraphics is home to weekly Illustrator and Photoshop tutorials that take your through the step-by-step process of creating all kinds of design styles for both print and web.

Blog.SpoonGraphics would be… Steve McQueen’s Ferrari Lusso

Web Design Ledger

Web Design Ledger posts the best collections of resources and roundups of design inspiration. Written by web designers, for web designers, it’s the place to go for daily tips and snippets of knowledge.

Web Design Ledger would be a… Porsche Carrera GT


New to Line25? Stick around if you enjoy fun articles like this, or for a series of useful step-by-step web design tutorials. If inspirational posts are your thing, every Friday sees a fresh Line25 Sites of the Week collection.

Line25 would be a… Audi R8 Le Mans


The number one web design podcast Boagworld is broadcast from the rural depths of Dorset, with the design of the site itself staying true to its roots with grassy textures, rolling fields and the odd cow.

Boagworld would be a… Tractor

Soh Tanaka

The CSS and jQuery whizz Soh Tanaka has an alter ego as a Los Angeles street dancer. His dark urban themed website is tricked up with all kinds of cool effects and design features, many of which are documented and shared via his blog.

Soh Tanaka would be a… Toyota Supra


Chris Coyier shares all kinds of CSS and jQuery knowledge on his popular CSS-Tricks blog. Not to mention his uber-useful videocasts and tutorials, as well as the busy forums which are full of like-minded CSS designers and developers.

CSS-Tricks would be a… Dodge Ram

Web Designer Depot

Web Designer Depot became hugely popular right from day one and now sits as one of the most trafficked design blogs out there. Another multi-author site this blog consistently pumps out various design showcases, tutorials and inspirational roundups.

Web Designer Depot would be a… Ford Mustang

Web Designer Wall

Nick La’s ornate and detailed watercolor floral design on Web Designer Wall still suits the site perfectly and hasn’t dated since the design was implemented during the site’s launch years ago. Web Designer Wall is home to plenty of web design tutorials, trends inspiration and giveaways.

Web Designer Wall would be a… Volkswagen Camper

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  1. Ricardo Vieira says:

    Original indeed ;)

  2. MONOmoda says:

    I agree that's a very original idea for a post!

    I guess MONOmoda isn't on the radar just yet but I reckon we would be a Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera (in jet black!) ;)

  3. $hekh@r says:

    What would be the Woork-up. You missed mine favourite.

  4. Vectorss says:

    Lovely-funny post. Great Chris thanks!

  5. Sean says:

    Very creative and unique idea for a post! Nicely done!

  6. kilinkis says:

    haha very cool and true

  7. Remko says:

    How about Abduzeedo?

  8. Remko says:

    How about Abduzeedo? I'd say a Murcielago!

  9. Chris Coyier says:

    YES! I am the ultimate practical utility vehicle! Coincidently, I'm eyeing up trucks as my next potential vehicle if my super rad 2002 Saturn L200 ever dies. Black beauty has been a real trooper though, she's got at least another year in her.

  10. Nate G says:

    @Remco: Abduzeedo would definitely have to be a UFO… lol

  11. Chris Baker says:

    To both Chris's's's (Spooner ad Coyier) thanks for all you do I've learned so much from each of you. Creative blog post, giving yourself McQueen's car…pretty cool.

  12. Thoux says:

    Original & fun idea ^^ !

  13. iainspad says:

    OH Give yourself some awesome cars to describe your websites why don't you? Haha XD

    Looking at the comparisons, they make sense….Good post, a bit of a funny read. :)

  14. Walter says:

    Very nice idea Chris, thanks for the feature!

  15. KarmaTiger says:

    You'd be AN Audi R8. Not A Audi R8. ;)

    • some guy says:

      You're a grammar nazi

      • sam says:

        Nazi killed 6 million jews and hundreds of thousands of other nationalities, forced relocation, seizure of assets, rape, beatings, imprisonment, murder by poison gas and brutal experiments, including tying a woman's legs together during labor to observe the suffering of the mother and time how long it took the struggling to be born child to die, half way out of her birth canal..look up Josef Mengele

  16. Thomas says:

    Great idea. You certainly don't flatter yourself, with a top-of-the-line R8 Le Mans Audi! :-)

  17. Mine would be a DeLorean. Steel frame going with my machine look, and it weighs a ton.

  18. N says:

    Haha, this is awesome.

    "Boagworld would be a… Tractor". That made my day.

  19. Nick says:

    lol nice post. Very accurate, I'd say.

    Don't forget Sitepoint:

  20. m a r c o says:

    I know this is supposed to be a fun post, but it seems to me like you changed your criteria throughout your post.

    You start by comparing Smashing Magazine to an 18-Wheeler because of it's size, power, etc., but then switch to picking pictures of vehicles because of aesthetic qualities of the site like in Web Designer World, Boag World and Spoon Graphics…

    No consideration was placed on speed, features, type of vehicle, American (which are considered to be crappy cars that don't last but a couple of years) vs. European, etc.

    Again, I know this was a fun post, but it would have been really cool if you would have actually put some thought into your vehicles… I would love to know for example, which site gives you more MPG… :)

    • sam says:


      But then again, I dont think this post was designed to be taken seriously, just a moment of playful (and somewhat illogical) whimsy :)

  21. Husien Adel says:

    haha i like the idea of post and i like web designer wall choice ;)

  22. Daniel Groves says:

    haha… thats kinda cool.

    Anyone have any idea what my site would be?

    • sam says:

      ….mmmm… I'm thinking one of those creepy vans parked off to the side of the playground with a stubble faced guy (you? ..naah!) with a dark brown paper bag full of candy!

  23. P Mulgrew says:

    It's not a blog, but surely it's fair to consider IE6 a Lada.

  24. Pusparaj says:

    Hehe. Liked the idea.

  25. Louis says:

    This was a great post, very unique.

    I'm still trying to figure out whether the Boagworld/Tractor comparison is supposed to be a compliment! :)

  26. jDesai says:

    Whoever came up with the idea is brilliant. Unbelievably striking similarities eh!

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  28. fuzzimo says:

    Fun stuff! I've thought about people that look like cars, but never about blogs :).

  29. Christy says:

    I just want to hear the Transformers sound now.

  30. Radu says:

    So true… ;)

  31. aditia says:

    very cool idea and nice writing

  32. jajaja, so funny !!! great !

  33. John Paul says:

    Brilliant ,some of the sites are not so familliar but its great :) !

  34. Tobias says:

    This is really original and cool, but I was disappointed not to see Abduzeedo…

  35. Lol, what an awesome post, hahaha

  36. Ibn Soliman says:

    hahaha very nice, luv it so much

  37. Jeff says:

    And ThinkVitamin would be a Skoda, embarrassing to look at, embarrassing if your friends see you with it, doesn't "do" anything ;)

  38. Philip Brown says:

    Original posts are always the best, very inspiring! I may just have to write a totally "out there" post as a test, I guess that is what makes the Internet awesome!

  39. Ken Kaminesky says:

    Although not a designer myself, I do find design blogs and websites quite inspiring. This was a fun way of giving them personalities.

    Great post Chris.

  40. Great Designs…i ll try to create a website with wordpress…i've never tried it before…

  41. volkan says:

    thank you Chris !!! really great post :)

  42. John says:

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    haha! really interesting, good idea!

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    Accurately ;)

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