20 Fresh Bootstrap Skins You’ll Want To Have

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Bootstrap is powerful front-end framework that web developers use to build websites easily and fast. This is a popular framework developed by Twitter, that is frequently used to build beautiful, fully functional websites.

To ease your work, even more, we selected 20 new and fresh Bootstrap skins you’ll want to have in your collection. This is a collection of Bootstrap skins with different styles that will give Bootstrap a unique look. You may use these fresh Bootstrap skins just as they are, or you can customize them by changing colors, typography, borders, etc.

Here they are! Which Bootstrap skin from this list is your favorite? Let us know in the comment section below.

Brightery Semastrap – Bootstrap Skin

To use this skin, you can easily add the files on your project under your own Bootstrap.min.css in your HTML file and see the magic! There are two version, one of them being minified.


Light War UI – Bootstrap 3 Skin

This is a responsive and multipurpose skin for all web projects that use the Twitter Bootstrap v3.3.6 Framework. It uses CSS3 to adapt the layout to the viewing environment.


Quarelle – Watercolor Paint Bootstrap UI Kit

Quarelle is a UI Kit based on the popular Bootstrap Framework. It has a hand-painted watercolor look, perfect for projects with a more handmade touch.


The Force – Bootstrap Skin & UI Kit

THE FORCE UI Kit is a skin for Bootstrap v3.3.6 SASS that is very easy to use, install and customize. It includes lots of extra components to help you build modern responsive websites.


Material – Bootstrap Skin & UI Kit

MATERIAL UI Kit is an easy to install and customize skin with many responsive, beautiful components you can use for both websites and apps.


FaceStrap – Bootstrap Skin & UI Kit

FaceStrap UI Kit is a skin for Bootstrap 3 that is highly customizable using LESS (files included). It includes lots of components for modern responsive websites and applications.


BMD – Bootstrap + Material Design

BMD is an add-on component for Bootstrap, that contains not only Bootstrap components but also MD components such as MD color palette, MD spinner, MD floating action button, and more.


Project X – Bootstrap Skin & UI Kit

Project X UI Kit is a skin for Bootstrap 3, customizable using LESS (files included). It comes with many useful elements for beautiful, responsive websites and web apps.


CandyStrap – Fresh, Sweet & Modern BootStrap Skin

This is a skin based on Bootstrap 3.3.4, that comes with dropdowns & modals, 50 social buttons styles, LESS sources, and more.


Faceboot – Clean & Edible Bootstrap Skin

This is a skin based on Bootstrap 3.3.4 with Bootstrap Core + extensions, Select2, DateTime picker, Typeahead.js, DataTables, password-text toggle plugin, and more.


Wireless- Minimalist Bootstrap UI Kit

Wireless is a UI Kit based on the popular Bootstrap Framework. It has a sleek, minimalist design that is perfect for wireframing or prototyping.


Cantusstar UI Kit and Bootstrap Skin

Cantusstar UI Kit is a skin for Bootstrap 3 that includes all standard Bootstrap Components, carefully styled to make a unified and coherent theme, as well as some extras.


Tron – Bootstrap 3 Skin and UI Kit

Tron is a modern Bootstrap 3 skin that includes lots of extra components to help you build awesome websites. Tron Bootstrap is based on a premium PSD UI Kit.


Flatron – Bootstrap 3 Flat Theme

Flatron is a Bootstrap 3 flat theme that it removes the default Bootstrap spacing between different blocks. It has a modern design.


New Themes for MultiSite Builder CMS

Use this Bootstrap skin to build stunning and complex panels by combining built-in classes. It is easy to integrate by merely copy-pasting from the examples and also you can easily change and expand CSS and LESS code where needed.


BootKit – Widget creation set for Bootstrap

This is a skin that offers a whole new set of visual elements and expands Bootstrap panels, adding a flexible set of extra classes.


Kvelle – Multipurpose Bootstrap Skin

Kvelle is a multi-functional and multipurpose expansion set for Bootstrap with over 25 jQuery plugins and many new built-in features.


Extrastrap – Deluxe Bootstrap Skin

Extrastrap is a Bootstrap skin based on a flat design and also extends the styles directly applied to Bootstrap files. There are no overwritten rules or bloating CSS, making it a lightweight skin.


Antagon – Multifunctional Bootstrap Skin

Antagon is a massive expansion set for Bootstrap with 34 jQuery plugins. Full LESS code is included.


Solidstrap – Metro Style Bootstrap Skin V.2

Solidstrap is custom mod Bootstrap with metro design and style. It has audio and video players and also new progress bars and some JavaScript.


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